Season Greeting (2) : Prosperity Mind Set Indicator

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// This is for the Spirit of Season Greeting.
// Absolutely no copy right or what so ever...
// Composed from idea on webs....
// Free to change text or customize for friends.
// Putting this indicator at the top pane could trigger
// your Prosperity Mind Set sub-consciously. :-)


SetChartBkColor( ParamColor("Chart Color", colorBlack));
GfxSelectFont("Tahoma", Status("pxheight")/20 ); /* Up down name*/
GfxSetTextAlign( 6 );// center alignment
GfxSetTextColor( ParamColor("Text Color", ColorHSB( 42, 42, 42 ) ));

k = (GetPerformanceCounter()/100)%500;
printf("GetPerformance Counter %g",k);

GfxSelectFont("Arial Narrow", 15, 700 );
GfxTextOut("T O:    A M I B R O K E R   U S E R S   ",100+k ,5);

GfxSelectFont("Arial Narrow", 30, 700 );
GfxTextOut("       H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R   2 0 1 2 . . .   M E R R Y   X ' M A S . . . .",100+k ,30);

GfxSelectFont("Arial Narrow", 12, 700 );
GfxTextOut("B I G   M O N E Y   O N   O U R   W A Y   N O W!!!    ",100+k ,68);
GfxTextOut("!!!!!!!!!!       Millions & Millions      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             ",k ,88);


_SECTION_BEGIN("Background text");
GfxSetBkMode(0); // transparent
GfxSelectFont("Tahoma", 7 );
GfxTextOut( "KH Tang", Status("pxwidth")/2, Status("pxheight")/1.5 );
GfxSelectFont("Tahoma", Status("pxheight")/20 );
Status("pxheight")/2 ;

anim=ColorHSB( ( k ) % 256, 255, Param("Brightness", 75, 0, 255, 1 ));

XLogo = 15;
YLogo = Status("pxheight")-68;
GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorYellow );
GfxCircle( Xlogo+14, Ylogo+14, 17 ) ;

GfxSelectFont("Aral", 13, 700 );
GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorGold);
            Xlogo +  11, Ylogo + 0.4,
            Xlogo + 14, Ylogo + 11.5,
            Xlogo + 17, Ylogo + 0.4,
            Xlogo + 20, Ylogo + 11.5,
            Xlogo + 27.4, Ylogo + 18.3,
            Xlogo + 17, Ylogo + 15.8    ,
            Xlogo + 24.3, Ylogo + 23.6,
            Xlogo + 14, Ylogo + 20.5,
            Xlogo +  3.7, Ylogo + 23.6,
            Xlogo + 11, Ylogo + 15.8   ,
            Xlogo + 0.6, Ylogo + 18.3,
            Xlogo + 8 ,  Ylogo +11.5

GfxSetBkColor( colorYellow ) ;

Title = "Bless You";

// <- End Here.

--------------------------------------- SEASON GREETING ---------------------------------------
Wishing all to achieve greater accomplishment in health, wealth and happiness in this NEW YEAR!

See…  There is nothing blocking the future!
And, the drawing is not in scale,
meaning that  the future could
be the next moment. J

Personal Finance (7): Realistically, What’s the Yield Rate for Top Traders?

For many beginners  who come to invest/trade in the stock market, they don’t have a realistic idea of how many percent they might gain over a year.  For years, from the trader library and forums, I figured out that the top number was around 28-35%/year.  And, recently, I discovered that these numbers are way too low for benchmarking at all…  and, that could set an invisible barrier of limit in traders mind.

1) Breaking Through from the Limiting Beliefs:

Here is just a short story of how imaginary barrier can limit people performance and may spark some inspiration in the mind…

* The 4 minutes Barrier
Just like once people thought that the world was flat.  Before 6 May 1954, athletes had never able to run a mile under 4 minutes, and some “experts” at the time even commented that it was physically impossible for a human to do so, or the heart would explode under the pressure to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

Roger Bannister was medical students at that time, not even a professional runner, believed it could be done.  He prepared himself with training and he became the first person to ever run a sub four-minute mile (3min 59.6sec) on 6 May 1954.

