Self Development Idea (19): Manifestation Through RELEASING

Manifestation Through RELEASING:

Part 1 - Return to Your Beingness through RELEASING

     From the Observer Effect in Quantum Physics, we know that in the beginning all are waves (energies).  Until our consciousness bring focus onto it (consciously or unconsciously), then waves becomes particles according to our intention or mind set.  One will materialize the waves, the energies, into his physical reality, according to his beliefs.  And the process of materialization of Waves into Particles is called Manifestation.  Where the particles and materialization are the gross low frequency end (3rd Dimension) of a high frequency consciousness (4th Dimension).

     In the Higher Dimension, there is consciousness we all share and we are this consciousness.  Therefore, we are all born of this consciousness.  All life and objects, in this Physical Three-Dimensional World, are condensed particles of our consciousness.  Reality is a state of condensed consciousness and that’s why all the enlightened spiritual teachers call it as illusion.  Our brain, our body, this earth and this universe is all part of the illusion, condensed consciousness.

      Our whole experience of life is in the brain, converting consciousness to particles.  It’s all in the brain and it’s all mental because all our experiences are through our five senses and our five senses are interpreted only by our brain.  This consciousness is configured by the brain and all results are by our beliefs, therefore, we can only do and see (interpret/comprehend) all according to our beliefs. 

     All humans born are already realized.  Realization is not something that we learn or achieve as we educate and move on in life searching for the path to being.  It’s something that we have lost.  We were born already realized and with no veil between us and Being, no filters and beliefs. 

     All blocks (filters/beliefs) are thoughts and feelings, all based on our so called education by parents and the establishment, which in turn become our established  limiting beliefs.

     There are no limits; there is only belief in limits.  How can we have limits when all is an illusion?  There is no such thing as impossible because we are dealing with an illusion.

     How can we want and crave for things when they are already ours?  As it’s in our illusion, we already own it.  We just need to ask and it shall be given, we have to know and understand that.

     All we have to do is allow our intentions to happenWhen we don’t need or want, it’s ours.  When we feel the need or want, we can’t have it, as need or want is lackIt is the feeling of Lacking/Needing/Wanting radiates negative energies becomes the blockage for us to receive.

     We can have it all, we can have anything we intent to enjoy as long as we don’t need or want it; that’s how it works.  Just allow our intentions to come, no push or pull, completely centered, complete knowing, complete understanding that whatever our intentions, it will come, it’s ours.
     How can we, a multidimensional being, need and want?  Beingness is oblivious to such emotions.  Why?  Because man does not walk on this plane by these means, beingness is. 

     When we understand who and what we are, we set an INTENTION and ALLOW our intention to manifest.  There are no ifs or buts, no push and pull, it just is, it’s a knowing, a certainty, we just know.

     When we throw a stone
up in the air, we have that knowing and certainty that it will land somewhere.  We have the knowing that it will not stay up in the air somewhere, we are most certain of that, of that knowing.

     When we raise our consciousness to understand and practice these, we can simply start a cause with a focused intention, we don’t push or pull, we are centered, we always walk this plain with an air of certainty and we have absolute certainty that we will have an effect, period.

     This is very important to understand.  It’s what has been hidden from us by feeding our mind with tons of misinformation.  It’s been hidden from us so that we will never assume our natural creative faculties on this physical plane.  We need to know and understand who and what we really are.

     All negative thought and feeling will bring trauma-based disorders into our body.  They will stay there until death unless removed.  All traumas are a recording of an emotion by the mind/body which brings about body malfunction and deformities. There is no such thing as germs, there is no such thing as illness and all these things are introduced into one’s consciousness by the mind, which is a recorder and the creator of all our mental and physical problems.

     Before awakening, the Little “i” control the mind with what I think and what I create and do.  The Little “i” don’t have the “I AM” telling me(this mind-body) what to do, a construct of my mind.  The Little “i” controls my outcome on this material plane as my being, not some “I AM” - a figment of my creative mind and imagination, it’s not the real “I”, it’s just an identifier, an EGO.  I AM, the “I”, is the Master. 

     Before Awakening…

The Little “i”
who is a doer
and a constructor

and a construction





     The mind(ego) gets in the way by obstructing my real self with recorded misinformation and challenges my real self on everything that I wish to achieve by my ego’s blocks/filters/beliefs/garbage, and stops my real self from being who and what I really AM, and in finding Myself, My Being, whilst on this plane.

     By removing all blocks, (filters, beliefs) I come back to My Being.  My ego and its belief in itself is a block as separationThere is no such thing as separation, as the ego is a creation of the mind. 

