Self Development Idea (11) - Why do we need to read lots of good books?

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I have once read an article about a corporation-coach, but do not remember his name. He claimed that he can accurately predict a person incomes and asset net worth for person in five years down the road if one just agrees to take a simple survey.

So, what kind of survey?

It is very simple…

1) Just list down the 5 best friends that one always gets together for leisure or work.

2) List down their individual income and asset net-worth then divide by 5.

And, that would be income and asset net-worth the one person will have in 5 years down the road.

Think about it, it makes sense! See...

* "Bird of a feather flock together"

* "Wise men think alike, and fools seldom differ"

* " 物以类聚"

I have also come across a story told by Steve Chen (陈安之) that once Jack Canfield (author of Chicken soup series) was having a motivation speech in the same event with Anthony Robbins. At the back stage, Jack was asking Anthony: “Well, we are both giving motivational speech to our audience. But, I am wondering, after so many years of working… I am still just a millionaire and you are a billionaire. What do you think I can get improve on that?”

Anthony then asking back with a question: “Who are you best friends, and what’s their average net worth?”

Jack: “Well, my best friends are mostly pretty successful businessmen or professionals in certain fields. They are all millionaires.”

Anthony: “See..., that’s the point. My friends are mostly billionaires.”

So, one may think that what’s the use of knowing these stories as he don’t think that he have a chance to get to know millionaire personally…

Well, here is the Point: When people get together, they share information, ideas, inspiration, etc. AND, one can get similar information, ideas, inspiration, etc. from Good Books which were written by successful people.

Similarly, our thoughts (which will become our action and bring us the results) could affect by other “Information” that feed into our brain, consciously or subconsciously. One must not only just pay attention on the books that he read, but also the audio/video from the environment.

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"You cannot change your destination overnight,

but you can change your direction overnight."

- Jim Rohn


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