More interestingly, 56 days after Roger Bannisters breakthrough, John Landy ran the four minute mile in 3 minutes and 57.9 seconds in Finland. Later Bannister and Landy raced in the Mile of the Century where Bannister won in 3 minutes and 58.8 seconds.

As for today, it is no more any surprise for high school athletes to run a mile under 4 minutes, for that mental barrier had been gone.

ONLY after a person breakthrough from his own limiting beliefs, he can then sail into uncharted waters and has experiences he never had before.

2)      Setting the Right Benchmark or Higher

Recently, I have come to know of an old trader who wrote and trade his own system for 30 years and only work for himself.  He does not sell his system or even signals for trade.

On the other hand, he joins some forums and professional groups to share some valueable views and ideas…  He also presents his research paper freely for others who may interest to read.

For those who may get the ideas from his paper would know that his system is for REAL, and not fantasy.

If you are interested to get into the financial market some day, say in the future.  Then it is strongly recommended that, take a look at his website… His papers and his simulation results.

These are some of the back test results with over 100% return a year:->
On Turtle system:

(with permission to post as reference)

ONLY when there is a good Benchmark, then one can know what kind of aim he should set…

OF COURSE, the market cannot give profits from air, when more and more people are aware and able to use such strategies and tactics, the profits would drop according to number of participants are able to develop such systems.  

Many “Conventional Wisdoms”, such as ship must be built by wood in order to be able to float, no machine can fly, and later believe that plane cannot break the sound speed barrier, etc…  are now proven to be wrong ideas that limiting people imagination...

"One person with a belief is greater than a force
of ninety-nine who have only interests."

Games that People Play(2):- Work Behind the Scenes

The world economy and major events that are happening all around the world seems like following the plot of the story in the book - Atlas Shrugged - in the final section.

There are many people complain about their current president can not fix the economy problem effectively.  Some could look further blame previous term presidents that their economy policies are not sound.

Actually, the seeds of trouble for today economy were planted decades ago while Alan Greenspan was at his position as Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006!  And now, all the troubles have grown to their mature state.

 If you were to search in the web: "Who is Alan Greenspan mentor?"  You can find that his mentor was the author of the book "Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand, and they have a small circle of mastermind.

If you were to dig further and see who's was backing up Ayn Rand -->

Of course, many people would simply say that this is yet another conspiracy theory...

So, I believe that the best way to keep a secret is to put it up onto the web, as people don't believe any secret can be found in the web.

The following pictures are self-explanatory:

It is Strongly Recommend that you watch the video clip (only 24 seconds) on what 
Alan Greenspan has to say.
You may not believe what he say without watching it!!!
If you have trouble to see the video from this blog, click on this -> link  <-

But, history has proven, it is not necessary that their plan would succeed as human being are most creative under huge pressure in critical time.

 What Matters Most is How You See Yourself, and not
limiting your own beliefs due to circumstances.

Bless All

Project Atlas Shrugged!? (2): THE EURO ZONE

I have a German friend told me that there is absolutely no reason for them, German, to retire at 65 while the Greece to retire at 57 yet need their financial help...

Looking at the current situation, people would wonder how to keep all the countries in Euro Zone to work together... For they have their very own and broad range of cultures, social benefits, productivities, etc.

Attached is a link to an article on the cause, current situation and potential effect that may hit the world.

1.  It Starts With The Euro ...
In 1999, most countries in the European Union adopted the euro as a common currency.  This union allowed poorer countries like Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Greece to borrow money at the same low interest rates as rich and financially prudent Germany, even though their inflation rates were higher.  That give them a strong incentive to borrow.
See from the excerpt...  How could one lend more money to those companies that are continuously losing money with no particular plan to do better, and just hope that they can perform better and return the money in the future?

With the computer aided simulation, one can simulate to send a rocket into the space and turn a few rounds about the earth and bring it back before the real one is actually launching.  As, all these financial data has been there all the while and more importantly the trend was there, yet the politicians need to wait till last minutes to inform the public with no plan in advance.  What's going on wrong?  

Therefore, there is reason to "re-think" about the whole thing...
What was the Real INTENTION to create EURO?
Was the Euro Zone create to last or Intentionally created it to Fail?

