Project Freedom (10): Trading with the BBC Breadth Indicator

Deleted on 2016-04-11.


Alex Koh said...


I have a qns,how do i get the market breadth indicator in amibroker? I am not a programmer hence I tried to use the breadth trust(default indicator in amibroker) which should work in a similar way to market breadth however it appears as a empty window.

2nd qns,you put the BBC market breadth of STI(30 stocks) is it possible to add more stocks in to provide a clearer picture of the actual sentiment of the market?

KH Tang said...

Good day, Alex

1) IF you are serious about how to do it, I would strongly suggest you join the Amibroker Yahoo groups, as it is a user friendly group and many helpful people there. You may also find some 3rd parties software to help yo do exactly what you want to do.

2) "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Well, this is the famous quote from Napoleon Hill, and it applys here.

Bless You
KH Tang

Forex Winners said...

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi KH,

It's good to come across someone who uses market breadth for trading :)

How is your back-testing results for this trend following system?

Can you share a bit on your risk management and position sizing techniques for this system to manage maximum drawdown? (This is especially important for people like us who trade trends, and not too focus on high accuracy rates etc)

Do you have an email where I can ask you further?



KH Tang said...

Good day, cimtr

Although tis market breadth indicator, when combining the momentum(Osciallator) and Trend, it profitable in trading indice/ETFs. It does not give the overall picture in terms of Price Relative Strength for Rotational Trading.

So, it is recommended for very conservative trading/investing only.

And, I use them as the first step for broad market analysis as Top Down Trading Approach.

I, so far, never release any number or good reason, and would not do so in the blog.

Bless You
KH Tang

Anonymous said...

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