A Catch-22 Situation : Human Population on Earth

In "The Economist", Nov 2010 issue, it has a special report on the aging problem of Japan's population. As it can see from the chart above, "from pyramid to kite", that the age group of the older population slowly become heavier weight than the younger population over time. This would mean that the age group of working class (say, 20-55) that bring home with the paycheck would have a heavier load (financially) to carry. Or the retirement age of the current working generation will have to continuously extend into the future, to a degree that in the future the children and their parents may compete for the same job vacancy!?

Well, may be the apparent solution is to have more new babies??? Which will bring the "Kite Shape" back to a "Pyramid"...

But, then look at the "National Geographic", Jan 2011 issue, that the human population is going to cross the 7 Billion mark some time this year, and it is in a trend of continuous growth towards 9 Billion mark in the next 30 over years! Does this planet earth sill has enough natural resources to sustain such growth in a peace and harmony way?

Well, I don't think there is any one can provide an acceptable official solution to all people and thus there is no public media want to cover both sides of the story.

Anyway, even the first article is using Japan as an example. How about the situation of YOUR COUNTRY???

Here is the Singapore Population Pyramid Projection till 2050.

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Then, click on the "Population Pyramids" button, and you will get the answer.

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