Self Development Idea (30): Session 11: The key to individual freedom (8th July 1972) by Lester Levenson

Session 11: The key to individual freedom (8th July 1972)

What we're all looking for, and what we call happiness, I think it's much better stated it as wanting freedom.  Freedom from everything, and more so freedom in everything.  It's not freedom from the world, it's freedom in the world.  Freedom to do or not to do on anything and everything. 

But this freedom we're looking for is so much other than what we think it is.  That very few of us really go all out for it.  This freedom which is total, that we're looking for is not in a confined state of being a physical body.  It is the state of pure and only being.  It's the ‘I-ness’ of us, the ‘is-ness’ of us, the ‘am-ness’ of us.  But, it is not I am something — I am a body.  But just the “am-ness”, and that alone. 

When we see that, then we see and know that we are infinite beings.  And that we superimposed upon this unlimited being that we are, mental concepts which we call thoughts, — that “I am this body, my name is such-and-such.  And these names and forms everywhere, and that is the real.” 

We concocted this whole universe and have forgotten that we have done it.  And we say “it is real, and it is separate from me.”  And that all it really is, — is a picture in our mind.  The only place where you will see this world is in your mind.  Put your mind into sleep and there is no more world.  Don't wake up from the sleep that has never a world again.  But you are.

So, on this infinite being or infinite beingness that we are, we superimpose the thing called mind, which is nothing but the total collection of our thoughts.  And every thought is a limitation.  Examine it, see for yourself — every thought must be limited.  And so by now, we have millions, if not billions, of thoughts of limitation, that we accept as being real.

So, what we have to do is undo the thoughts, undo the mind, go into that realm just behind the mind — which is beingness, which is infinite. 

Everyone, all life, is seeking to return to that state of just pure beingness.  And that is a state in which we have this ultimate state of deep very profound peace.  It's a delicious, imperturbable peace, which is nicer than anything else ever. 

Alright, so how?  How do we get to this state, this ultimate state of freedom? 
The most practical method that I can see that you people everyone here could use, that is very effective and that will get you freedom this lifetime, and could do it in a matter of months,  is not ridding yourself of thoughts, of which there are billions.  But of ridding yourself of the things that the thought culminate in — these millions and billions of thoughts from the past culminate in tendencies, little tendencies, of which there's probably hundreds of them, and if you drop one tendency you're dropping millions of thoughts.

Your tendencies, you can see their role is there — tendency to get angry, tendency to react, and tendency to want this — you know they're sitting on top all the time, you can see them.  And the thing you need to do is to drop it, as you see it.

Now the dropping is easy when you do it.  It takes less than less than one second to drop a tendency, with millions of thoughts underneath it.  Most of you here have done it.  You know when you do it, it's easy.  And if you don't, it feel that it's impossible, you struggle with it, year in and year out.  You drop it, takes less than a second.

So what's required is to develop this method of dropping these little tendencies that come up, when they come up, not in the future, not to go home with it and work on it.  But to drop it when it comes up.  If you'll do this, you'll be doing it all the time.  They'll take your months, and you'll be totally free.  It got to be done wherever you are, whether you're working or not working.  

Every time you meet people these tendencies come up.  You can react to them and get into that emotional play up and back, or you can look at it and drop it.  You get into that emotional reactive-play with people, then you get deeper and deeper into it.  You drop it as it comes up, and you you're free of it. 

But the important thing is every day, no matter what we're in, we have this opportunity to drop these tendencies.  Drop one tendency and you're dropping millions of thoughts from the past!  This is something everyone here can do.

Alright now, I'll give you a faster way.  You don't want to take months, you want to do in weeks.  These tendencies, all culminate into what we call emotions.  There's only about eight basic emotions.  [Namely: Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger, Pride, Courageousness and Acceptance.]  When your emotions come up, if you'll will them out, drop them with determination, say “I am through with this, dumb.” 

Under each emotion are these hundreds of tendencies.  So if you drop the emotion, you drop the tendencies and all the millions and billions of thoughts underneath them.