       As I put my senses to sleep and I AM with My Being.  Let go of My senses and I AM with My Being.  Stop mind chatter and I AM with My Being.

     There is absolutely nothing outside of MeI AM One with all there is.  All life, people, trees, world and universe that I see in My mind are other reflections of the same consciousness. 

     Our eyes see only light, the brain converts it to an image from consciousness.  All things stem from within consciousness, there is nothing without.  How far is the end of the universe from where we are standing?  Take a tape measure and measure the distance from the back of our head to the front; is that how far it is?

      We are the center of it all, we are all there is.  As our consciousness affects the quantum field, what’s true, what’s real?  Nothing.

     Our biggest problems in life are the hidden thoughts, tendencies and emotions that we carry all of our life, which burden all of the people, all seven billion of us, with negative misinformation that has been deeply implanted in us since a very early age. 

     These are very deep and hidden from us in our subconscious (the recorder).  The subconscious is just a recording device, and negative recordings, are not life supporting.  So if there are health problems, emotional problems, physical problems, it is almost impossible to find them all as they are hidden very deeply.  It’s difficult to find all hidden recordings to revert back to Being.

     When everything that we try to do doesn’t work, under any and all issues in life, and we can’t resolve the problem when things keep going wrong and we do not know why, then the only conclusion must be blocks, filters, beliefs and garbage in the subconscious, recorder/mind that work against us.

     These blocks come under thoughts and emotions that carry all of one’s issues, like health, wealth, happiness, etc.

     Here are the six most negative emotions:

     Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger and Pride.(AGFLAP.)

     Below each emotion there are hundreds of tendencies.  And below these hundreds of tendencies, under each emotion, there are millions of our thoughts that make us the person we are. 





     A tendency is like a trigger that releases stored thoughts in our subconscious.
Now by understanding this, from then on
we choose to consciously release that tendency when it next rises upAfter a few persistent tries we will drop this tendency and all the hundreds of thoughts associated with it fall like a brick.

     Every time a tendency arises under any emotion it must be completely released and should not be suppressed, expressed nor escaped.  Otherwise these accumulated un-released tendencies and emotions will do more damage to us psychologically and physically and this creates an even stronger block to us return to Beingness

     Imagine.  If we start a pyramid apex under each of the six emotions listed above and as they spread out, they all start to overlap each other to a bottomless pit, as all these pyramids have no base.  Now we can imagine the complexity of a human being, the complexity of the human mind, the recordings.

     Imagine dropping an emotion by totally releasing it every time it rises.When we drop that emotion out of our life we drop hundreds of tendencies associated with this emotion, as well as, millions of accumulated associated thoughts that go with it that one has gathered in one’s lifetime.  This is misinformation and programming, negative beliefs, THE BLOCKS, THE FILTERS, THE BELIEFS, all must go.

     Yes it can be done and it is being done by people who understand this and do it.  It’s called releasing, which we will look into more detail and do the exercises later on.

     Now imagine one more emotion in the center above the row of the six emotions.  Start an apex of a pyramid going down as the pyramid spreads and widens over the six emotions, that jewel would be DESIRE.

     Imagine dropping desire out of one’s life and every emotion that we can think and feel would be dropped, along with all the thousands of tendencies and millions of thoughts all wiped off by releasing DESIRE.

     Now we would be in a state of pure Being. There is absolutely no resistance to our thoughts.  All filters/blocks/ or negative beliefs are a RESISTANCE to all our rightful powers. Once all resistance is removed a mere thought would manifest anything.
These are the gifts and powers on this plane, in this conscious illusion that was given to us as our birthright by the source of all consciousness and our beingness.  We all seek this from outside of ourselves and the source of it all is within each of us, it’s ME!

     This is the secret of all ages.  This is the knowledge that is hidden from us all.  With this knowledge we don’t need anybody. The source of all things is within each of us, it is within MEWe are pure consciousness of love and creation.  There is nothing outside us, we are all there is. 

     As one proceeds to weaken all the emotion by releasing, energy, health, happiness, peace and beingness start to return to us.  The resistance or blocks start to weaken and we start coming closer to our beingOur DNA will start to be affected by our being and that blueprint, which is uniquely to each of us, starts to repair the imbalances in our body and reinstate the perfection of health and happiness that we are.


     The above information is just a basic foundation of understanding; It is good to understand before we release, though that is not quite true because we all release naturally without realizing it -- but understanding makes it works with our psyche easier.

     The following simple exercise is very powerful when applied in a controlled way to remove blocks in our subconscious mind.  So, it is good to practice it faithfully, and we are surely to notice the result very soon, if not immediately.

