Personal Finance (12): Guru Rotation in the Financial Market

There are many famous Gurus in the financial market, and their philosophies are pretty well accepted by their followers (subscribers).

Take for examples:
1. Jim Rogers is the icon represents long term investment in the commodities market.

2. Marc Faber, also known as Dr. Doom, advocates that the market is collapsing, collapsing, and collapsing...

3. Stephen Leeb is using the "Peak Oil" as a backgroud and focus on Energy Sector.

4.  Peter Schiff is singing about the collapsing US Dollar and Accumulates physical gold or GLD (ETFs).

And, when they are correct, they will occupy everywhere in the media and get more followers.

Now... As shown in the charts, they were ALL CORRECT at certain point of time in a "Rotational Manner".

So...  Don't you think that having a "market neutral mentality", doing your study, understand and follow the market actions with the charts, and perform asset class rotation is a better deal?

See what the successful Trader and Trainer in the Stock Market, Richard D. Wyckoff, had to say:

Very true!  In my view, most of the publication on financial advices and news are just like Coke or  genetic modified foods.  They are are produced for the public consumption with the intention of making a profits out of it.  The earlier one chooses to stop taking them, the earlier he gets healthier.

In a Nutshell : Why Market Rotation?
The stock market, as of today, is working like a Giant Ponzi Scheme as a Whole, which is formed by Multiple Smaller Ponzi Schemes as Sectors, Countries and Individual Stocks.  The Public Media would help to Rotate in Bubbling few Sectors/Countries//Stocks at a time for profiteering and dump the shares to the public, let them burst, and then ROTATE the operation to Other Sectors/Stocks.

"What information consumes is rather obvious:
it consumes the attention of the recipents. 
Hence a wealth of information creates
a poverty of attention." 
- Herbert Simon 

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