Self Development Idea (18): Some Simple and Worthy Ideas from books...

Here is a study note summary taken from books by Keith Cameron Smith...

The Top 10 Distinctions between the Millionaire and the Middle Class

Distinction 10: The Millionaire thinks Long Term.
                         The Middle Class Think Short Term.

Distinction 9:  The Millionaire talks about Ideals.
                        The Middle Class talks about others people and things.

Distinction 8:  The Millionaire embraces Change.
                        The Middle Class fears Change.

Distinction 7:  The Millionaire takes calculated risks.
                        The Middle Class is afraid to take risks.

Distinction 6:  The Millionaire continually learns and grows.
                        The Middle Class thinks learning ended with school.

Distinction 5:  The Millionaire works for profits.
                        The Middle Class works for wages.

Distinction 4:  The Millionaire believes he must be generous.
                        The Middle Class believes it can’t afford to give.

Distinction 3:  The Millionaire has multiple sources of income.
                        The Middle Class has only one or two source(s) of income.

Distinction 2:  The Millionaire focuses on increasing their net worth.
                        The Middle Class focuses on increasing its paychecks.

Distinction 1:  The Millionaire asks himself empowering questions.
                        The Middle Class asks himself dis-empowering questions.

The Top 10 Distinction between Entrepreneurs and Employees

Secret 10: Entrepreneurs educate themselves more than they entertain themselves.
                 Employees entertain themselves more than they educate themselves.

Secret 9:  Entrepreneurs have an empowering perspective of failure. 
                Employees see failure as bad.

Secret 8:  Entrepreneurs are solution finders. 
                Employees are problem solvers.

Secret 7:  Entrepreneurs know a little about a lot.
                Employees know a lot about a little.

Secret 6:  Entrepreneurs give and receive praise and correction. 
                Employees don’t praise, and try to avoid correction.

Secret 5:  Entrepreneurs say, “The buck stops here.” 
                Employees say, “It’s not my fault.”

Secret 4:  Entrepreneurs build wealth. 
                Employees make money.

Secret 3:  Entrepreneurs fly with eagles. 
                Employees peck around with chickens.

Secret 2:  Entrepreneurs look into the future. 
                Employees look into the past.

Secret 1:  Entrepreneurs take risk because of faith. 
                Employees play it safe because of fear.

The Top 10 Distinctions between Winner and Whiner

Distinction 10:  Winners take responsibility.
                          Whiners play the victim.

Distinction 9:   Winners can have what they want.
                         Whiners want what they cannot have.

Distinction 8:   Winners find a way.
                         Whiners find an excuse.

Distinction 7:   Winners brighten a room by entering.
                         Whiners brighten a room by leaving.

Distinction 6:   Winners listen twice as much as they talk.
                         Whiners talk twice as much as they listen.

Distinction 5:   Winners enjoy life’s journeys.
                         Whiners put their joy in the destinations.

Distinction 4:   Winners build friendships.
                         Whiners destroy friendships.

Distinction 3:   Winners think BIG.
                         Whiners think small.

Distinction 2:   Winners are focus-minded.
                         Whiners are scatterbrained.

Distinction 1:   Winners create positive meanings.
                         Whiners create negative meanings.


Winners work with PASSION.
Whiners work for Pension.

Winners Stretched Comfort Zone.
Whiners live within Comfort Zone.

Winners Learn How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities.
Whiners don't execute; Or they stop following through on their plan when obstacles arise.

Winners Find Mentors & Surround themselves with People Who are Achieving Greatness.
Whiners get advice from the wrong people and model mediocrity.

Winners say: Who is capable to move my cheese? 😁
Whiners say: Who moved my cheese? 😭  
Trump says:  Who dare to move my cheese!  Only I move other people cheese.

--------------------------  Added A Joke for the Day -----------------------

The Bug in the Program

Within a computer, sometime there is a section of the program call Bug.

The Bug is called the “I thought”.

The Bug may be executed in some part of the program. It becomes "I thought" and take over the controls of all thinking during the execution of that section of the program.

During that moment, the Bug (I thought) pretends to be that whole program. And, creates TREMENDOUS ERROR in the result.

None of the ERROR in the result is needed.

What is needed is simply to fix the Bug that pretends to be the whole program.

IF we have not yet achieved the FULL SUCCESS of what we have Desire in the Mind, it means there are bugs hidden in some where in the mind….

Just like the Painter in the Joke!  


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