They will become what they are told most of the time...

From the book, As a man thinketh, by James Allen, it really only focus on one idea. That is "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

So... Over here, just to bring up a few interesting points for ponder:-
* What make a man think in a particular way or his way of thinking?
* Since when a man start to think the way he think?
* Can the way of thinking be changed?

To address some of these questions...
Recently, more and more self-improvement books seem to merge with some spiritual books and focus on "the power of subconscious mind". And, many of them are focusing in bringing the idea that "Beliefs are the programs that run in the individual subconscious mind."

So... Then where does individual get his Beliefs???
Well... The answer is that everyone starts to build up our own individual beliefs since they were borned.

Take for example, when a baby is getting hungry and do not know how to get her milk, she may start to shack her hands, the legs... but no one knows what is she asking for, and may thought that she is so cute in doing such movement... Until that she really get so hungry and cry! Then the parents will rush to serve her milk... That's the first Beliefs that she learned and burn-in to her subconscious mind. That's "You need to cry in order to get what you want!"

As time goes by, the babies get to learn more rubbish than good... from the public education, media, etc...

Of course, for those who had spent some time to do their own research, they would find that beliefs are just like habbits, and it can be changed... Through many methods, such as hypnosis, self-hypnosis, affirmation, self-talk, NLP training, subliminal program, etc...

The idea here is that...

WHY NOT FEED THE RIGHT STUFFS FIRST START FROM THE VERY BEGINNIG since the children are still young... It would help them to be successful with much less trial and effort in correcting the old and rubbish beliefs.

So... for the child who receive more encouragement based education, he would build up a strong courage and confidence about himself.

Likewise, for those children who receive more punishment based education, they would have low self-estem and lack of confidence when grow up...

"It doesn't matter where you are coming from.

All that matters is where you are going."

Brian Tracy


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