     Place our hands on our heart center/chakra.  Now move our fingers down on our rib cage until we start to feel the soft bit of the top of our stomach.  Next place our hands half way between the soft bit of our stomach and our center lower rib cage.

     Now...  Imagine there is a door just under your hands, which we can open it easily.

     Now this door can open like a draw bridge from a castle opening downwards or opening from the bottom upwards, or two doors opening from the center like a cuckoo clock.  Whichever we choose doesn’t matter; all we need is a door that will open at our command.
All we need is to see it there.

     Now imagine a smoke that would represent negativity.  What color would we attach to that smoke?  Would it be black, white, dirty brown, red, pink, or blue?  It doesn’t matter.  It just has to be picked by us, whatever represents negativity to us, individually.

     These are the mental tools that we set up to work with our psyche.  Trust only our higher self as best that we can for the moment.

     We only need to bring out what we really are.  Remove all the misinformation that learned in the past and we will see who we really are and what the rest of humanity really is.

     Our Ultimate Goal is to return to our Beingness, to bring forth love, health, happiness, prosperity, abundance, peace, and total freedom.

     We will be adding absolutely nothing but will be removing everything that stands between us and our BeingnessOur mind is all there is.In the past, when people talk about rising of consciousness, the created a thousand-and-one ways of achieving it by putting in more rules and regulation, principles and doctrines.  We don’t need that! Today, the only reason why most of the people don’t have higher consciousness is because we are full of methods, disinformation and weird procedures.

     Could it be that simple?  That a self-regulating application working on our own thoughts raises our consciousness level?  YES.  It is the most direct means to do it – through RELEASING what is not original belongs to our Beingness!

     Find ourselves a comfortable place to relax and make sure we are alone at first.  The best place to start is at the beginningWhen we said at the beginning, we meant as from when we were a baby or from the earliest age that we remember.

     We want to relive our whole life from then to now, step by step.  The whole process here is to CHECKour emotions and to FORGIVE.

     Forgive and understand the child within that has accepted many false teachings as it grew up, then go with the relations, our mother, our father, our sister and our brother, our grandmother and our grandfather, our uncles and our aunts.

     As we go through the family first, check any emotions that arise.  If there is something there, allow it to come up whatever it is and open the door in the area in the middle of our rib cage and stomach.  Then allow this feeling and/or emotion to flow out of this door like a smoke of the color that we have chosen. We can help the smoke to leave our body by creating an imaginary Black Holein front of the door at our body.  The other end of the Black Hole is connected to the infinite, and it has a Super Strong Suction Power that help to clean up the negative energy in our body completely.  See it, Hear it, Feel it.

     If the emotion is strong keep doing it until there is no strength left. It’s probably deep and we should return to that emotion often until that emotion does not raise itself again.  Many people cry or having tears, and that helps to remove it.  Always release all emotions, that’s the whole idea of bringing them up.

     Bring them up and get rid of them by using the door and the smoke. We are telling our psyche to get rid of it out of our system.

     We don’t just forgive and forget.  We forgive and get rid of it by releasing, that’s the object of the whole thing. We do this with everybody and everything.  Start with ourselves, our family, our friends now and from the past, our boss, our work mates, everybody and everything including all pets and animals.

     If we have had a very bad experience with anybody, bring that emotion up, talk to this person and ask them to forgive us.  Send them love and see them smiling before we leave them.  Always see everybody smile before we leave them.

     It doesn’t matter if they are dead, make up with them and forgive.  If for any reason we feel that somebody, for whatever reason, would never in a million years forgive us, that’s no problem as long as we have forgiven and apologized and let go of that emotion by releasing it out of the door with the smoke.  It is done, we have forgiven ourselves.

     As we go through all these experiences from the past to the present, we must keep releasing all these emotions through our doors with the smoke.  Our psyche will accept and understand what we are doing.

     This may take some weeks to months.  As Lester proved that all these can be done in three months.  See…  When the process is correct, and doing it diligently, one can achieve enlightenment in a matter of few months!

     Go through all the events of our lives reliving the past that had accumulated a lot of emotions that have left their mark on us somehow. All guilt must be brought up and released until it has no more power left to raise itself.  Keep releasing, keep releasing and keep releasing.

     Eventually we will be able to walk outside and keep our doors open permanently; nothing will bother us.  As all data, no matter what comes to us, immediately leaves us through our open door.  Nothing will be able to upset usAll nonsense bombarding us will not have an effect, it comes in and straight out, we cannot be touched, period.
     We will end up being very light and at peace with everybody.  And everything in our illusion will be at peace with us.

