The Lesson from "The Moon" Card

For those of you who know something about the Tarot Cards, you would recognize the picture. It is a the number 18th Card –“The Moon”.

Over here, we are not going to talk about the spiritual meanings or predictions of the card. (For that, it can be found from the web if one is interested…). Instead, we can use this card as a metaphor to illustrate the mundane life-style in the current physical world that we live in.

* This Tarot card portrays, starting at the bottom of the card and proceeding upward.
First a pool of water, then ashore lined with some rocks and plants. A path starts at the edge of the pool and winds up thru the middle of the card and ends off to the left upper top side of the card.At the start of the path and just coming out of the water is a crayfish. In the foreground of the scene are two animals, one, a wolf, is on the right side of the path and the other, a dog, is on the left side of the path.In the middle of the card-scene is like a gate way with two high towers where the path passes through. The high towers symbolize the boundary between the physical plane and the “Unknown” plane.


Now, here is the story..... In the pool, there is a crayfish. Well, the crayfish is one of us, you and/or all of humanity. After years of formal education and training from the system, we developed a HARD SELL and surrounded ourselves inside. The HARD SHELL represents our conventional thinking and ideas. --> Something that one learnt from his environment and schools, in order to fit into the system.

And, after many years of staying in the pool (working life) , the crayfish start to think of making a journey to the peaks of those mountains in the background. Because the crayfish had started to get tired with the system, and intuitionally wonder if the water in the pool may be dry up one day, or is there an alternative or better place to explore and stay beyond the current know world??? That is to move to the territory beyond the two high tower –the unknown world...

So, it cautiously trying to get out of the pool... While in trying to do so, it notices that there are “Enemies” blocking the way... A dog and a wolf!!! (Which represent the pressure and fear created by the current system where we live in... It also represent the resistance from both inside and outside...)

Although the MOON light is strong enough to show that there is a chance for the crayfish to go through, it is too weak to give it a "sure-win" guarantee.

So. Most Crayfish will wait and see…
See until when?
Well, most of them will see until the pool really get dry up. :-(

Ophiel(The art & practice of Astral Projection)

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll
fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they
have planned for you? Not much."

Jim Rohn: American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker


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