Self Development Idea (3) - Only Human Being Has The Choice

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen

The above picture has illustrated a very simple fact...
The fact is that:-
All living creatures, except human being, are born with certain unique and specific talent for their survival...
Such as:-
A baby cat will be able to catch mouse naturally when it grow up...
A baby buffalo will be able to help in farming when it grow up...
And, one cannot replace a cat to do the job for a buffalo and vice visa.

Now, lets take a look at a human baby...
There is no restriction of what a baby can become in his/her career when he/she grows up. He/She can be a doctor, teacher, scientist, worker, executive, employee or employer, or whatever job/career that it might be....

The interesting question is:-

What's make a baby become what he/she become in the future?

If one do not have the answer, then it might be even more interesting to think about the question by asking:-
What's make myself become who am I today?
Is it my current job/career is something that I really wanted, and being so satisfied with it that I never wanted to change? or just holding on with it because I don't think I have other choice?

Researches and studies data, in all of self-development books, have shown that all great achievers had their definiteness of purpose in life been defined first before they became successful.

In the book, "The Science of Getting Rich", it says that successful people is success because of they "do things in a certain way" and not "certain things they do". This is obviously right as many people are having the same business or job, and even in the same company... eventually some got fired and some got promoted.

So, what make those successful people do things in a certain way and what way?
Obviously it would be directly related to how the person think in his mind... It is the ability to think differently at different level of awareness that cause them to fall into different categories of salary scheme...

So, what make these people think differently?
What kind of knowledge do they know that majority of the people unaware of?
Doesn't it an interesting question to discuss about?

"An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
— Benjamin Franklin:
Founding Father of the United States of America


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