Now, if one were to compare the current Euro Situation with the story line in the Book "Atlas Shrugged"... He can find similar situations...

In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the heavens.  You may have seen some of his pictures - who holds the world on his shoulders.  By the name of the book, "Atlas Shrugged", Atlas wondered why should he support the world by himself all along...  and he just let go and shrugged.

In the book, there were a few genius, lead by John Galt, believed that the system that they lived-in was not set up right and wanted to change the world.  They secretly persuaded the world's creative leaders, including inventors, artists and businessmen on by one to quit and disappear from their position and join him. They organized the team in an effort to "stop the motor of the world" and bring the society to collapse - so that they can carry out their plan.

They did not just sit aside, just shrug and watch, rather they planned in every detail and executed their plans religiously to speed up the collapse of the system.  So, that when the government cannot handle the chaos, they eventually have the opportunity to step up as heros to execute their blue print in mind.

On one of the tactics in speeding up the process, by Francisco d'Anconia, one of the central characters, was to create good investment opportunity to bring in huge funds from the society and then destroyed it on purpose.  At about the end of the story, he personally destroyed the world's largest copper mining empire that he owned by inheritance.

Doesn't it looks like what is happening to the global financial system now?

"Give me control of a nation's money and 
I care not who makes it's laws" 
- Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild


-------------------------  Add on @ 1 Aug 2012  --------------------------

What is the implication of the "Fall of EU"?
Here is an excellent interview: start from 8:00min.
The political and economical crisis of the EU might help a new European Hitler to emerge, warns historian Geoffrey Roberts. He believes the current rise of ultra-nationalism in Europe resembles that one of 1930s as history tends to repeat itself.
YouTube Link : <- (If there is a problem watching it here)

Project Freedom(1): Awareness of The Current Reality

"我翻开历史一查,这历史没有年代,歪歪斜斜的每页上都写着"仁义道德"几个字。我横竖睡不着,仔细看了半夜,才从字缝里看出字来,满本都写着两个字是‘吃人'!"- 鲁迅的开山小说《狂人日记》

The above Chinese message is briefly translated as:
"I flipped through the history book and checked, this history covered  all ages.  In every pages, with the slanted words, it repeatedly written with the same phrases "humanity, justice and Integrity".  I could not go into sleep in all positions, and carefully examined it for the whole night, and finally I realized the insight through reading in between the lines, the whole book is filled with two words - 'EAT PEOPLE!' " - Lu Xun (September 25, 1881 – October 19, 1936), "A Madman's Diary"

"THE FEAR OF POVERTY! It requires courage to tell the truth about the history of this enemy of mankind, and still greater courage to hear the truth after it has been told. The Fear of Poverty grows out of man's habit of preying upon his fellow men, economically. The animals which have instinct, but no power to THINK, prey upon one another physically. Man, with his superior sense of intuition, and his more powerful weapon of THOUGHT, does not eat his fellow man bodily; he gets more pleasure from eating him FINANCIALLY." - Napoleon Hill,(October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970), The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

Above are short excerpts from two great writers,  one from the East and the other from the west.  Interestingly and accurately, they pointed out the same thing that had repeatedly happened in our civilized human history, that is - "Eat People."  And, this phenomenon has even become more frequent, bigger scales, and obvious globally nowadays. -- In this, I AM referring to some manipulators are wiping out public investment and saving through more economy crisis and hyper-inflation!

There are more illustrations of how the current system works in the following Link.
 -> What's Preventing Most People From Financial Freedom. <-

As the saying goes...
"The person who does not realize that he is in 
a jail will never think of getting out."  

So, awareness is empowering.  On the other hand, awareness without action is worthless too.

-> Home <-

Personal Finance (6) - In Devastation, There Is Opportunity.

Attached are two video clips on "Traders' Mentality" and a news article describe how the Wall Street is functioning and would surely affect your bank account sooner or later.

1) The first one is a clip from the Documentary -"The Corporation." It shows how a typical trader think - Emotionless is the key.

