Self Development Tool (1) - The Process of "Thought Becomes Thing!"

The two diagrams posted above illustrate The Process of Thoughts become Things.

In figure 1, the flow chart shows that we have the options to choose through our personal filters in handling all situations that we are facing.

Take for example, one can choose to think of learning a new skill in this global economy crisis, and one can also choose to act like a victim and blame others. :-)

In figure 2, this chart shows some interesting meaning of the Chinese character... "". Basically this word is formed by another two individual characters ->""(meaning: Now) and ->""(meaning: Heart). For those who understand Chinese, they would know that the Traditional Chinese been using the word "心"(heart) as the place where Thoughts begin. Such as: "专心"(Concentration),"心不在焉"(one's mind is not on what one is doing),"心得"(what one has learned from work),etc...

In summary...
It means that: "The Positive Thought in one's heart Now would create a Positive Result in the Future."

So... If one would like to have some changes to get better results in what so ever, the charts might provide some clue of where it should start from. :-)

"Much of the stress that people feel doesn't come from
having too much to do. It comes from not
finishing what they've started."
David Allen: Management consultant, trainer, and author


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