Self Development Idea (12) - Team and Grow Rich

-----8< ----- Article Cut & Paste from Scientific American MIND, Vol 17 No 3, June/July 2006 -----
Better Than Individuals
When three, four or five people gather to solve a problem, chances are they will succeed beyond the efforts of an equivalent number of individuals working separately, even if those soloists are the brightest available. So conclude researchers at the University of Illinois.

The investigators enrolled 760 of the school’s students to solve complex letter and word problems. Some toiled as individuals while others functioned in groups of two, three, four or fi ve. The groups of three, four and fi ve performed better than any set of individuals.

The dynamic is sensitive, however. Teams of two performed at the same level as two separate people, suggesting that this team size is too small to foster the dynamics that create optimal problem solving. Also interesting is that groups of three, four and five did equally well compared with one another; there was no advantage to adding people beyond a trio.

Study leader Patrick R. Laughlin says that in addition to tackling workplace challenges, problem-solving groups might enhance classroom learning. Further research is needed to determine whether student groups perform better than individuals do in academic settings and, if so, at what ages and tasks.
Mark Fischetti
--------------------------------------------------------------8< ------------------------------------------------------

Although the result of the above research is nothing new for those who had studied the books by Napoleon Hill, I think it is an excellent articles to illustrate the important point of teamwork.

Napoleon Hill called it the "Master Mind Group"- the power beyond science. In short he described that "The Master Mind effort is to get those of like mind, form an alliance with about 5-6 people as optimum number, to work actively in a spirit of perfect harmony towards accomplishing of a definite purpose."

In my view, this concept is now more valuable than any of the historical time. This is because the knowledge that need to achieve success in the modern society has become so complex that not only the depth, but also the breath of subjects are increasing rapidly which fuel by modern technology.

For example, in the past, a farmer, scientist, doctor, teacher, engineer or any person who have a full time job can concentrate in their work and entrust their life-time saving to the fund managers and banks that would be needed for retirement. But, in this dog-eat-dog era, with too many "Bad Apples" in the market, people has to worry about the ethical issues of their brokers/fund managers, bankruptcy of banks... And even with the possibility of bankruptcy of certain states or the whole country... or yet another round of financial turbulence that might wipe out their saving or loose their job!!! Think about it, what a joke (though not funny but a sad one) for the thousand years of evolution of human history.

Working harder on the job would not solve such problems. Think of it this way:- one would need to fill up a bucket of water as accumulating enough personal retirement fund. But, one cannot fill up a bucket if there are a few leaking holes on it. The more water one fill into it, the more it would leak out.

Anyway, here is a little suggestion... Individual can form team to handle their financial matters, and make sure that at least one person in the term have a compass to navigate through the turbulence market in the future.

"A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant
may see farther than a giant himself."
- Didacus Stella.

Here is a blog link for those who are not familiar with the term "Master Mind Group".

Why Old Beliefs or Behaviors (Habits) are Hard to Change

The short video clip (1 min 20 sec, by Gerald Kein), above explains the reason why old beliefs or behaviors (Habits) are hard to change. And, it has deep implication on how our society behave as it is as today...

* The schools, religions, public media, together with the family members implants ideas and beliefs into the subconscious mind of child since he is borned. And, when the child has grown up, he tends to conform to the Rules of the Society.

Well, below is a short video that can provide the detoxification by only a couple of questions.... (by Jim Rohn).

"WHO said it could not be done? And what great victories has he

to his credit which qualify him to judge others accurately?"

- Napoleon Hill

Season Greeting (1)

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Such as prepare a Season Greeting Video...

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PEAK OIL:"Hello, World! I am here."

Below are two slides Cut & Paste from the "Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas" ASPO 2010 World Oil Conference.