Part 2 - Get Everything Through RELEASING ONLY

     We are manifestors, the creators of our reality.Due the false beliefs in the past, we as humanity have been divided as to weaken our consensus to manifest the reality that we all seek.  The divisions are basically through different religious, political, racist and tribal systems around the world that are governing beliefs and creating a divided consensus.  Beliefs are the essence of all manifestations and creation on this plane through the gateway of the subconscious mind.

     We all have governing beliefs that were imposed and accepted by us since childhood, and even now as adults, these beliefs are very deeply seated in our subconscious mind and are fixed there until our death. 

     The subconscious is a recorder and is part of our survival kit, it is the manifestor of all that we would ever need to sustain ourselves in this illusion. And the subconscious also remembers, reminds, and warns us so we don’t continue to make dangerous mistakes, which could lead to our extinction from this created reality.
     All manipulators are targeted to indoctrinate the first 7 years of life of any child.  The basic limiting factors are set in the subconscious by that time making the child look outside of itself for guidance, i.e.: gods, money, survival and manifesting.

     If indoctrination was not given by any outside manipulator by that time, the results will still be the same as the parents pass this on because of their own indoctrination by the system or their parent.  There is no escape, it’s a vicious circle

      The children grow up knowing nothing of what they are and what this reality really is.  The children will be directed to ask an outside power, e.g. “god”, to help them through life so that they can attain love, health, prosperity and happiness, and it will be the WILL of a “god” that these things will manifest for them.
       Let’s take an imaginary trip into consciousness.
   Let’s imagine that we are reading this on our screen and we are focusing our consciousness into that room, the screen.  Now imagine taking a few steps back and close an imaginary door and now we are in the room that our computer resides in.  Now walk back out of this room and close the door and now we are in the rest of our house.  Now imagine walking back again into our bedroom and close the door, now lie down on our bed.

     While we are lying on the bed and relaxing, the brain starts to slowly shut off; all our senses, one by one.  Our breath is slowly getting shallower and we feel that we are slipping away from our body.  Slowly, our feelings start to disappear, we don’t really know where our hands and feet are, our sense of smell is diminishing and we no longer have any taste in our mouth.  Our hearing is diminishing slowly, images are passing by in our mind and our eyes are slowly beginning to close.  Images are now more dominant, but seem to just flow on and on.  Now that this door is shutting, we’ll move on backwards. 
     We are now in our mind and nothing has changed.  Imagine we are walking down a high street looking for our wife and children as they are doing their weekly shopping and we’ve come to help and drive them back home.  We see our family and start to run towards them.  Our body on the other hand does not move because our brain is shutting down our nervous system, in fact our whole body is now in a state paralysis and all our movements are mental, in our mind only.

     If we kept ourselves conscious while the brain was shutting our system down we would experience an OBE (out of body experience).  We are now in what is called the astral.  We have all our faculties and functions and more, but every thought materializes instantaneously.  We still have all the function of intention and we still have all and every emotion of love, fear, etc. 

     Now step back again from this reality and close the door.  We find ourselves hardly conscious, we feel or we think we feel part of all that is.  We can’t define anything as individual; all is and all seems to “just be”.  We feel we are all there is, yet seem to be nothing but a dot.  A full stop and yet everything is still in a state of potential.
     Now let’s step back and close this door.  Now all is nothingness and oblivion.  There is light, but, and that’s a big but, we are still a potential, a dot, a full stop.  Step back and close this door.

     Imagine being a potential, a dot again.  Where would that potentiality come from? Some would say from the source of all things.  Some call it God, fine no problem.  Are we in a state of going TO or coming FROM a state of potentiality?
     This is important.  Are we going into or are we coming out of that state of potentiality?  Well can we come from nothingness?  Or is there something, a force, a spark behind our potentiality.  Most would say we are coming from something, a source, and not from “nothing” to the source. 
      Therefore, we have a source as our potentiality behind us, the dot.
     Now step forward and open a door in front of us with our potentiality and never close that door again, ever.

     The reason why we went through the doors was to backup and show that there could not be anything outside of ourselves.  From the dot stage our consciousness expands into a “mind realm” of the astral and on further expansion into a “mind realm” of condensed consciousness we call The Matrix.