"Traders' Mentality"

2) The second one is a clip from a recent interview in BBC News.
This guy is really telling the Truth of the Truth, proudly and confidently, on what happening in the market .
Key Messages:
i > The ONLY OBJECTIVE is Making Money.
ii> Money Rule the World, not Your Government.

Of course, these traders do not create the devastation, they just grasp the opportunity and add more trouble to it.

But do you think that some would actually go to the extend to CREATE this kind of Opportunity? You bet! And, it is getting more and often.

3) Mathematicians and their trading programs are increasingly taking the place of professional investors in financial centres across the world! (<- click the link for full article)

So, when the next financial crisis come, probably the Wall Street can blame it on the computer system rather than any human being...

In my opinion, there are two ways to avoid "Risks".
One is to totally avoid it. Such as for those who cannot swim, they can avoid the pool, etc.
Another is to learn and master it.

Since the financial matter affect everyone in this "Civilized World ?!?!?", and we are in it... Avoiding is not an option.

Of course, some people choose an alternative way...
Such as PROTESTING - "Occupy the Wall Street" is an example.

Surely, this movement would definitely help to raise awareness of the public in understand how corrupted the current financial market is and bring across the message to the authority - "Enough Is Enough!" Or, it may even eventually able to force the system to sacrifice a few scapegoats. But, not likely to change how the system works, for money and authority have been working hand in hand for centuries.

Therefore, instead of hoping everything is fine,
it is good to learn about it as early as possible and take the advantage of the existing system. For I do not see any ethical conflict as an individual to protect himself from being hurt.

Let me explain...
As you must have heard of this kind of message every time when you are taking a plane... "If there is a turbulence and have difficulty to breath, the oxygen mask will automatically drop in front of you. Make Sure that you Put On Your Own Mask FIRST before you taking care of..."

So, the same and simple logic go with the case when there is a devastation happening in the system. For:
1) If those people do not protect themselves, they would also be in trouble and totally forget about the possibility to help others.
2) If you do not take the advantage, the creator of the events will take all of it anyway.

And, it is my simple thinking that... if most public know how to take this kind of advantage all together, then there will be No Incentive for the manipulators to continue in creating these troubles.

"A Trap is Not a Trap if you know it, it is an Opportunity."
- unknown trader

Charts Deleted on 2016-04-11

Bless you
KH Tang
Wealth Resonance Pte Ltd

Personal Finance (5) : Cut Lost

In the year 208 AD, during the era of civil war and the process of forming up the Three Kingdom
Prime Minister Cao Cao after conquered the Northern China wanted to conquer the Southern China. Two leaders, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, arised against Cao Cao's tyranny. Cao Cao brought 240,000 soldiers to fight the battle against the ally of Liu Bei and Sun Quan, which had only 50,000 soldiers.
For Cao Cao’s army to attack the enemy, they must sail across a river. Since most of the soldiers from the north was unused to battling on the ships and having seasick, they set up the camps next to the river bank and doing their training.
The ally strategist, Zhou Yu, thought of a way to exploit this weakness of Cao Cao’s army. Zhou Yu idea was to attack the Cao Cao’s battle ships by fire. But, he also knew that it was impossible to burn up most of the ships as they can sail away easily.
How did Zhou Yu prevent Cao Cao from CUTTING LOST during the fire attack??
He sent spy to suggest to Cao Cao that he should get all the battle ships to be chained together by heavy metal-chain in order to reduce the fluctuation of the ships, and then his soldiers can speed up the training without having seasick. Cao Cao happily accepted that suggestion and implemented accordingly…
And, that fire burned up most of the Cao Cao’s army during the battle. Though Cao Cao managed to escape back to the north, he never able to gain back the strength advantage over his two opponents for the rest of his life...

Case 2: A Typical Mutual Fund

"Click on the chart to Zoom-In"

Sometime ago, I saw a Professor of Economics on TV commenting on stock market matters... He said that even the best fund manager, such as Warren Buffett, had lost more than 50% of his fund value (Berkshire Hathaway) during the last economy crisis from 2008 to 2009. So, as a individual investor, if you lose lot of money in the market, that's normal and don't blame yourself....

So. What do you think about his comment?

