Stock Market Tools (4) - "Heat Map"

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Above is a chart display the ranking of all the 100 components in Nasdaq-100, with their relative strength in terms of bull and bear. This tool was done by a gentleman, Jorgen Wallgren, and he had generously posted in the public domain formula site...
Just get into the link and search for "Heatmap".

This tool can use to display and sort data for 4 up to 100 symbols at one time. It allows user to change the sort options, such as Change %, Volume, ADX Trend etc, and will display the data with the result and color coding.

It can use in real-time, daily, weekly, etc... to compare their relative strength at a glance.

Jorgen, thank you again for your generousity in sharing an excellent piece of work.

Bless You,
KH Tang

"Whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it
my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that all
ingenious people might be informed thereof."


Stockmagnet said...

Cool thanks. Yes, heatmaps are a great market visualization tool. I have a heatmap App on my Apple iPad called Heatmap by Ivory Bull that I use and love. In seconds you can understand relative price and volume relationships and spot opportunities.

Anonymous said...

is that posible to share your code?

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