     On close inspection of condensed consciousness, it is a mathematically based reality, as is the Earth and the Universe in this realm of mind.  It’s a creation.  It’s a realm of mental construct, a mind created playground, which makes us think of this creation as a reality, which it is not.
    From every blade of grass right up to the universe, it is not a power unto itself.  It is of consciousness, just like our body and every single strand of hair on our head.  All animate and inanimate is consciousness, everything, every single thing.  There is no power outside of itself here for the source is everything and everything is source, every single speck of dust is source, condensed consciousness.
     There is nothing that is above or below us in status here.  There is nothing that is more sacred or divine here that is either above or below us.  There are no “gods” or powers here that are above or below us, all is equal, all is one, all is in this condensed conscious reality.
      We are a conscious being with a mind that can co-create its reality here.
    We have the faculties to manipulate this illusion and manifest our thoughts into condensed consciousness, i.e.: matter.  We were not given a power of potentiality, we are that power, we are of source and so is everything in this reality.  Everything is source.
    There is no power greater or lesser than each and individual of us that is outside of us on this planeAnd we are no greater or lesser than any other creation on this plane.  All is source and all power resides from within.  There is nothing outside of itself, or by itself.  We are part of all that is, all is consciousness.
    We return every night in sleep into a mental realm of the astral and return to a condensed consciousness reality every morning called Earth, where our illusionary biological suit awaits us.  Masters have been telling people for thousands of years that this realm that we call reality is an illusion, it’s a mental plane created by mind.  It is condensed consciousness.

    Our suit, the body, can feel only through our senses that are connected to the brain and all our reality is translated by the brain.  The brain makes this reality feel solid by the resonating frequency that each texture of condensed consciousness emits. 

     The higher the frequency, the finer and softer the feel that the brain translates.  The lower the frequency, the harder and more rigid the feel that the brain translates.  We and everything, including the Earth and Universe, are a mass of resonating frequencies called condensed consciousness, stemming from consciousness.

     When out of body (OBE) in the astral, our resonating frequency will be higher and above that of Earth.  Our mind is not our brain.  Our mind is on a far higher frequency than the brain.  Our mind just walks through this reality and this reality is no barrier to the mind.  We can walk through walls and mountains, we can walk under the sea, we can explore the universe, we can create anything and everything instantaneously. We create a mental duplicate in the astral of this world and the universe.  Therefore, is the astral a continuation of a creation, The Matrix?

     Why do we go to sleep?  It is said to recharge us.  For most people who stop themselves from sleeping for too long this illusion starts to fall apart.  We see that we can’t sustain this reality continuously.
     We have the capacity to store great energy that keeps our connection strong while in our body.  This energy used by a focused mind with an intention will bring results.  One of the most powerful emotions that we all possess is sexual.  Understanding and use of this energy brings health, longevity and emotional balance in one’s life.

     The whole of the western systemis designed to deplete us of this important energy. It is designed to keep us locked in the 3 chakras below our belt.  Masters throughout all ages have always taught to center ourselves from the heart.  The 3 chakras above the heart are of mind, the 3 chakras below the heart is of earth or ground; the centre of us all is the heart.

     Deal in all things with the heart, not the mind.  And not from the material or ground.

     Those that resist the temptation to deplete themselves can, with correct balance, attain kundalini.  Countless people throughout the world achieve this state without realizing what is happening to them.
     There is no past or future, all is now, all is present only.  The mind remembers and that is what we think is our past.  There is no future, only a constant stream of now.  Imagine standing in the middle of 3 squares.  The square behind us is our past (a memory), the square we are standing in is our present/now, the square in front of us is our future.  When we focus on our past (a recorded memory) we are bringing it into our present/now, which will become our future again (from the past).  When we focus on the future it will always be in the future; we will never get there.

     Whatever we focus on in the present/now will then become our future.  There is only now. 

     Our subconscious mind is our programmed memory.  All the disinformation that we have been indoctrinated with is now on autopilot from our subconscious mind, which is constantly projecting into the present/now and is creating the future for us automatically.

     It is our beliefs in the misinformation that’s been impressed on us which are the limiting factors to manifesting our wants, needs and desires.  So whatever our subconscious mind - on autopilot - is projecting now to the present, will become our future over and over again.

     By indoctrinating all of us with misinformation, which works perfectly well because all is a mind’s creation.  And even misinformation hit on this plane is a reality, everything is.  All is possible here in this illusion, this condensed consciousness, this creation.
     With this understanding, what is a truth and what is a lie? What is right and what is wrong?
     NOTHING!  It’s all a creation from our mind.  It’s what we BELIEVE in which manifests here for us as a limited indoctrinated reality and is a creation and nothing else.
     Does Karma exist?  Well, it exists in many people’s mind.  So, it’s the belief in their existence that is the creation of their Karma.
     BLOCKS!  Psychological blocks are what we have to deal with concerning reality.  Blocks will not permit us to manifest many things in our life because we have a wrong misplaced beliefs about them in our subconscious mind.  It is the beliefs in what is NOT that create blocks/karma.
     Now that we have moved on and expanded a little from part one, there are two beliefs that we want to focus on now, first, which is the law of cause and effect because it’s a non-existence.
     Secondly, focusing on false beliefs as a law of karma.  These two beliefs are normally linked together to mean one and the same thing.  Cause and effect stands as a good example of how the mind would work here in this reality, as mind would be the cause and the effect and would manifest itself here.