Okay all right now, it's weeks is too long?   [Here is an even faster way — ]  All the emotions come out of one thing only and that is desire.  If you would drop desire, you'd be totally free.  All the emotions would be gone.  All the tendencies and all the thoughts underneath it.  What remains over after the mind is let go of, is the infinite being that you are, here and now.  You will have removed the total covering over this infinite being that you are.

A way to use desire, that would be easier, I think is to use attachments and aversions.  When we desire something to hold onto that's an attachment.  When we desire something that we want to hold away from us that's an aversion.  So all attachments and all aversions are desires.  We desire it to us or away from us. 

Now it's really possible for anyone to drop desire, lock stock and barrel, of he or she so determines.  The only thing that prevents us from doing that is first ‘not wanting to’, and second ‘saying: I can't’.  Those two things will prevent us not wanting to and believing that you can. 

And the reason why you can do it, is because infinite power is available to every one of you, if you'll use it.  And it comes out in the form of determination.  Full determination will do anything.

I know you're not going to knock desire out in one-day, most of you won't knock out the emotions.  You'll try, but every one of you can knock out the tendencies.  The little tendency that come up.  And if you'll do it, and make a habit of it, it'll only take months, the most a few years to become totally free. 

But it must be a daily thing.  It can't say, “Oh, I have this tendency, I'll work on it tomorrow, or next week, or next month.”  No!  You got to do it right there and then, because it only takes less than a second.  And then the next second, you can take another one, and the next second another one.  So, instead of doing it once every two or three months, you can get a whole year's work accomplished in four seconds, instead of a year.

So, I'm emphasizing the value of getting into doing it every day, then you do it as it happens.  And then you're doing in one month, what the average person does in many lifetimes.  And you're doing it in a way, in which you can get your freedom very very soon.  It should be months, but you could do it in a few years, if you’re slow.  I mean this — do it in months!

How do I know that?  Just like me, who know nothing about the path, I didn't have what I'm talking about.  Had I known the direction, that would not have been more than one month.  Because that's when it really happened with the last month.  I know it can be done, and all you need is you and the desire for it - the determination.

Now, the path is easy, it is not difficult.  If you think it's difficult, it's because you're looking in the opposite direction, and saying it can't be done.  And that's why I'm emphasizing — it's easy or impossible.  And that's just the way it is.  Either easy or impossible.  If you do it, it's easy.  If you don't, it's impossible.  And I've been emphasizing working on tendencies of late and I see everyone can do it.  Everyone!  There isn't anyone who's been working with me who hasn't dropped a tendency.

You can drop one, you can drop two.  You can drop two, you can drop four.  And drop four, you can drop eight.  They're all gone now.  The more you drop, the freer you become, which allows you more power to use in dropping bigger and more difficult tendencies. 

So, just drop something now, drop one thing you'll succeed.  When you drop one, you can drop two.  You drop two, you can drop four, ad infinitum.   But the important thing is to do it every day!  

We should be totally accepting of everything.  If we're not, we are reacting.  So, as a day goes by, we have to accept everything bad bosses, bad people, hot weather, cold weather, good food, bad food.  Total acceptance of this universe is total freedom.  That means accepting it the way it is.  Letting it be the way it is, not wanting to change anything but yourself. 

Total acceptance means you have no desires.  You don't want to be this way, you don't want it to be that way, I guess one of the biggest and easiest things to see is your reaction to people, that's going on all the time.  When you're with people, drop all your reactive behavior and be free. 

Drop ‘one thing’ — you're totally free, drop desire.  Drop ‘eight things’ and you're totally free, drop ‘your eight emotions’.  [Drop AGFLAPCA.]  Number one, accept that you can drop them.  Number two, be determined that you will drop them.  Then you'll find it's easy. 

The real love is being the other one.  You want to understand someone, be that person.  We understand that one if you can experience what they're experiencing.  Identity is the real divine love, being the other person, oneness with the other person.

So the real love is so far from what the world considers as love.  And remember — you are a whole, infinite being, you need no other.  You’re complete, total infinite by yourself.  So long as we think we need another, we are limited. 

So, don't need the other one, be the other one, by recognizing what you are.  You recognize that you are everyone by turning your direction back on yourself, and discovering what you really are.  You discover that you are really every being, and that's the way to it.  They're going to point the direction on how to get there, I can't do it for you, but you can experience it.  I'm sure you've experienced it to a degree in the past.  I know you have.  Then your whole picture of this world changes.   Then you see the perfection. 

