How does the Media Control Viewer's Thinking...

It is a norm that many people watching the TV for the whole evening, and others may just letting it on for the whole day as long as they are awake.

Mind Influence/Control with subliminal messages:

Here is a short video that demonstrates how the environment can influence and even control a person thinking through subliminal messages. These messages are designed in such a way that it appears to be so insignificant to the conscious mind on the surface. And, when it comes to making the decision, the subconscious mind will automatically pop-up these messages and do certain thing. Such as spending money on unnecessary stuffs, investing in the wrong recommendation, etc...

That's how the advertisement industry works; that's how the financial news works. The subliminal messages basically sending embedded command to the viewers' subconscious mind.

The best shield against these subliminal messages is to avoid them. So, it is good idea not to watch too much TV program. :-)

And... It is not what we do once in a while that counts, but our consistent actions...
Switching off the TV program for a few days would not see the result, while switching it off for a few years make a big difference... Think of the amount of time can be saved and put it into better use. :-)

"Successful people have libraries.

The rest have big screen TVs."

— Jim Rohn

Subliminal Messages Everywhere


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