     Let’s begin by stating that there are no such law as Karma here in the illusion.  A “cause” would mean that we are projecting a force from within ourselves to outside of ourselves, the “effect”.  This cannot be because there is no here and there; there is no inside and outside of oneself.  All is mind.  All is one.  It sounds and feels like the cause is an untouchable element trying to create a touchable element, the effect.  One being mental force, the other being material.  That cannot be because the mental and the material is one and the same consciousness.  It is a BELIEF made manifest by mind. 

     We imagined before being a dot with a potentiality.  We open the door in front of us and never shut it again.  The way that this potentiality of source/mind would open that door is by INTENTION.
     INTENTION is the source/mind, WILL, is the CAUSE that manifests a result as an EFFECT in an illusion in the realms of mind.  It is mind consciousness, creating condensed consciousness, as our illusionary reality here on our illusionary Earth, our playground.
     Karma is an event in consciousness that describes a belief in a mental construct of creation of condensed consciousness, as being real, a reality existing outside of itself.  There is a price to pay for deluding ourselves into believing that this reality is realThis belief in a false reality brings many negative emotions – AGFLAP and conditional love, etc.
     Karma may seem to behave like a cause and effect or tit for tat.  But what it does is create massive blocks in our consciousness here in this reality of condensed consciousness and that is our suffering and sorrow on this plane.  If we believe that there is something outside of ourselves and we believe it’s real, then that is karma; believing in a false reality.  But there again, it’s the psychological blocks to human being due to misinformation.
    This list of emotional traits have a major role on our manifesting or rather non- manifesting of our reality as we see fit.
     If we believe in past life-regression, then think about it this way: If regression is real and a hypnotist can really connect deep into the subconscious mind where your past life's memories could be stored, then our karmic/blocks/traits would still be deep in our consciousness from our last death.  If the Karma is there…  How could we be healed simply by knowing the past? 
     If the subconscious expands into this new life, then yes, we would bring character traits and beliefs from our past life into our rebirth.  Our subconscious mind would still be hidden to us and be projecting on autopilot into our present/now.  Remember there is only NOW, which means we would bring along karmic/blocks/traits that would be affecting our new life with the same old beliefs as we had before we died.
     Our subconscious mind is a memory bank full of specific beliefs; it’s now time to recognize that there is also a higher/self beyond the subconscious that is the doorway of source.

     The subconscious mind is a gatekeeper that you have to pass through to get to the higher/self/source for manifesting illusions in this plane.  Once a belief is accepted by the subconscious mind (the gatekeeper), that belief moves on to the higher/self/source, which is made manifest as condensed consciousness on this plane for us as a reality, our reality.

     Now if we put a load of garbage and disinformation into a child or an adult and it is accepted by the subconscious mind (the gatekeeper), then guess what their life/reality is going to be like?

     It’s because a false foundation will be set and accepted by the subconscious mind.  It will set the false reality that there is some power or something more powerful outside of us, which is nothing more than a deluded belief, a nonsense
     What is a thought? Is it animate or inanimate? Can you touch it? Prod it? No, but you can charge it with a given image.  Like a thought of love, a thought of happiness, a thought of perfect health, and so on.
    There is one thing that all these thoughts have in common: they each raise an EMOTION.  We write a word, that word creates a thought, that thought creates a corresponding image and emotion to that word… very powerful stuff.
     Now we may think, “Where does that emotion come from”?  It comes from our memory bank, the subconscious.  So everything that we do, think or imagine, which we would have to use as our thoughts, comes from our subconscious, emotionally charged.  All images express themselves as feeling an emotion.
     Thoughts are emotionally charged images in our mindImpressing our goals as an emotionally charged image is old school in the positive thinking movement.

     All thoughts stored in the subconscious mind are EMOTIONALLY CHARGEDand the ones that had enough charge in them to OPEN the GATEKEEPERS (the subconscious) doors and pass over to the higher/self/source were made manifest in this reality.