I would say that this professor had not done his home work properly, and thus comparing an Apple to an Orange!

Let me explain...

The Mutual Fund Mangers, by law, are supposed to be fully invested with the fund under their management. They can "Rotate" their fund among various sectors, but are not allow to hold cash over a period of time.

Therefore, by law, they cannot CUT LOSS even if they know the market will continue to fall for a period of time. This law is necessary for the stability of the market... Imagine that if all big fund managers are pulling out their investment due to economy crisis, no one can know how deep the market can go.

So, one must realize that the main goal of a fund manager is aiming at beat the market, and not to make money for the clients. They make money by charging the clients for managing their money, not by how much they generate the profit from the fund.

BUT, on the other hand, as a individual investor/trader. There is NO LAW restricting you from cutting lost or even going short. Thus, I say that many commentators appear on the TV do not know what are they talking about.

These tell us that... It is not that the bigger organization can always eat the smaller, it is the faster can eat the slower.

Having looked at the the effect of not being able to cut lost timely, now let us look at the importance cutting lost decisively while it is still small:

1) It is much easier to gain back the lost while it is cut at small percentage.
The following table show a Recovery/Loss Ratio. When the lost is cut less than 10%, it can be recover with about the same amount of gain in percentage. BUT, if one were to let the lost grow bigger, say 50%... then he need to gain 100% just to recover... With even bigger lost, the chances to recover are getting smaller!

"An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it." - Orlando A Battista

2) Allow Yourself to Participate ONLY on the Up Trend Market.
The following show the S&P500 returns and it normal distribution over the year of 1926 - 2008. This is the kind of chart you can find in any Quantitative Analysis books on the stock market that shows the probability of win and loss in buying a stock over a period of time.

click on the chart to zoom-in
Now, imagine with your mind that if you were to chop off a big portion of the left-hand-side of the distribution chart through the technique of CUT LOSS (as show in the following diagram), you can literally allow yourself ONLY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE UPTEND MARKET!!! (Of course, for those who are shorting, chop off the right portion of the chart.)

Last but not least, in order to be able to use the technique, especially for the beginner. It is best to use market index tracking ETFs (exchange-traded-fund) as the vehicles. As they generally do not gap up or down in high percentage that one has to miss the targeted cut lost point far away...
"There is only one side to the stock market;... not the bull side or
the bear side, but the right side. It took me longer to get that
general principle fixed firmly in my mind than it did most
of the more technical phases of the game of stock
market speculation."

Personal Finance (4) : Asset Allocation

The movie, INCEPTION, besides it was extremely entertaining, reflected back to me a very profound message -> "What ever seed(idea) that is planted into the subconscious mind, given time, it will sprout!" Therefore, the show ended after the seed was planted onto the target, by knowing that it will be carried out in reality later on.

So, what does it got to do with this article on Asset Allocation?!?!

Well, after staying in the market for many years, only until recently, I suddenly realized that someone had first seeded the idea of Asset Allocation in my mind, which then lead me to have the burning desire to know how the stock market works.

Here is the story...

About 9 years ago, a former boss called me up and said that she had just attended an excellent 2-day seminar on "Personal Financial Success" which could lead to early retirement... And, she wanted to share with friends because she thought that could be helpful. Indeed, that was so helpful that it rocked my comforting chair in the corporation into pieces!

And, here is the Outline of the concept of personal financial Asset Allocation:-
Asset Allocation can be defined as the process of evaluating and choosing among the possible asset class for investment. So, that it can generate Passive Income.

Recently I came across an survey that most US citizen has about USD25k of net worth when they reach their retirement age. That's less than one year of their salary! Not even the professional trader can live with this small capital account...

So, in order to have adequate saving, for the working class, one must first break the "Parkinson's 2nd Law: Expenses always rises to meet income". If one don't break this law, no matter how much he made over the years with increments and promotions, he would not have much excess money for investment, and lucky if he don't have debt with his credit card.

Now, let say that one has the discipline to save portion of the money from his paycheck monthly, soon he will need to learn to manage the money for compound profits or the inflation will devalue them.

