What's Preventing Most People from Financial Freedom (Part 2)

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Part II - Understanding How The System Works
The System that we lived-in is systematically guide us to the path of conformity through the public education

This physical world, that we live in, is a SYSTEM designed to be as it is, by the governments of the world. And the main tool to control the public is through the controlling of "Money Supply".

Human being  had created the concept of Money for thousand years, and the rulers had been controlling it since then. In today industrialized society, "Money" is even more important, and basically it is the "Life-Force" for the public to get the very basic necessary stuffs to maintain the livelihood
The "Money" in today, is simply an "Electronic Figure" or "Printed Paper" that are created based on the decision by a very minority group of people who control the system.

Take for example, in figure 1, it is a picture of an ancient Roman War Ship. Basically, it is a system consists of a commander, some soldiers, with many salves as the "propeller engine", and it can make use of the wind-power when the timing is right(consider that as natural resources).  For the ancient system like the Roman War Ship, the commander mainly controlled the slaves by forced through the soldiers, such as beating them with cane, etc.

While in this modern society, theoretically all people are equal, and no slaving is allowed. And, the question is that, by changing the ruling system from "autocratic" to "democratic" or "equal" or whatsoever... It will still require energy to move the system forward.  Again, let use the war-ship analogy; it needs a certain amount of the population to row the boat continuously. So, how should the rulers go about achieving it???

The answer would then be, in the corporation term, of course, "Motivate them" with the "Money" or "Position Ranking", etc...

In order for the rulers to get the ship moving, all they need to do is just to create something call "jobs" and tag a "Job Titles with Attractive Packages" onto the seat... Many people will fight over for the positions to sit and start to row hard.

So, once a person is sitting on to a designed position, he would need to spend most of his time rowing the ship.  Therefore, he would then have no time or not much time to "Think" or "Learn". -> Comformity.
But, then, people usually believe that they are very smart too. When they have a job, they would start to punch the key pad of a calculator/computer to calculate how much they would need to save in order to get into retirement and enjoy life..
On the other hand, the rulers would do something to make sure this "Terrible Scenario" can never happen. Why? Just imagine that if a most public can just simply work hard for a few years and have enough for retirement... Who would then go to drive the public transport, who would want to manage a factory operation, who would want to be the sales to promote the stuffs that are really not necessary to others..., etc...?!

So, the rulers had designed a system in such a way that: -
1) It can not afford to lose these "good people" from working in the system. In order to keep them continuously working and not going for retirement, strategies must be in place to ensure that they will never save enough to retire.
2) It must also ensure that the system will just spit out some money to these "good people",timely, so that they can survive and do not start another revolution to destroy the system.

There are many tactics to achieve the goal of keeping people continue to work, and here are some of the common one:

1) Inflation: By generating more money supply year by year, it will have yearly inflation, most people would not feel the immediate pain, but their saved money would shrink over time.

2) Tax: Almost everything the people do or don't do, it involve tax...

3) Promotion for better "life-style" to public ego: To many people, they do earned quite a lot and have the possibility of early retirement. One way to keep them to stay on the job is to make sure that they spend much more... When their life-style continue to grow to meet their income, they can never retired from their jobs. (Unless they have multiple-streams of passive incomes)

4) Wealth transferring machine (Stock Market): Stock market is basically a wealth transferring machine - from public to manipulators. In all the public who participate the market, 90% will lose money eventually. (And, if one don't participate in the market and just save the money, the inflation will de-value the cash.)

To be continue...
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"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy: was the 35th President of the U.S

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