Stock Market Tools (8) - Global Trading System(GTS)

1) Is all about Data Processing and Organized it into a User Friendly Charts...

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Above is an amazing video presentation by Professor Hans Rosling, a statistics guru, in many topics on global level. Such as global child mortality rate, fertility rate, etc...
For the first four minutes, it shows that most of the public are making choice/decision based on wrong pre-conceived ideas, as many of them are out dated.
After that, when the data starts moving... We can be amazed by how fast things are changing in this world! He basically transforms boring data into lively stories.

2) Is all about where the talent is applied on...

Here is a famous story by Zhuang Zi (庄子) on the power of applying the right talent in the right field...

In Song, there was a family who was skilled at making a kind of ointment (a highly viscous or semisolid substance used on the skin as medicament) which could prevent the skin from cracking.

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With this medication, this family, for generations, had been making a living by bleaching cloths in the river all year round.

On day, a traveller heard about the ointment and offered to buy the secret formula with very attractive price.
The traveller then offered the secret formula to King Wu and explained its usefulness when apply correctly in the military affairs.

King Wu took the proposal and started a naval battle during a winter against King Yue.

With the secret formula to produce and apply the ointment, the troops of Wu state were spared from catching chilblain (an inflammation followed by itchy irritation on the skins resulting from exposure to moist cold). While the Yue Soldiers suffered from skin disease and were defeated.

After the war, a portion of the conquered territory was awarded to the traveller as a fief, and he become rich main and his status was elevated.

Note: Cartoons scanned from the book "Zhuangzi Speak" by Chih-chung Ts'ai.

The moral of the story is that, though it was the same medical formula. One can use it to make a living and the other can use it to make big profit when he see the value and know where to apply it.

3) Global Trading System
This is self-explanatory...

(If the document does not appear on your browser, click on the link.)


"We come this way but once. We can either tiptoe through life
and hope we get to death without being too badly bruised
or we can live a full complete life realizing
- Bob Proctor


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