When you see it right, you see nothing but beautiful perfection, and that this is the true, true picture.  When we see imperfection, our sight is defective.  In the reality, everything is absolutely perfect.  That's why they say “God is perfect.  God is all.”  And if ‘God is all’ and ‘God is perfect’ that includes us.  If we see an imperfection, our sight is defective, the imperfection is in us, that we see it. 

See the perfection where the ‘seeming imperfection’ seems to be.  The imperfection is a seeming-ness and ‘see me’, don't ‘see me’.  If you see the perfection, you're free.

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Self Development Idea (29): Session 10: Silence , Love and Grace (26 July 1966) by Lester Levenson

Session 10: Silence , Love and Grace (26 July 1966)

I believe that most of us in this room, although every one of us has been with metaphysics, has not heard much about the so-called ‘silent teachings’.  And yet they are the most powerful, the most effective, and the very best of all teachings.  They are the teachings that go on all the time.  In spite of our not accepting them, they're going on just the same.  They are the teachings, that are being projected by all the greatest of masters.   Every great master that in our concept has been, in truth still is, and there's sending out the teachings all the time in silence.

It's not easy to explain the method, but something like this — a master has the infinite power available to him, and he uses it.  A master is able to contact every one of us, four billion people on this planet at the same moment.  If a master wanted to, he could even appear in a physical body to four billion people individually with four billion bodies and talked to each one, and satisfy the need of that one. 

A master is and as one who has no limits.  If he can create one body, he can create four billions.  But he doesn't do it because first he's not being asked, second if he did it he would frightened more people then he would help. 

But with all his infinite power he is projecting the absolute truth to each and every one of us.  He's projecting his conviction that we are just like he is, an unlimited being.  And the only way to experience that limitlessness is in silence.  If there's any sound, if there's any vision, if there's anything other than the single one, we are not experiencing the absolute. 

So, the master projects with his power to each and every one the truth of what we are.  He is at every moment sending that to us.  There is no time when he is not doing that.  The difficulty lies on our side — we have our Selves closed off to it.  We prefer to believe that we are limited bodies with limited Minds, and this is the god-given right that we have.  We have the freedom and the right. 

Being basically the Gods, that we are to choose to be limited.  And we have done it for so long a time that we have convinced ourselves that we are.  So that the noise goes on within us of limitation, it drowns out the highest of these silent teachings that are being sent to us all the time. 

So the way to receive this greatest of all teachings is to get quiet.  When we get quiet, we begin to feel this highest of teachings.  We begin to feel what we call higher, more peaceful, happier, we get a feeling of well-being.  All our problems disappear.  And most of us don't recognize that we are being supported by the great ones every time we move in that direction. 

Once we experienced an assist from a master, we should be convinced of what happened.  Very often we get an assist and we think it's accidental or just something that happened.  The more we recognize the source of it, the more we will receive of the same thing.  There isn't any great master that doesn't do this.  And the more we open ourselves to them, the more they come in, the more they establish us in the knowledge of what we are.

So to sum it up, the greatest of all teachings is the silent teachings.  And the way to them is to get quiet, and receive it, and recognize that you're receiving it. 
One of the practical methods of getting oneself to this place is the method of silence of practicing quietude, of not talking.  Especially on your days off spend an entire day without talking or writing.  Spend an entire week if possible.  So we should try to keep as quiet as we possibly can.  The only conversation we should engage in, is only that which is necessary to maintain the body and also anything pertaining to the path.  If we are not talking about the path or about sustaining the body, [meaning, if we keep talking about something else,] we are expressing our ego.  And each time we express the ego, we make it stronger.  

Keeping quiet does not strengthen the ego, and is therefore an excellent method of growth.  That will eventually lead any one of us to get to the place where we are able to receive the very highest of the teachings the silent teachings.

Human love vs. divine love
Human love is what we think love is.  [Human love is limited and with conditions attached to it, and yet it is that which most people define as love.]

