The Three Types of FOOL

Most people would like others who tell them that they are very smart, and hate others who say that they are a Fool. This is also true to me until I had came across an article by Osho. He pointed out that all people in this planet can be described as Fools, and he divided them into three categories:

  • 1) Simple Fool: one who knows not, and knows not that he knows not...
  • 2) Complex Fool: one who knows not but thinks that he knows...
  • 3) Blessed Fool: one who knows that he knows not...

Simple Fool:
When a child is born, he/she is a Simple Fool.
A child is so simple that he/she would find everything is so interesting. A child can watch the cartoon over and over, and over and still find that it is very interesting. A child see a ball, he finds that it is interesting. A child see a butterfly, he finds that it is interesting. Basically, everything is interesting.

Complex Fool:
Over time, he starts knowing... A Cartoon is just pictures that drawn by other people. A butterfly can fly because of it has wings and when the wings flip, it creates air pressure that can lift its body weight, etc...

After going through the formal public education, a Child will be transformed into a various degree of Complex Fool... He either becomes a graduate from high school or from university... and some even got a "
Permanent head Damaged" -"Ph.D". [Well, just a joke... There are still real Ph.D arround. :-) ]

Blessed Fool:

So... The first type of fool in this civilized world will become a second type of fool. Eventually, out of whatever reason it might be... being a personal crisis, accident, OOBE or what... He would find that there is a danger that all knowledge that he already known has a barrier to knowing more things. And, once he has that kind of Awareness... He would be transforming into the Blessed Fool.

Then, his mind is no longer cluttered with junk and borrowed knowledge... Later, through his effort in seeking and experience, he can transform what he had leant into

Most public do not aware... "When thing works, it is obsoleted!"

Not all Complex Fool will become a Blessed Fool...
And... Through browsing this website, I do believe that people in this site are Blessed Fool...

"The heart is always ready to take the risk, the heart is a gambler. The head is a businessman. The head always calculates -- it is cunning."

— Osho

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