     This same system is used for magic, white or black, it does not matter.  There are no rules here, only self imposed rules.  For examples, Sex-emotions and torture-emotions are used in mind-programming of others.  Rituals and murders are used by people to raise great emotions.  Children screaming, snuff parties, etc.  So who or what would stop this nonsense? Well, nobody out there. And what about the moral issues?  All morals are self imposed.  So who is checking that these criminal and immoral acts are punishable and will be imposed on these people? It has to be each of us, for there is no one else.
     So, emotions play a very important part in our reality through the charged banks of our subconscious mind.  So how did it get there? We know we have thoughts and these thoughts carry emotions in images, but of what?  That would be our BELIEFS.

     So what is a belief?  It’s a figment of your imagination made manifest.

      When was the first time we heard about sickness?  Well now we got it.  Its been well implanted.
     When was the first time that we heard about the devil?  Well now we got it.  He will haunt us now.
     When was the first time we heard that we were a failure?  Well we got it.

     When was the first time that we heard that we have to have money to live?  Well we got it.  And so on and so on.  An inexhaustible list...  And, these are negative programs(beliefs) that adding blocks for effortless manifestation.
    All these beliefs are by now deeply seated in our subconscious mind, charged with varying levels of emotion.
     Now we come to the crux of a very great problem.  When we try to change a belief by replacing it with another, the subconscious mind will fight us tooth and nails.  It will reject our new belief if it’s to replace a similar one that’s already recorded in the memory bank.  So we can repeat and repeat that new belief until we turn blue in the face; we can visualize and visualize until we fall asleep.  We will still meet with resistance from our memory bank.
     So what is the problem with removing an old belief and replacing it with a new one?
     Remember, we are not only dealing with a belief but also an emotion attached to that belief (remember the thought and emotion it triggers).  All beliefs have different and varying degrees of emotion attached to them, which means, some are easy to get rid of but many are not.
   The best way to remove these emotional blocks are called RELEASE METHOD, discovered and shared by Lester Levenson.
     Many people have had great results with it but because we are dealing with full depth removal of psychological blocks that would restrict manifesting of what we want in our reality.  The RELEASE METHOD will take us all the way and beyond if we wish.
     Now to manifesting.  The biggest misconceptions that we all possess.  Let’s take for instance that we want a car.  What is the first thing that we do?  We look at our bank balance and make a decision on that.  If we haven’t the money we start to rummage through our budget to see if we can extract enough money to save for one or buy one on credit.  If we haven’t enough money we drop it and forget about it or find a way to start saving for a year or two to put a deposit.
     Now Think again, is it a car that we want or is it the money?
     We say it’s a car. THEN WHY ARE WE FOCUSING ON THE MONEY?
   See, this is a wrong way of thinking.  We are so sold on this money crap that we believe that we cannot move nor do anything without it.  It’s nonsense!
    The car, or any other physical object, that we want in this plane is an illusion, a creation.  If it’s in our consciousness it’s already ours.  That car is us and we are that car.  That car is a product of mind and so are we.  It’s all condensed consciousness.  The only obstacle between the car and us is a misconstrued belief.  That belief is a block, karma, because we think it’s outside of ourselves, separate, a different reality from ourselves that we will buy with another figment of our imagination: Money.  This must be understood clearly.

    The release method is very simple and effective. If used properly to remove purposely implanted false beliefs, we will attract that car, or any other physical object, to ourselves by many and every means possible.  Yes, even with money.  This is something that we must allowWe must never interfere in how it is going to come to us, never.  We don’t interfere with mind for mind can create a further obstacle between us and that car.  Leave it alone and allow.

     When it comes to manifest anything, all we have to do is to clear ourselves with all the emotional garbage between us and the object of we intent to have and allow it to come to us without interference.  We can have anything and everything that’s in our consciousness.  If it hasn’t yet been invented then it’s not in our consciousness, it has no existence yet.  So how are we going to attract that unless we invent it ourselves, then it will be in all creation’s consciousness. 

     We start to clear emotional garbage from five different aspects to the problem of a belief/thought.

          The first one is ATTACHMENT, attachment to what?  You may be thinking attachment to things, to an illusion, be it animate or inanimate.  It’s all part of our consciousness, (remember all is one).  There is nothing outside of us.  Whatever is in our consciousness is part of us and we are part of it.  We don’t have to crave and hold onto it with great emotion of losing something that is already ours, a false presumption that something is outside of us and that we could lose it.
     Our dear life does not depend on any of it because all things that we attach ourselves too are an illusion, and so is our life.  Our attachment to anything is a false reality… a big block.