Divine love is a constant, persistent, acceptance of every being in the universe, fully, wholly, totally as the other being is.  And loving them because they are the way they are.  Divine love is allowing the other one to be the way the other one wants to be.  Divine love is seeing everyone equally. 

And I think that is the test of how divine our love is“Is it the same for every person we meet every day?  Is our love for those who are opposing us as strong as our love is for those who are supporting us?”  Divine Love is unconditional and is for everyone alike.
I guess the greatest example of it, is Christ.  Like those teachings of turn-the-other-cheek, love your enemy, and so forth.  If we as a nation were to practice this, we could make every apparent enemy of ours completely impotent, just by Loving them.  They would be powerless to do any harm to us.  But we would have to do it as a nation, at least the great majority of the people would have to do that. 

Divine Love itself is something we can't turn on and turn off.  Either we have it or we don't have it.  And, it's impossible to love one person and hate another.  To the degree that we hate anyone, to that degree we love the others, our love is no greater than our hatred is for any one person. 

What we call love, [human love], is simply need for that person.  If we say I love this person but not the next, we feel that we need this person and therefore we'll be nice to this person.  So we can get what we want, but that's not love.  Human love is selfish, divine Love is completely selfless. 

The methods we use should be the ones that suit us best.  The methods that we like, we are able to gain most from.  Therefore, each one should use that method which he likes best.  All methods will eventually lead to the one method — of self investigation, “Who am I?  What am I?” 

And when that question is fully answered, that is the end of the of the line there's nowhere else to go.  Once we discover who we are, we discover that we are infinite beings, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.

So, the ‘outer teacher’ pushes us toward the ‘inner teacher’, which is nothing but we reviewing our real Self to ourselves, that which we have been seeking over these centuries outwardly in the world, has always been right with us all the time, closer than flesh. 

It's always been the ‘I’ that ‘I am’.  We foolishly have been looking away from it.  The moment we start turning our attention toward it, the moment we start looking inwardly, we begin to discover who and what we are! 

We should continue this until it's full, complete.  And, discovering who we are is the same as discovering that we are not the ego.  We are not that limited being.  Because we have strayed so far from the absolute  Knowledge, it's almost necessary for us to start on the negative side of eliminating the ego, to get enough of it out of the way, so that we can begin to see the self that we are. 

If we work on ego elimination, we should always balance that with getting quiet, worshiping the Masters, dropping into the Self, reading inspirational writings. 

If we work too long or too much on the ego, we get caught up with it It becomes real to us.  It becomes too real, and then instead of letting go of it, we begin to try to sustain it.  So anytime we are working on any method of eliminating the ego, we should always balance it with a positive method of dropping into the Self, into the quietness, into the feelings of bliss, so that we don't validate the ego too much.

The only growth there is — is ego elimination, die until to the little self.  Then the infinite self is there, the infinite self is always there.  There's never a time when you are not a full master — that's perfection, that's eternal, that can never be changed.  But your point of view, your identity with it, you can change.  Because being infinite, you have no limitations, and therefore you can assume limitation.  But it's only an assumption, it's only an apparency, it's not real. 

So, we should die to the little self, the ego, when we eliminate that, this infinite being that we are becomes so obvious.  It's there all the time, just covered over by concepts of limitation, which are only evil concepts.  I say never forget God, always keep in the background of us.  If not the feeling of God, ask the question “Who am I?”  Or always keep in the background — “I am NOT the doer.  It's the body that doing this, I am the witness.” 

Be the witness, and in that way, growth goes on all the time.  No matter what one is doing at work, there is always room to keep our mind on God, to keep our mind on the path, to keep our mind on a particular method.  And this should be done, if we expect to get out of the mess we got ourselves into. 

It requires full time, if we expect to get realization.  Because of what I said before — we have tons and tons and tons of effort put into wrong thinking.  Now that we're in the right direction, it's going to take that much effort to undo it. 

Except, if we recognize that being infinite beings — we do have the willpower.  And we could will instant realization, if we would just do it.  How long does it take an infinite being to know that he is infinite? 

And each one of us being infinite could do it in an instant.  If we would but apply our full willpower.  But our will is not that strong in that direction, our will still says “we are bodies, mind, need this and need that, and want this and want that.”  But that doesn't take away the fact that realization can be instantaneous, the moment we do it.  “I am that I am.” “Thou art that.”

