Philosophical Art (1) - ALL ARE From ONE Source

Intro: ALL ARE From ONE Source

This is an old question: “Where did human comes from?” And, there are many speculation too:
1)   “Manifested from Consciousness”,- it is manifested from the energy of Universal Mind into form.
2)   “Created by God”, - According to Bible.
3)   “Evolved from Apes”,- According to some people theory.
4)   “An experiment of Aliens” – According to some speculation.
5)   May be you have heard of more than these…?
The face of the man, in the art, consists of five colors – Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White.  It represents the five skin color of human race on planet earth.  On the upper left corner, there is a Source of Light, and it spin-out five fire balls with respective colors, and within each fire-ball there is a baby.  It means that regardless of what color of the skin of a person, he/she comes from ONE SOURCE.  The more people can consciously aware of this then we can have a more peaceful society.

 In Chinese, we have a habit in calling the people who have the same surname as “one family in five hundred years ago.”
Then, isn’t that people who don’t have the same surname as “one family in five thousand years ago.”
So, isn’t that people who don’t have the same skin color as “one family in fifty thousand years ago!”

作品简介: 都是一家人(ALL ARE From ONE Source)


1) "无中生有",--是由宇宙意识无形的能量转变而成。

2) "上帝制造",--是由上帝用泥巴捏成的。

3) "猴子的后代",--是由猴子进化而成的。

4) "外星人制造",--是由于星人在地球上的基因实验而生产的。

5) 或者你还有更多的说法?
二,画面上双手合十的人,脸上由五种颜色组成-- 黑,棕,红,黄,白。
和谐的社会。 :-)
三,中国人有个习惯称同姓的人为"五百年前是一家。" 那是不是也可以说不同姓的人为"五千年前是一家。" 是不是更可以说不同肤色的人为"五万年前是一家!"

Bless All
KH Tang

[In the highest perspective] The real history of the World is not a series of dates, battles and events. It is the continuous story of its spiritual growth. Someday the history of this World will be rewritten correctly by a Master. But not until the world wants it. - Lester Levenson

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