Moving Blog...

Well, I was blogging somewhere else for roughly a year...

And, out of a sudden, all my forty over blog entries and hundred of photos were all disappeared together with the account!

Could be be purely a technical accident?
I don't quite care about it, as I do my own back up.

So, for reliability sake, I better move my blog here. :-)

Anyway, it would take a while to put up the previous lost blog entries and continue from here.

Best Regards
KH Tang

‘Not failure, but low aim is crime.’
- Orison Swett Marden


NRITV said...

Hi KH Tang

Thanks for your informative blog. I always look forward to your writings. The article that impressed me most was Tape Reading.

Would you be able to kindly help with the following on Tape reading?
1. I am using Ninja Trader and I have a program that collects Bid and Ask data (for Futures)
2. Do you recommend any filters for the Size (ask/Bid)?. Like you will only consider those arders that are >=100. Or do you consider all the executed trades when collecting the Time and Sales Volume.
3. Can you give an example of how you will look at Time and Sales data (assuming you have #1 above).

Thanks again for your time.

KH Tang said...

Good afternoon, NRITV

1) The Bid and Ask can keep changing without any actual transaction. So, the ONLY Bid and Ask information that is Required is when there is a actual trade. And from there, you can see if the trade is actually a buy (Asked price) or a sell (Bided price).

2) As mentioned, that only transacted price come with Bid and Ask is necessary. All the other Bid and Ask keep running up and down are unnecessary. As for the transacted volume, it is not necessary to do any filter for small volume. For the manipulators can get small brokers to do the job for them in small but consecutively. Afterall, random volume cause by day-traders would average themselves out.

3. Please try to read the article again, I'd my best in explain it as much as possible.

4. You should need to have some basic programming skill to do it, also that your charting platform can implement your idea. I don't know much about Ninja Trader, so cannot comment on that.

Bless You
KH Tang

NRITV said...

Hi KH Tang

Thanks for the information.Much appreciated This should keep me going.

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