So, the real grace is not external but internal.  The real grace is always there.  You will never ever stop trying to return to this unlimited joy with no sorrow because that is the natural state of the Self. 

And that is the grace operating all the time.  You're always being pushed towards seeking happiness, which is seeking the self.  So the grace is operating every moment.  But if we expect someone other than us to do it for us, it will never happen. 

But I believe it's obvious when you look at masters with people around them.  People around them are not being given instantaneous realization, are they?  Not because the master doesn't want it.  Because we have to do it.  The only thing the teacher does is point the direction that we must take,  and each one must do it for himself or herself.

Now, in a sense it's good to surrender to a master, to God, but what is surrender?  Surrendering is saying “thy will but not my will, not my little ego will, with the overall divine will.”  And, if you surrendered your ego, from that moment on, everything would be perfect.  But most of us who think we are surrendering, are doing it very conditionally, just a little bit at a time, and it must be complete to be effective.  If it's just a little, that's all the benefit we receive is just a little. 

So, divine grace is always operating.  It's the Self of you, wanting you to let go of the ego concepts of limitation.  And it drives you toward the Self in the direction of seeking happiness. 

Someday, you'll see the only joy there is, is of the Self expressing more or less, or shining forth more or less.  We uncover it a bit more, and we feel happier.  So, every time you're seeking happiness that's Grace in operation.  So, the grace is always there, but no one will do it for you.  But you'll because you are that. 

It's necessary to take full responsibility for everything that happens to us, if we want realization.  God himself cannot give us realization.  He could, we would all have it.  The reason why he can't is because we are that God that we are seeking.  It's nothing external to us, this God is right within us.  And since we are that, we are the ones who do it.

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Self Development Idea (28): Session 9: The Effortless Miracle (12 July 1966) by Lester Levenson

Session 9: The Effortless Miracle  (12 July 1966)

To sum up the whole thing, it's very simple“Thou art that.”  And the way to know that is to be still.  Being still is simply stilling of the mind until there are no more thought.  

So, this infinite being that we are, we discovered by just quieting our mind, and when we do that the infinite self shines on its own, and where no thought rises there we find God, our infinite self.  

Well, how do we get to this state?  Most of us have been on the path for some time and we have not attained full realization.  Why? Why aren't we fully realize beings knowing that’s within us, was the infinite power, knowing that we wanted, why aren't we fully realized?  

Again the answer is simple.  In reality we are fully realized here and now.  We are all in the state of Nirvana, Samadhi, ecstasy or whatever word we use for it, looking away from that state, looking away via the mind into thoughts and concepts that we are not in that state.  So, our attention is pointed away from our natural state of full realization.  

We are fully realized here and now, we are simply looking away from it.  What I have been trying to do is to turn our attention, our eye, back toward that state, by giving you methods that can be used every day, all day, no matter what you're doing, these methods could be used.  And they simply point us back in the direction where then we can see who and what we are.  

I believe the first one was, the first method, “As you see the world, so are you.”  By looking at all these things that we don't like or do like about the world, if we will turn our attention inward, we will discover that it's nothing but our own consciousness, that what we see out there is within us. And we can use this to free ourselves from the things out there.

I believe the second one was, ‘Every bit of joy that we feel is nothing but our very own Self, the infinite Self!’  Which we allow [our infinite Self] to express more or less, when we allow to express more, we are happier; when we shroud it, we are less happy.  But every bit of happiness can only be the feeling of our very own Beingness of the Self that we are, that if we trace all happiness to its source we discover just that, and by discovering that we confirm this fact for ourselves that all joy is nothing but our very own Self.  

On the opposite side all misery, all unhappiness has its source in the ego sense.  The ego being the sense of separation from the all, ‘I am an individual separate from the all.’  The moment we do that we don't have the All; we have ‘want’ to get some of that all, we have frustrations and we call that unhappiness. So if we will trace the source of all misery, we will discover that it has its source in ego-desires-frustrated.

