Personal Finance (6) - In Devastation, There Is Opportunity.

Attached are two video clips on "Traders' Mentality" and a news article describe how the Wall Street is functioning and would surely affect your bank account sooner or later.

1) The first one is a clip from the Documentary -"The Corporation." It shows how a typical trader think - Emotionless is the key.

"Traders' Mentality"

2) The second one is a clip from a recent interview in BBC News.
This guy is really telling the Truth of the Truth, proudly and confidently, on what happening in the market .
Key Messages:
i > The ONLY OBJECTIVE is Making Money.
ii> Money Rule the World, not Your Government.

Of course, these traders do not create the devastation, they just grasp the opportunity and add more trouble to it.

But do you think that some would actually go to the extend to CREATE this kind of Opportunity? You bet! And, it is getting more and often.

3) Mathematicians and their trading programs are increasingly taking the place of professional investors in financial centres across the world! (<- click the link for full article)

So, when the next financial crisis come, probably the Wall Street can blame it on the computer system rather than any human being...

In my opinion, there are two ways to avoid "Risks".
One is to totally avoid it. Such as for those who cannot swim, they can avoid the pool, etc.
Another is to learn and master it.

Since the financial matter affect everyone in this "Civilized World ?!?!?", and we are in it... Avoiding is not an option.

Of course, some people choose an alternative way...
Such as PROTESTING - "Occupy the Wall Street" is an example.

Surely, this movement would definitely help to raise awareness of the public in understand how corrupted the current financial market is and bring across the message to the authority - "Enough Is Enough!" Or, it may even eventually able to force the system to sacrifice a few scapegoats. But, not likely to change how the system works, for money and authority have been working hand in hand for centuries.

Therefore, instead of hoping everything is fine,
it is good to learn about it as early as possible and take the advantage of the existing system. For I do not see any ethical conflict as an individual to protect himself from being hurt.

Let me explain...
As you must have heard of this kind of message every time when you are taking a plane... "If there is a turbulence and have difficulty to breath, the oxygen mask will automatically drop in front of you. Make Sure that you Put On Your Own Mask FIRST before you taking care of..."

So, the same and simple logic go with the case when there is a devastation happening in the system. For:
1) If those people do not protect themselves, they would also be in trouble and totally forget about the possibility to help others.
2) If you do not take the advantage, the creator of the events will take all of it anyway.

And, it is my simple thinking that... if most public know how to take this kind of advantage all together, then there will be No Incentive for the manipulators to continue in creating these troubles.

"A Trap is Not a Trap if you know it, it is an Opportunity."
- unknown trader

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Bless you
KH Tang
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