The core concept of the Asset Allocation is to divide the money into three portions. Imagine that you have three buckets, and you label them as "Security Bucket", "Buy and Hold Bucket" & "Speculative Bucket". Then allocate the money into there different buckets like planting seeds and letting them grow.

I) Risk Management
The purpose of separating them into three portions is to diversity the risk. One VERY IMPORTANT concept is that these three buckets MUST BE COMPLETELY ISOLATED. Meaning that, if one portion of investment incur losses, one must not use money from the bucket to fill it up again... Until one do his home work to find out what's wrong with the investment strategies...

Otherwise, it might just repeat the tragedy of the "Unsinkable Titanic"... The Titanic sank because of the partitions to isolate the sections of the ship was not high enough. So that the water can flow through the partition from the front section to the back after it hit the iceberg head on.

II) Allocation
And, as for the percentage of allocation of the asset... many text books and financial advisors from banks would recommend you to be more aggressive when you are younger (under 45), then become more conservative when getting older (over 60).

The following is a typical diagram can easily be found from the web... (Will comment on this later on.)

III) Rebalance
These bucket will need to be periodically revisited, preferably 6 months, and adjusted as needs and financial worth change.


Comment: The above is yet another text book/class room theory for the beginner who did not spend time thinking of asset allocation before... In practical, one will then realize that there are flaws in the theory.

For examples:
1) Why recommend younger people to take higher risk in the market?!
It reasons that if the younger investor fail, then he can has more time to start all over again... That's completely nonsense!

Especially for beginner, it doesn't matter one is a CEO of a high-tech firm or a worker in the workshop... The experiences in his other careers and success don't count when it come to the stock market. All should start with "Very Conservative" in mind.

So, it should not be grouped by ages (as what the investment firms advise)! Rather, it should be grouped by professionalism! And, professionalism means adequate amount of learning, practicing and improving. And that got to do with personal time allocation. :-)

2) Why Buy and Hold for six month period?
Unlike fund manager, in the bear market, they can choose to rotate the fund among different sectors, but there are law to prevent them from cashing all out. Otherwise the market will fall to some point beyond imagination. But, as individual investor, you are free to do so!

"Every challenge we face can be solved by a dream."
- Dr. David Schwartz

----- Added on 21-Aug-2014  on Asset Allocation of Retirement Fund By Different Countries ------

------------------------ Excerpt  from the Link  ---------------------------------
What, however, is known is that in a country like Germany between 2005 and 2012 the Pension funds asset rotation out of stocks and into bonds has been truly unprecedented, with stocks plummeting from 30%+ of total exposure to less than 5%! 
------------------------ End of Excerpt  ---------------------------------

Well, the article above link shows that some European Countries are more conservative and avoid the market - almost completely - is NOT NECESSARY the right thing to do....
The Right Thing to DO is to learn about it and rotate the money In-and-Out of different Markets/Sectors...
Putting in Bond is to accept depreciation through Inflation.
For Example, from 2010 till now (2014 Aug) - many markets already double... Of Course, it would CRASH anytime.  The right rule for this game is to rotate the asset from stock to bond when it starts to happen.  Avoiding the Risk is another kind of RISK!!!

Evolve and In Sync With Business Demand


Zhuangzi once told a story:" A man, PengMan Zhu, wanted to learn the skill of killing dragon from a master, LiYi Zhi. He spent a great fortune for learning the skill. Three years later, he mastered the skill. But, he got no where to apply what he had learnt. (or in today's term, he cannot find a job.)"

The moral of the story is that one must lean a skill that can be applied in this reality world.


Well, let's see how this story, when combine with the following story, may help one to look at thing in a different perspective in this modern society, which may help to rock one out of her comfort zone or develop a sense of urgency in change.

Looking back in our history, the main business of all the developed countries had gone through the phases of shifting from farming/fishing to industrialization(factories), then from industrialization to information age and eventually become financial centers.

The paces of the shift were happened at different rate in different countries/regions of the world. In general, it happened faster in the more developed countries...

Let's take a look at a real life example of such rapid change of my lovely country, Singapore, in the past 4 decades...

1.) Since the late 60's Merlion was the key symbol representing Singapore. Its name combines "mer" meaning sea and "lion". The fish body comes from Singapore's ancient name back when it was a fishing village.


