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Coca-Cola began putting the “sugar substitute” aspartame in Diet Coke in 1982. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Many of these reactions are very serious including seizures and death.
In 1999, the Independent on Sunday discovered that the maker of aspartame, Monsanto, uses genetically engineered bacteria to produce the “sweetener” at its U.S. production plants. Aspartame is made by combining phenylalanine, which is naturally produced by bacteria, with another amino acid. To make the bacteria produce more phenylalanine, Monsanto has genetically engineered them. “Increasingly, chemical companies are using genetically engineered bacteria in their manufacturing process without telling the public,” said Dr. Erik Millstone, of the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, and a member of the National Food Alliance, told the newspaper.
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There are many relevant articles on the side effect of Aspartame:

* Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods.

* Aspartame Kills (Excellent Video) (When you know that Aspartame was synthesized by fermenting protein in GENETICALLY MODIFIED E-COLI Bacteria, would you still consume it?)

* Aspartame: Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World. (A 90 minutes video documentary on Aspartame side effects.)

* And, much more when you google for "Aspartame"

Yet Aspartame is marketed as a is a low calorie sweetener that helps people to control their weight. ?!?

There is a saying... "You become what you think about all day long." As we also know that foods and drinks affect our health...

So, it is right to say that "You are what you eat and drink most of the time."


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