Project Freedom (3): Why and How Successful Traders CAN Keep Making Profits from the Market

Let's start by reviewing an old fable: “The Mathematician and the King”

Once upon a time there was a mathematician invented a chess game for a king.  The king was so happy about it and told the mathematician to name his reward.

“I don’t ask for much,” said the clever mathematician. “A single grain of wheat on the first square on the chess board, two grains of wheat on the second square, and double the number of wheat in every subsequent square….”

“So it shall be done,” said the king, who was not having any idea about the concept of exponential growth.

After the King got his men to work out the numbers, he was shocked that before reaching half of the complete chess board, the number had become bigger than total annual wheat production in his whole Kingdom.

The moral of the story is: TWO CONDITIONS are required to grow Rich. It takes both the “TIME” and “EDGE” to increase the number through exponential growth.

Now, let's see how these concept apply to trading:
* TIME: Every move to the subsequent square represents the “Time” required in the game. Adding all the individual step, short term, together become a long term. 

* EDGE: In the story, it has an “Edge” in doubling every next step. Similar to say that as long as there is a CONSISTENT edge, it would grow over time. The stronger the edge (Percentage growth over a fixed period of time) the faster the number grow, and Back Testing the system would help to identify which "Edge" is better.

Just like the house of any Casinos, as long as there are enough customers keep playing the game, they can keep making money because there are “Edges” built into all games by designed, though these edges may be very small in percentage in terms of winning probability bias towards the house.

When one can workout a consistent "EDGE" and keep himself continuously participate in the market... It is like, he is operating an online Casino by himself.

Of course, the "edge" must be much stronger than many other devaluation factors to be meaningful edge, such as "Inflation","currency devaluation","Tax", etc.This link has a picture to show how serious inflation could be over time:

The moment when a trader is able to change from the state
of "understand the principle of probability" to the
state of "thinking in probability mind set",
he changes his world.
- Mark Douglas - "Trading in the Zone"


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