Stock Market Tools (14) - Wyckoff's Schematic and Application

This is a very short write-up as the diagrams attached are self-explanatory for those who are ready Think and Get It....

The follow two Wyckoff Schematic diagrams are copied from the web...
The first one signify a typical "Distribution" phase of a stock/market...
While the second diagram added the "Typical Volume Patterns" of various phases....

Figure 1. Wyckoff Schematic on "Distribution" Phase

Figure 2. Wyckoff Schematic on "Typical Volume Patterns" on various phases.

And, for those who had studied Wyckoff material would know that he would not trade without Analysis the "Internal Condition" of the strength of the stock/market by Tape Reading...  Here are some example of integrating the "Tape Reading" result with the Price Charts:(Click on the Chart to Zoom In).

The Art of War said: “兵马未动 粮草先行.” (Before the troops and horses start to move, food and fodder must go first.)
As translate to stock market, before the Price Trending in a Direction can be developed, the Money Must Flow in that direction first.....

In the following charts, the upper pane shows the price candlesticks, while the lower pan shows the MONEY movement direction (of Strong Hands).

Figure 3:  The "Internal Condition" of the stock is Weak, as money flow out from strong hand.

Figure 4: The "Internal Condition" of the stock is Weak, same reason as above... Will see. :-)

Figure 5.  Not all the operation of a stock follow the "Typical Schematic", at times it depends on the overall market condition too.  Zoom in to see it clearer.





Bless You
KH Tang
------------------------------------   Added on 1 Aug 2015   -----------------------------------

This chart is a follow up Fig 4 above...  What's next? Will See. :-)

-------------------------------------- Added on 4 Aug 2015 -------------------------------------
This is an interesting one...  It shows a serious divergence at this point of time, will see. :-)
(NOTE: Tape Reading is not for Short Term Swing Trading! It merely show the Internal Condition.)
Click on the chart to zoom-in.

----------------------------------------- Added on 9 Aug 2015 ---------------------------------------
Here are somethings very interesting...
Let's look at the Major Oil Companies on their "Tape Reading" Status as of now.  Doesn't it tell us that the strong hands knew what's going to happen way early than the public?!

---------------------------------------- Added on 13 Oct 2015 ----------------------------------------------
It would be interesting to see, though as a hindsight, what does the tape reading of some Germany companies - like Volkswagen (after the emissions scandal) and their banking...
(Note: There are a few Stock Exchanges in Germany, and the stocks listed in all of them.  So, the value show the TRENDING only).


Deutsche Bank

---------------------------------------- Added on 19 Oct 2015 ----------------------------------------
It would be interesting to see what happen to those that have accumulation on the tape. :-)

AMD Tape Reading.

---------------------------------------  Added on 05 Nov 2015 ---------------------------------------------
Is there some new technology that can replace Cruel Oil???


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Jase said...

Thanks KH! This is a great post! I am already using the code you provided for the Livermore Market Key so I was wondering if you could also share the code for the DLLMoneyFlow. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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Kh Tang'S Blog: Stock Market Tools (14) - Wyckoff'S Schematic And Application >>>>> Download Full

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