The Man with the Mission of "Making You Rich"!? - Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has been well known since his first best selling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", which
was published in 2001 (10 years ago). Yes, if you have not read the book, it is strongly recommended
to do so as it is really an inspiring book on personal finance.

Following by this inspirational "Get Rich" concept, multiple books had been published and become
best seller of the time. Especially on the Real Estate Investment Topics during the last US market
Housing Boom since 2003.

Click on the Chart to Zoom in for detail view of time frame

The above stock chart illustrates the Real Estate market in US since 2001 till now. Did he help to fuel 

the last Housing Bubble in the US and cause many investors run into heavy debt eventually, I don't 
know.  But, it just prove few simple facts.

1) Which is with the current society system setup, "NOT ALL PEOPLE CAN BE RICH ALL 

AT ONE TIME." This is true even no matter how hard that everyone is trying their best to read, to 
learn, and to work. See... What happen if all people getting rich and all want to get retire early? Who 
is going to drive the public transportation, who is going to clean the shopping mall, and so on...

2) Getting Rich requires a person to have a long term persistent effort and development on some 

Specialize Knowledges and Wisdoms, which can not be Duplicated like copy a file from one 
computer to another, by simply reading a book or attending a seminar would not get there immediately. 
Similarly, simply by working on a job created by someone else for you (unless you are top executives 
in big corporations which is rare) will not get you rich, nor get you to retirement comfortably in early

Attached are few video clips that take the view from another angle of Robert Kiyosaki teaching. That 

is by holding few days workshop with large group of participants at 45,000 Canadian Dollar per 

Did you ask the Questions:

If you have trouble to see the video clips above, here are the link to youtube.

Historically, getting less in number nowadays despite it has more population on earth ever, there are 

great teachers in many fields, such as spiritual, philosophy, medicine, etc... helping others to have a 
better live. I never heard that they went around helping other by charging them with big lump sum of 
money first. So, what lead human to behave as today? And, more importantly, with the trend going, 
what would be the future look like??? 

No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success

until he begins to look in a mirror for the
real cause of all his mistakes.
- Napoleon Hill

---------------------------------------- Added on Mar 2014 ---------------------------------
This man is REALLY RICH!!!
When it comes to patent on the vaccine he discovered, his replied was: - "Can you patent the Sun?"


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