Going after the Real Stuffs...

The first cartoon illustrates an old story of a greyhound dog, which raced around an enclosed track chasing after a mechanical rabbit. After all that running, running and running on the same track… One day he suddenly discovered that the target that he was going after for years was not even a real rabbit! So, he quit the job.

The morale of the story remind us to think: "Are we spending our precious time going after the worthwhile goals?"

The second cartoon is basically telling the same story, but the only difference is that the one who is doing the running has not enlightened yet.

So... In today society, almost everyone is busy going after some stuffs.

And, What's the Real Stuffs?

Would you like to share your viewpoints and enlighten us, please.

Thanks. :-)

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Bless You

KH Tang

Think not only about what you want to achieve,

but also why you want to achieve it.

– Chris Taylor (Author)


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