The first slide shows that we have gone passed the first half of the Age of Oil as we know it...
Where in this first half of the Oil Age:
* Oil is located on-shore or near to shore,
* In vast reservoirs called giants and super-giants oil field,
* Mainly consist of Light & Sweet Crude Oil,
* Inexpensive to produce which cost around $1 to $10/barrel.
(These had become history)

Whereas in this second half of the oil age which are are now at...* Oil fields are far offshore or deep underground,* Scattered in hard to reach, yet small reservoirs,
* Mainly consist of Heavy and Sour Crude oil,
* Much more expensive to produce which cost $80 and more per barrel.

(This is what we are going to face)
Original Source of slide by Andre Angelantoni, Title: Where Are We Now?: <- The following slide is a Zoom-in of the chart to have a more detail view of current oil production scenario... It shows that there in not much spare oil production capacity in this world.

There are more presentation slides can be found in the following link. Which cover various aspects, such as Peak Oil Preparation and Investment topics, with over 30 presentations:->

For those who are first time to come across the topic of Peak Oil or not too familiar with it, the following is AN EXCELLENT 60 minutes video presentation by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett in the House in 2005. This important and valuable information had been overshadowed by few other major events, such as housing bubbles and Wall Street crisis... As these economy issues actually help to destroy oil demand to a certain extend and mitigate the oil price. But, the problem is still there, and it will re-surface with bigger trouble in these few years time frame... Possibly anytime now.

Part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7, Part 3 of 7, Part 4 of 7, Part 5 of 7, Part 6 of 7, Part 7 of 7

…By 2012, surplus oil production capacity could entirely disappear, and as early as 2015, the shortfall in output could reach nearly 10 MBD. - Congressman Roscoe Bartlett at ASPO-USA World Oil Conference, 7 Oct 2010.
Link to Congressman Roscoe Bartlett Keynote Presentation Slides: <- Click Here

Below is a PowerPoint slide that introduce the peak oil concept to beginner. It has to be downloaded with PowerPoint format in order to see some of the animation...
A brief introduction to PEAK OIL.pps (<-: Download link from 4shared site)

Another Important Point is that...
None of the government in the world has formerly inform their citizens on this issue, and try to openly form organization figure out the solution. It is up to individual to share information (books, documentary, blog, etc) in the internet or self-organized group, such as ASPO to fan out the information... Example...

Data Speaks for itself:-> PDF Link <-
^Click on the Picture to ZOOM IN for better clarity:^

Oil Supply vs Stock Market in the History

Note: Since Money is a very flexible things nowadays, which means the printing of it can get very fast... and when the money flow into the Stock Market, it raise the index. So, it is not necessary that the market will go down... Only the future can tell.

Our World Governments Response to Peak Oil

Or they will have to give up the 2nd term, and
the following video is an good example.

"My father rode a camel. I drive a car.
My son flies a jet airplane.
His son will ride a camel."
- Saudi Saying

Many people think that Gold or Silver can preserve "Value"... That could be true during the process of change. And, ultimately, the world economy is fueled by energy.

As the Black Gold (oil) is now getting less and less, it would just cost more and more. Eventually, who has the power to control the oil supply, who dictates the rule of the game.

Relevant Article:
-> A Catch-22 Situation: Human Population On Earth <-

------------------------------------Added on Aug 2012--------------------------------

Here is an Alternative view about the Peak Oil... <-

------------------------------------ Added on Sep 2013 -------------------------------
One of the Best Presentation on the Subject on Peak Oil by  Matthew Simmons.

------------------------------------ Added on 04 Dec 2013 -------------------------------

US shale oil hides crude oil peak in rest of world   (<- charts="" click="" for="" link="" more="" p="" the="">

The above link with an article by Matt Mushalik has more insight on how the current state of crude oil production and trending...

-> Comment <-

World Current Affairs - Quantitative Easing

Cut and paste for 100th monkey effect.

-----------------------------------------------8<------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------8<------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------8<------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------8<------------------------------------------------ Quantitative Easing Explained


Well, there is a slang: "You put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig." So, purely by creatively naming "Printing Money" as "Quantitative Easing" or anything else he may think of, is still "Printing Money".

"If you can not convince people, make it
complicated and confuse them."