2.) Then in the 70's, Singapore attracted more and more foreign investors from the west to set up factories, and getting more and more industrialized. Changi Aiport Tower became another important symbol to represent that milestone.

Changi Airport Tower

3.) On the same time, Singapore had also developed many theme parks, such as the famous Singapore Zoo, Bird park, and the representative one is Sentosa, for tourism.


4.) Then Singapore evolved into a Financial Center with Shenton Way Buildings as a Logo.

Shenton Way

5.) Now, Singapore has its new logo -- Sands Singapore -- a world class glamorous Integrated Resort.

Sands Singapore
Anyway, this is just to show the change in trend.
Needless to say in detail, there is really nothing to be proud of to have Casinos in the country... Though this will bring in progress in GDP, it would also bring along decay in other intangible aspects!
See... I once read about an interview with a VP of a Casino in Las Vegas, he described that his job is very challenging ->"On one hand, it is our business to suck up maximum profit from our customers; on the other hand, it is our job to keep most of them happy."

6.) What's next in the next decade?!

7.)  In what Stage of the Industry Life-cycle for the job that you are holding onto now?
      It may be a tough question to answer...  And, if one does not feel that kind of excitement he used to have when he newly join the industry, the answer is clear and need to say no more.


With the above example, it shows that most skills that one can learn from the University would likely to be obsolete and out-of-synch with the market demand in about 10 years time. While a typical person working life span is about 40 years nowadays (say, 25 to 65).

Take for example, when the manufacturing plants move out to other countries, an engineering manager may choose to move together with the plant for start up... However, if he did not manage to learn some new skill, while he is working full time on the current job, he would need to follow the plant whenever and wherever it goes... and provided the plant is still exist and need him...

For this reason, just an opinion, self-initiated continuous learning of new things is suggested. :-)

"Without continual growth and progress, such words
as improvement, achievement, and success
have no meaning."
- Benjamin Franklin

Relevant Articles:
Project Freedom

The Pyramid of Harmonic Wealth

Click on the picture to zoom in...

Above is a template that can be use to plan for personal goals and success. I first found the similar template, a few years ago, from a book (Fulfill Your Dream With A Diary) "" by a successful Japanese businessman/ entrepreneur/ author - 熊谷正寿. And, it been very helpful to organize personal plans in a balanced and harmonic way. Such as, it can help one to focus on the ultimate goals rather than distract by the day-to-day activities. That is to focus on business rather than busy-ness.

Recently, while sharing the template with a friend, Clara Szalai, she immediately pointed out that something is missing... and inspired me to put in a very Key and Important factor that most of us had been taken for granted while pursuing personal goals --> that is the Factor of Environmental. Very true, we must intentionally preserve the environment while in the process of building individual wealth, that's the way for long term sustainability. Thanks, Clara.

Having acknowledged the sources, now let's discuss on the philosophy, in brief, of the template and how it may be useful for individual.

As shown in the diagram above, there are stages in building the Personal Pyramid of Harmonic Wealth.

The Fundamental Stage consist of the building block of "Intellectual","Physical", and "Spiritual".
The Real-life Stage consist of the building block of "Personal" and "Social".
The building block of Result Stage is "Financial".
Now, think about it, where should this Whole Pyramid got to build onto? On the solid foundation on of mother earth... and that's why the "Environmental" got to be added - which is usually too conveniently forgotten.

In order to build a solid and stable pyramid, one should start work from the lower level. That is the Fundamental Stage. This take personal time and effort, such as learning and research of specialized knowledge, exercise, meditation, etc...

Follow by creating a harmony personal life and using his knowledge to contribute to the society. Then the Financial Wealth would follow automatically when one can bring value to the market place.

Take for example, there are countless examples of how some individual suddenly gain huge amount of money, but just not able to keep it and get back into poverty within short time. This is mainly that they do not have a solid foundation to hold on to the temporary financial wealth.

As for the environment factor....
It deserves everyone to put more attention to it, especially nowadays. Mainly because people did not pay much attention to it while on the way to build their own wealth.
Simple act such as bring along a bottle of water along when getting out rather than buying bottled-water which creates one rubbish bottle, etc...