     The second one, AVERSION.  Aversion to what?  All is one and one is all in our consciousness.  Having an aversion to anything is like a judgment, an opinion of creation in our consciousness, repelling of things that we don’t like.  We share in this illusion this consciousness, we all contribute one way or another be it good or bad.  It’s just one’s perspective and view of creation, which we all play a part in, there is nothing that is bad and there is nothing that is good, it just is.
     Our shock and dismay at what’s going on in this world of murder and starvation of millions of people we agree is very bad.  But we should have put this right a few thousand years ago and never allowed this to happen in the first place. It’s a creation in our consciousness; it’s an illusion.  Our aversion to anything is a false reality, a big block.

     The third one, APPROVAL, approval of what?  Doing, pretending, buying stuff so as to get approval from others and wanting them to think of what a great and fantastic guy we are.  Working very hard not to mess-up so that we always have the highest approval.  Living in the biggest house, driving the biggest car, it’s a mind thing, a pride thing, it’s being a very highly educated thing, with many ranks and titles after your name.  We have to have better than everyone else thing, it’s having to impress everyone thing.  Well in consciousness there seems to be a block concerning someone who thinks they are better than any other in this creation, be it race or creed.  All are equal, all are one and the same consciousness and there is no separateness of mind or consciousness.  So, APPROVAL is a false reality, a big block.

     The fourth one, CONTROL, control of what?  Controlling events especially of others.  There is a difference in helping or controlling, doing things so that one has control, buying things for people so as to control, creating events with a view to control, doing anything with a view of controlling.
We should allow and never interfere in the goings on of how or where these things will come from to us?  Our interference, which is mind, will put a screwdriver in the works.  Obviously we help with love and compassion to the best of our ability, but we don’t take over somebody’s life.  We give them a fishing rod but we don’t fish for them, a big difference.  CONTROL is a false reality, a big block.

     The fifth one, SECURITY, SAFETY, SURVIVAL, “do what?” Well these three come under the same headings so let’s call them SSS.  Precisely which one of these do to we think we can insure ourselves against in our mind?  Where do we think that insurance will make a difference in consciousness?  This is an illusion.  What protection do we envisage in a condensed consciousness?
     Why does the subconscious mind reject this as a false reality?  What do we think that this rejection means?  It can only mean fear.
     The subconscious will not allow us to amass anything to do with one, two, or all three of these SSS’s on this plane.  Yeah, sure we can leave money for our family when we die via an insurance policy.  Yeah, we can dig a hole one mile deep protecting ourselves against a catastrophe and survive, but how do we separate the emotions of each one of these that the subconscious would understand and differentiate between safety, survival, or security?  The emotions that the three SSS emit are indistinguishable.  We have to dump it all to clear ourselves.  Big block, big time.
     So we start.
     Get into a comfortable position and relax, have an image of what we want in our mind.  Visualize being and enjoying this image as NOW, there is only now remember.
     If it’s a car, sit in it and enjoy everything about it, take your time.  Now that we have formed a good feeling and images of what we want, bring up each of the FIVE aspect s of false belief, starting with ATTACHMENT.

     Do we feel that we really, really want it? Open the door between our rib and stomach and gently, no pushing.  That emotion does not belong there it will leave us if we give it a chance.  So gently ALLOW the colored smoke that we have chosen to leave through our door.  We can help the smoke to leave our body by creating an imaginary Black Hole in front of the door at our body.  The other end of the Black Hole is connected to the infinite, and it has a Super Strong Suction Power that help to clean up the negative energy in our body completely.  See it, Hear it, Feel it.

     So what are we doing here? We are checking of how much of an attachment we have to this car that we want, any raising emotions about our need and want will bring up that emotion and we open the door and release it.  Keep doing this until we feel that there is no emotion left to come up.  We do this with all FIVE aspects of false belief, all explained above what they mean.  Go through each one and release until we feel none of them are bringing anything up.  We do this three times a day or more if you want, always gently, no rush, always allowing.
     So what are we trying to achieve?  We do this until we feel absolutely no emotions about owning that car (or anything else we intended to enjoy.We will have no emotion left in any of the five blocks. We will come to a stage where we don’t give a shit about owning this car.  We have cleared ourselves with the FIVE false beliefs on this car at least 3 times a day.  We visualize the car and clear ourselves with each emotion, keep visualizing even if we don’t give a shit and ALLOW IT TO COME.















We are unlimited beings limited only by the concepts of limitation we hold in our mind.  So stop being what you are not, a limited body and mind, and just be what you are — an infinite, totally free, grand and flowing being, whole and complete.” - Lester Levenson

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