Self Development Idea (13) - Two Worlds of Reality, and the Magic Mirror

Everyone of us is simultaneously living in two worlds of reality. One is the "Inside world", and the other is the "Outside world".

In the Inside world, it is yourself consist of "Philosophy, Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, and Attitudes."

In the Outside world, it is your Environment of "People, Place, Things, Events and full of Public Opinions."

And, in between the two worlds, there is a Magic Mirror.
This mirror has the ability to reflect the reality from one side to the other side...

Note: A summary note taken from reading the book "Mind Power by John Kehoe"

Take for example.

If the person has a stronger faith in his own Internal World, he is able to eventually project it into the Outside World through the help of his own subconscious mind.

On the other hand, the other case is true also, for a person who does not set any goal or does not has any belief of faith that he can make a difference... The Outside World would keep telling him that this is wrong and that is bad ... Eventually, this would reflect into the person Internal World. Which would create stress and harmful to the body.

So. It is a better deal to choose to be happy and have peace of mind, rather than let the Outside World to dictate what they want you to be.

Many may have read that popular phrase "Your are what you think you are...".  Well, that is over simplified and not accurate. A sage puts it, "We aren't what we think we are, but what WE THINK,  WE ARE!"

"All mankind's inner feelings eventually manifest
themselves as an outer reality."
— Stuart Wilde


Unknown said...

I am really impressed by this blog! Very clear explanation of issues and It Is Given IS open to everyone.PSYCHIC READINGS.

KH Tang said...

Good day, Fiona

Thanks for your kind words.

When I wrote all these, I was just standing on others shoulders.

Bless You
KH Tang

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