Personal Finance (10): The Biggest Leaking Hole in the Personal Financial Bucket

Imagine that every one has a personal financial bucket as a preparation for their retirement. And, they would go out to work as hard as the bee in order to fill them up.  But, what happen in reality is that there is a Big Leaking Hole at the bottom of their bucket that most might not be aware of or did not take it seriously yet…

For this, I AM refering to the Global Public Debt, and here is the link:

Now, there are few projects that can be done with these data.

Example one: What's the Growth Rate of the Global Public Debt?

Here are some other Inconvenient Questions for individual who has the interest to Ponder and Find out:

* What is the Public Growth Rate of your own country? (One can take down the data on the right hand corner year by year to workout the chart.)

* On the right column of the Global Public Debt Clock, there is a item "Public Debt vs GDP" by country.  What does it mean when it is approaching 100% or some even go over the 100% mark?
Think in terms of a public company, what would happen if it keep lossing money year over year?

* On the "Public Debt per Person"...  That is the Leaking Hole in individual financial bucket...  Even you don't spend it, it is the load you have to carry, which include newly born babies and 90 years old senior citizens.  Why is it continue to grow, and some even with exponetial rate?

* With the current debt rate, there are already so much trouble with the economy.  What would the economy outlook with a higher debt rate future (as predicted by the trend of the chart.)?  Would there be more financial crisis such as the fiscal cliff event?

Of course,  as the exact data would not be easily available to the public, these data are good for reference and benchmark purposes,

One may be FEAR to find out the answer by himself...
And, when one facing  FEAR, he has two choices:
1. Forget Everything And Run.
2. Face Evidence And Rise!

(YouTube Link)
This 59 second video explains the concept & situation clearly!

“The world is not a problem; the problem

is your unawareness”

-Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh




Anna said...

I realized our retirement bucket and financial plan have several major leaks as I reviewed it at the end of last year. We are taking a whole new approach this year to fix it up.

KH Tang said...

Good day, Anna

Sounds good!
You may want to share the key ideas.

Bless You
KH Tang

Unknown said...

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StevenLash San Diego said...

Amazing post!
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