What's the Value of "Trust" ?!

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On the surface, the people who design the financial crisis might have thought that they are very smart...

They had been creating Financial Crisis here and there around the globe on order to take advantages from the not so well developed countries. It can also be seen in the past, that there are funny phenomenons in this society... It tends to promote some people, who actually causing the financial crisis to happen in other countries and get lot of profits from it, as Hero!?

This time round, they have gone too far... Even though they can get some materialistic gain, they have also causing serious damage to the "Trust" of their own citizens to the Financial System, which is the backbone of the modern civilized society!

It took their predecessor centuries of hardwork, trial and error, determination and sacrifiices to set up the stability of the financial system, and it take just slightly more than a decade for a minority to form a sub-prime debt model to destroy the system.

The Aftermath of the Financial Crisis:-
I think this "experiment" would only take time to find out some of the following answers...

How much does the "Trust" cost?
Who is actually gaining??
What's the impact after that???

But There is One Thing that I am sure:-
It would help to raise the public consciousness to a new degree of higher level after the whole event ...

为了从那些欠发达的国家谋利, 他们在全球到处制造金融危机。从过去也可以看出, 社会上有些有趣的现象 ,好像它提拔了很多英雄!? 正是这群人引发了金融危机,而且从中获取巨大的利润。
而这次 ,他们做得太过火了......。即使他们可以得到一些物质利益,但是他们的国民对自己的国家的"信任"--这是现代文明社会的支柱,同样被严重破坏。
他们的先辈下定极大决心,经历了数百年的艰辛、磨难、经历无数错误、 牺牲才创建的稳定的金融系统 ,仅仅十几年,从小至大形成的次贷危机就毁坏了这个系统。

我想这次的 "试验" 需要时间来为下列的问题找到答案......


(Translated by:云淡风轻)

Bless You

KH Tang

"In a time of crisis we all have the potential to morph

up to a new level and do things we never thought possible."

Stuart Wilde


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