Another meeting we had was on ‘Think what you want, think ONLY what you want, and that is all that you will get.’  The mind is only a creator, whatever we hold in mind we create.  If we look into this we discover this to be so.  And when we see it for ourselves then we become masters, and all we do is just hold in mind the things we want, and that is all we get.  We begin to let go of holding negative thoughts in our mind; we begin to let go of receiving negative things.  

But mind is only creative that creates whatever we hold in mind:  When we don't like it we call it negative; when we like it we call it positive.   So, if we would practice thinking only what we want — that is all that we would ever get.  

I think the one that suggests for tonight is related to freedom, liberation, moksha — the very top state of beingness is called liberation.  

What is it we want liberation from?  The thing we want liberation from, is essentially what the world calls, today, the unconscious mind, that the Vedas called Varsha Naz, tendencies, habits.  

So, this freedom that we are seeking is simply freedom from our own thought-habits.  Now, this method can be used very easily by anyone.  It's really a simple method to use, we start by letting go or changing a very simple habits.  

For instance, if we always go to work on a certain street; tomorrow we start going to work on another Street.  Or, if we want to take a deeper habit, we can choose a food that we have been eating that we know we would be better off not eating, and we mentally say, ‘Well, this I let go of as of today.’  And we stop eating that food.  

Breaking that habit is breaking a bondage; breaking that habit is breaking an unconscious thing that's going on, and unconscious enslavement to prior thoughts.  Any habit whatsoever enslaves us!  

A master is free, he determines anything on the moment, in accordance with the circumstances and that he meets at that moment; whereas most of us we determine things by our feelings and things that have happened in the past by our habits.  

So, by beginning to break habits, we begin to break bondages that are unconscious.  I think this is a method that's excellent and can be used every day to free us, and eventually it would carry us all the way to complete realization.  We would become totally free, there would be no more unconscious mind, there would be no more past tendencies, we would be in control.  

As I said this is a relatively easy method because you can start with any habit you choose, you can start with an easy habit.  As you practice it, it becomes more easy to do, then you can go after deeper habits, and deeper habits.  Again I say it's a very simple and practical method I can take us very very far.

Now, a master's body is a body of pure energy.  And we look at it, it looks exactly like our body, but in composition it isn't.  And if a scientist were able to look at it, he would see a far more purified state of energy where the total cells of the body of all in harmony — everything is functioning together very harmoniously.  As our bodies are now, is a tremendous amount of disharmony which is evidenced by sickness, pain, discomfort, heaviness.  

When we have a body of light, a body of purity, we feel no weight in the body.  If we want to move, it moves instantly without effort.  If you lifted your hand up, there'd be no energy, it would feel as though it just floats up on its own.  So there is a physical change that goes on in the body  — it goes from gross matter into pure energy.  

Now, every master has a body of light.  So as not to startle us, so as not to put themselves too far away from us, they don't show us what they can do, but they can instantly be anywhere they want to with that body, or they can instantly make as many bodies just like that one, as they choose.  

But again, I say they don't do it because it puts them too far above us, and we tend to say, “Oh!  That's alright for you, you're a master, you're God but what about us?  Poor mortals.”  

And a master looks at us and sees that we are masters just like he is, just acting as though we are not, and so as not to put a gap between us, a master doesn't show what he can do with that body, but because that body is a body of pure energy, because it's in a state of harmony, he can do anything with that body without effort.

On the other extreme, the more we go away from that state of harmony the more effort the more difficulty we have in moving the body.  The extreme of which is sickness, and so forth and so on.

Student: [Can you illustrate how can a person get sick?  Am I thinking of my body?]

Lester: Yes, we feel sick.  We can only feel that way if we have the thought “I am sick.”  Nothing but nothing manifests in this world without a thought prior to it.  It is impossible to hold on to a sickness without holding on to the thought of that sickness, and the moment you let go of the thought of that sickness, no matter how severe it is, that sickness is gone.  

And I'm sure most of us have gone through situations, where we were really aching and sick, and something came about that took our interest intensely, we forgot about the sickness for a moment and felt fine.  Anytime, anything comes in that's a much more interest than the sickness, we forget it and the sickness is gone.  I believe most of us have had experiences of that sort.

The easiest thing in the universe to do is a miracle and the reason for that is — it is effortless.  It's only when we get to the point where we can be without effort, that miracles happen to us, and because it's effortless — it's the easiest thing to do.  And the only reason why we don't do them now is the strong conviction that we cannot.  