Stock Market Tools (9) - Point & Figure Chart with Relative Strength

Point & Figure Chart is an extremely old tool that use to trade the market. The oldest chart was found in a book "The Game in Wall Street, and How to Play it Successfully" written by "HOYLE" and first published in 1898. This tool is

very effective in aiming for longer term movement rather than day trading kind of hit and run tactic. So, it is particularly good for people who are having a full time job, and want to handle their own money in trading the market.

Fig. 1 The first form of Point & Figure Chart found in old book published in 1898.

Fig 2. P&F Chart on Commodity ETF (DBC) dated 6 Nov 2010(EOD).

Chart generated with Bull-Eye's Broker Software

Click on the Chart to Zoom In for clearer view. ^

Over time, with the aid of computer, Relative Strength Benchmarking feature is also added in the P&F Chart. The Chart (Fig 2.) shows the P&F diagram of the ETF- DBC, along with the Relative Strength against SPY and SGDUSD (Singapore Dollar vs US Dollar).

The first Relative Strength is to benchmark the S&P500. One should always remember to select a vehicle that is moving faster than the broad market index.

For the second Relative Strength, one can choose to benchmark a currency exchange rate. For example, a foreigner may like to buy some stocks or ETFs in the US market, but worry about the profits may be eroded by the weak USD against their home currency... By having this Relative Strength benchmark, one can make sure that he choose a vehicle that is moving faster than the change of currency exchange rate.

Many traders who know Technical Analysis may not know much about this tool or just ignore it. The main stream media, of course, do not publicize such tool that encourage patient which would lead to low trading frequency and hurt trading firms' commission.

On the other hand, this is a very straight forward tool that one can simply get a book on P&F and use the online free resources:-

-> Ebooks (Some are still under copyright).

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Isaac Newton Loses A Big Fortune in the South Sea Bubble:

Even Sir Isaac Newton (4 Jan 1643 - 31 Mar 1727), the well known English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and theologian, got caught up in the South Sea mania and invested a big chunk of his fortune. Interestingly, he pulled out early (after making a respectable 7,000 pounds) then went back in after the bubble continued to inflate. The inevitable bust happened and he lost 20,000 pounds - a considerable sum at the time.

As a result of this crisis, he stated "I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people".

Well. Recently, I heard of quite a few cases that some people due to what ever reasons, get out of their jobs in the corporation and just want to go trading for a living... Thinking that the success in one field can directly port over to the stock trading business within a short period of time. Such as buy a trading system, attend a class or just read a few books. This real story may help one to realize that success in one field or many fields such as a genius like Newton can fail in the Stock Market speculation miserably.

The objective of putting up this fact is not to deter anyone to get into the market, but rather to ask one to prepare seriously in advance. One should seriously consider study how the market works as a part of the retirement plan. Such as learning how a trading system works, how to test it, improve it, when to follow it and when not to follow it, forming a study group, etc... DON'T expect the insurance policies can help to cover the inflation (or if there is still any life insurance companies lift over after the baby boomers,1946-1964, had collected their shares.)


"Put Stock in Yourself, that is the only
one that will always go up!"
----- Point & Figure Programming Flow Chart, Inserted on 25 July 2013----------------------

Project Atlas Shrugged!? (1): WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?

In this documentry, Who Killed the Electric Car?(2006)...

Link for Part 1 of 10 (<-Click here to get into You-tube to see the subsequent parts)

In 1996, electric cars (EV1) began to appear on roads all over Califonia. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline.... Ten years later (2005), these futuristic cars were completely gone, as they were called back and scraped into dust by their manufacturer(GM) , while they are still in good working condition...

In the last part of the movie, it questioned who was the "One" who killed these electic cars.

At that time, people tend to believe that the manufacturer, GM, was under pressured by the Big Oil Organizations to get rid of those energy efficient cars, so that it would not hurt their oil's profits.

At first, this logical thinking made good scense... BUT, later in Jun 2009 GM declared bankruptcy!!! Then, if one were to think it over again... It make no sense that GM would allow the oil companies to dictate their survival as a company and not using those electic cars, which may save their company as the world is crying for energy efficient cars...