Come across an amusing news:
A recent survey posted by US Private Banks surveyed individuals with a net worth of US$38 million or more. Of those surveyed, 65% stated that they felt "financially insecure."
So, apparently financial security should not be measured purely by the number of dollar alone...
Most likely their foundation for they pyramid got some problems to sustain the dollars that they had accumulated...
And, may be this could fix:

-> Downloadable Template and Planner <-

So, the state of being Financially Secure is not how much money
one had already been accumulated in the past, rather it is the
confidence in her own ability to earn enough now/future,
and to grow whatever she has at a rate faster
than inflation in the future.

Bless You
KH Tang

Using "The Power of Consciousness" to Heal Gaia (Mother Earth)

The following blog entry shows a similar idea from two Great Men, Napoleon Hill and Bruce Lipton, in leading the way for building a better world using consciousness...

1. Napoleon Hill's Golden Rule

More than half a century ago, in his book Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules, after learning from a scientist on how the human cells function in the body, he wrote about his imagination on how the entire human race is working interactively like the cells in a human body.

8<-------------------------------------------excerpt -----------------------------------------

I saw, in my imagination, the entire human race, every living human being on earth, all gathered in one spot and standing in such a position as to form the perfect outline of a human being. At a distance, this seething mass of humanity would resemble one enormous human being. I could see health and success and prosperity for the whole mass as long as there was no discord or misunderstanding between the individuals who constituted the whole. I could see some of the human beings plowing the ground while others were sowing seed and getting ready to produce food. I could see some of the individuals of that enormous gathering working on clothing. I would see still others entertaining the mass with music and causing each individual to be happy and contented.

Perfect harmony prevailed in this imaginary picture. Every individual had plenty to eat and plenty to wear. All were happy and contented. Sorrow and grief were not to be found.

Then, with sudden switch of the imagination, I saw the picture from another angle, an angle which is comparable to the story of the human cells of which the scientist had been telling me. Away down toward the bottom of this great mass of human beings, at a point which would correspond to one of the imaginary giant’s feet, I saw two tiny little human beings get into an argument. They came to blows. Other human beings began to rush up and join in the argument. Pretty soon, one of the entire feet of the imaginary giant had discontinued its regular business, and the ‘‘human cells’’ of which the foot was composed were fighting among themselves. They no longer cooperated. They no longer functioned normally. Pretty soon, the entire body began to feel the loss of one of its feet. It was crippled. It tried to walk but could not move. Other parts of the body commenced to suffer. The body, as a whole, commenced to suffer with hunger because the loss of its foot prevented it from producing food.

Slowly, that enormous body began to wither and go into decay. I could not help comparing it to the individual human body which withers, goes into decay, and finally into death when any group of cells ceases to carry on its normal work.

There is a remedy which is often applied with successful results when the individual cells of the human body begin to ‘‘lie down on the job,’’ and that remedy is to re-establish harmony and cooperation among the cells to the end that they will again function normally.

That same remedy is the one, and probably the only one, which will save the human race and bring it back to normal, healthy, constructive living once more. The same principle which causes the tiny human body cells to function and cooperate in peace and harmony while the individual enjoys a healthy, happy human body applies with equal precision to the entire human race.

8<-------------------------end of excerpt ------------------------------

2. Bruce Lipton's "Spontaneous Evolution"

Video Link to You Tube:<-

And now, Bruce Lipton, a modern internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, has further illustrated the same idea with scientific data and examples in great extend!

In this 50 minutes video clip, it covers many topics which will propel individual onto the path of better consciousness, such as the difference between Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind, the effect of circumstance on people, how this world became a dog-eat-dog world, and what's the solution to co-create a better world in the very very near future (as the current world system cannot sustain this rate of exponential decay.)

必须躬自入局, 挺膺负责 乃有成事之可翼。"

"For whatever matter it may be, simply by complaining or shouting
outside the scene yet not participating in it will never help.
One must do his part in co-creating the event,
then it can be successful."
- GuoFan,Zeng (A Minister in Qing Dynasty)