What if... We Can Know Our Ultimate Goals Much Earlier?

In this compelling film,Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from ambition

to meaning... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0qiFzj442U )

Through his research and experience, he described that there will be a moment,
"The Shift",in a person's life that one will turn the personal value upside down...
And, there is a difference between man and women too.:-

Top value for men before The Shift:
1. Wealth (accumulation of money)
2. A sense of adventure
3. Achievement
4. The idea of pleasure
5. To be Respected.

& The Top Value for men after The Shift:
1. Spirituality
2. Personal peace
3. Family
4. God's Will (A sense of purpose)
5. Honesty

Top value for women before The Shift:
1. Family
2. A sense of Independence
3. Carrier
4. Fitting in
5. Attractiveness

& The Top Value for women after The Shift:
1. My own personal growth
2. A sense of self-esteem
3. Spirituality
4. Happiness
5. Forgivness

In the film, there are a few stories to illustrate "The Shift" taking place in our daily life.
Dr. Wayne Dyer explains that we are all living in a spiritual life, regardless wether one
aware of it or not, as it is just like timing for a person when he go through his journey
of life.
It is like, at the beginning a personal is in the Morning of his life (which he call it
the Ambition Phase, and the value system is mainly Ego based.) Later, when a person
learned or matured enough, he will move into the Afternoon of his life (which he call it
the Meaning Phase, and the value system is mainly spiritual based.)

Attached is the link to review the film: Click Here <- span="">

AND, most importantly, after watching it... it might help you to get to your ultimate
goal earlier.

A similar message from Michael Beckwith on A Spiritual Journey Through Four Stages:-
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"Stage one, Victim Consciousness, finds one in constant reaction to things
happening "to me" at the hands of a power outside of our control.
Stage two, as the Manifester, you take responsibility for your life and put the
laws of the universe to work for you.
We become a third stage, Channel, when we surrender our will to a higher
intelligence that functions "through us."
Stage fourBeing Consciousness—manifests as enlightened living."
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Bless You,
KH Tang

"The greatest discovery you'll ever make, is
the potential of your own mind."

— Jose Silva: was a parapsychologist and author of the Silva Method


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