Self Development Idea (14) - There are Pattern of Cycles in Life

A week ago, I attended a Trading Seminar on CFD (a kind of leveraged derivative product).  And, I was surprised to notice something interesting, there is some kind of a pattern, that worth the while to write it down.

Just like the products in the market, everything that lives has a pattern of cycle in their life, and it goes through the phases of birth, growth, fruitage, and decline.

Isn't it true that when a baby is born, he will have to go through some patterns that designed for him.
Such as go through the kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college and university, then start to work, .... , retire and then die.

So, back to the subject that I want to write about, and here is the "Pattern" that I noticed in the seminar:
It was held in a big lecture theatre.  There are three columns of seats and each column has about 30 rows of seats.  Though it was not full-house, I figured out that there was about 350 participants.  I paid attention on the age of the participants in the recess time.  I can divide them into three age group of participants.

1) The age group of 30-45 (25%) 
2) The age group of 45-55 (50%)
3) The age group of 55-60 (25%)

And, when the seminar start, the speaker asked: "How many of you are the first time to attend such seminar?"  I saw about 50% of the people in the room put up their hands.

Do you noticed that most of the people, at least in this place, wait until they are retired or about to retire, then they start to learn about the stock market.

It was quite a "happy" seminar, because the speaker flipped through a couple of historical charts and showed the audience that how money can be easily made with some very simple strategies.  Also, with the leverage, a few ten of thousands dollars is all you need to make more than the averaged pay worker in the country.  

A few rounds of applause had gone round the theatre when the speakers shown some strategies to handle the historical charts and emphasis that it can be easily done with very little training - where to buy and when to sell.

Since, the speaker had mentioned that no one can take any audio recording nor video, or he will sue the person...

Then... I saw many hard working participants taking tons of notes while the speaker delivering the presentation.

And, me too...  make my own note after the seminar.  Just a few words with a picture, and it is attached below.

Well, this is NOT to make joke of the beginner participants for believing that there is easy money out there for them to pick,  for I'd been there, done that ten over years ago...   RATHER, the intention is to alert all to take time to know about this stuffs... 
Personally, I view this as a failure of the public education system (worldwide) that there is no syllabus in educating students on the area of personal finance and stock market in their early stage of life.

See.  If we can know some kind of challenges (pattern of cycles) that we will have to face years down the road.  Wouldn't it be good to spend time in learning more about it and be prepared first before we need to handle it face-to-face?   As sooner or later, most likely one will come to a point where he need to handle his personal finance as saving in the banks is not getting any yield, and fund managers are not reliable nowadays.


"Most people tip-toe through life, hoping
they’ll make it safely to death."
– Bob Proctor
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This is a typical chart from advertisement. 
Unfortunately, they do not supply with a time machine to take full advantage of it.


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