So, what we need to do is to let go of all these concepts of limitation, peel off the covers over this infinite Self that we are.  

Even natives perform these miracles.  It doesn't take a master, it doesn't take the god-like person, to do a miracle.  We know that these natives run over red-hot coals with their bare feet and are not burnt.  There are natives that use telepathy to talk from island to island. There is magic used in a negative way they call it black magic, voodoo, where people are able to kill people mentally, but I should say that no one can do anything to us mentally unless we accept that they can do it to us.  If you can convince me that with a thought you can hurt me and I accept that then you can.  If I don't accept that, there's nothing you can do to me mentally.

Now, the reason why natives who have no understanding of truth can use miracles is that each one of us has our base in God.  Each one of us is the infinite-limitless-being that we are, and therefore anyone can tap that source.  

As we grow towards mastership, we become more and more conscious of this, and then we can use this with far more ease, and to a much better direction.  But, I want to get back to the basic point of the evening — to get this realization, we must peel off the thousands and thousands of layers of negative thoughts that we are not a master.  All these concepts of limitation are now with us, in what we call our subconscious mind.  

The subconscious mind is nothing but all the thoughts we have that we are not looking at right now.  Through necessity for convenience we have set up that mechanism of taking all the thoughts we are not interested in at the moment and pushing them to the background  — which we call the subconscious mind.  But unfortunately, the subconscious mind is active whether we look at it or not, and is effective, and is holding us down even though we know we want to be totally free.  

We are not able to move into it immediately because of the accumulation of all these thoughts.  We have pushed into the background and called the unconscious mind.  Now, the way to undo this, as I said is “Start with one habit — begin breaking that habit Now.”  When you succeed with that one habit, take on another habit.  

You discover that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of habits that we are enslaved to, and that each time we let go of one habit we are a bit freer,  we are one step closer to full freedom.  I like this method of habit breaking because there's nothing mysterious about it, it's simple and it's easy.  

Because ego wise we don't learn to it attack our ego, we don't like to let go of the ego.  But we can always take a habit, take a small habit and begin changing it.  And the moment we do that we are doing away with a bit of ego, and therefore the drive in us for the Self becomes a bit stronger.  

And as we go along with this method, we gain momentum, we gain strength and then we move into what is called tapas, discipline, where we can start not eating when we're hungry; and then eating when we are not hungry.  Not going to sleep and we're tired; and going to sleep when were wide awake.  This is a deeper layer of habit that we can attack.

To use this method and to suffer under it  — is wrong!  If I am a habitual smoker, I say “Well, I'm not going to smoke.”  And it just bothers me no end.  I would be better off smoking than going through a constant trouble and struggle and negativity of thought of wanting and not having it.  It would put me down rather than up.

But, when I start with these small habits of taking a different street, of doing something small, doing away with a small habit, then I find out that I am capable of breaking a habit, and each time I break one habit it's easier to break the next, and then someday I can attack the smoking habit.

I think the one we're on today is the easiest one so far, “Start with one habit — begin breaking that habit Now.”  and is one that everyone can use every day, and if we start today we are starting with definite steps on a road to freedom.

By turning inward, we begin to discover this great being that we are, and then when we discover that and we look outward we see no difference — there is no difference between in and out.  

When we discover the truth, there's no difference between the spiritual and the material.  When we discover the absolute truth, it's all One and the same, there's a total elimination of all differences, the top state is a state of non difference, no differentiation.

But again, I repeat, the prime thing we could do is barely do something toward becoming freer, to our letting go of a bit of ego, “Where the ego rises not, there is the infinite self.”  

Anytime you're in a state where the ego rises not, what there is the infinite-limitless-omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent being that you are.  But, daily, we must begin to let go of this ego.  Daily, we should let go of habits.  Daily, we must become freer and freer, until we get to the point where we see these things — we are this infinite being and then in one lump sum we drop the whole thing.  

At first it's a chipping away, doing away with bit by bit until we get a clear enough sight of who and what we are.  So that we use our will to drop the whole thing of limitation, and from that point on we are eternal free.

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