So, if this is not the logical reason, then what is? Not only "WHO" killed the electric car, but also "WHY" Killed the electric car??? What is the INTENTION and MOTIVE???

For those who had read the book - "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, it provides a very strong and possible reason.(see the footnote below)  That is to keep it for the future, after the world have come to a complete collapsed due to Peak Oil.
Why wait until then? Because, if anyone sell such futuristic product in the market for the Fiat Currency, competitors all over the world would buy them and duplicate with reverse-engineering!

One must learn not to cheat himself, by good will or intention, that the world is now in a completely peace and harmony way. This is definitely not the case among the super-power countries... And, not even within their own country.

In the book, Atlas Shrugged, a fictional character by the name of John Galt had invented revolutionary new motor powered by ambient static electricity, which means it can used for generating electicity with almost zero maintenance cost.  He scrapped the proto-type and hided in a secret valley.  Because that he do not think the world system was set up correctly in his perspective, and he do not want them to enjoy the benefit of the invention.

Not only that, Galt then secretly  persuaded the world's creative leaders, including inventors, artists and businessmen on by one to quit and disappear from their position and join him.  He organized them in an effort to "stop the motor of the world" and bring about the collapse of the society. 

At the end, these group of Elites, lead by John Galt, appear as the heros to rescue the world and implement the blue print in their mind - how the New World Order should be.

All of us have one the following choices:-

1. Having an Open Mind


2. Avoid Thinking

Book Recommendation: The Study of the Future

Attached are two pages from cut and paste fromthe Book: "The Study of the Future", which was published some 30 years ago... It is very much accurate in it predictions from the psychology perspectives. And many more other predictions ranging from personal, family and national perspective.

Here is the link for book for your free reading:-> The Study of the Future.

As you can see that there is a group (in fact there are groups) of very intelligent people trying to predict what would happen with any new technologies/products/policies implemented that change the people life-style... You will be amazed about the accuracy of the predictions if you were choose to scan through the book.

The question would be who own these group of people, another famous one would be "The Club of Rome"... What actions had these group of people taken? This is a very logical question as if you were to know something is going to happen in the future, what would you do to secure an advantage for yourself and your family?

As they would know the trouble that possibily cause by certain products, why not educate or warn the public in advance, for the negative side effect? But, if they were to do so, there would not have so much grow in GDP...

Anyway, form the prediction of this book, eventually the solution would likely to have a global government.... that help to manage the remaining resources on earth more effectively. Doesn't it sound like the New World Order stuff?

The purpose of this blog entry is to provide food for THOUGHT! Do we really know what lead us to where we are at this point? :-) While most people, today, main focus is busying in accumulating fiat money.

"The man who actually knows just what he wants in life
has already gone a long way toward attending it."
-Napoleon Hill

Personal Health: Know What Are We Taking

Coca-Cola began putting the “sugar substitute” aspartame in Diet Coke in 1982. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Many of these reactions are very serious including seizures and death.
In 1999, the Independent on Sunday discovered that the maker of aspartame, Monsanto, uses genetically engineered bacteria to produce the “sweetener” at its U.S. production plants. Aspartame is made by combining phenylalanine, which is naturally produced by bacteria, with another amino acid. To make the bacteria produce more phenylalanine, Monsanto has genetically engineered them. “Increasingly, chemical companies are using genetically engineered bacteria in their manufacturing process without telling the public,” said Dr. Erik Millstone, of the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, and a member of the National Food Alliance, told the newspaper.
Above is a cut & paste that found in the web:
There are many relevant articles on the side effect of Aspartame:

* Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods.

* Aspartame Kills (Excellent Video) (When you know that Aspartame was synthesized by fermenting protein in GENETICALLY MODIFIED E-COLI Bacteria, would you still consume it?)

* Aspartame: Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World. (A 90 minutes video documentary on Aspartame side effects.)

* And, much more when you google for "Aspartame"

Yet Aspartame is marketed as a is a low calorie sweetener that helps people to control their weight. ?!?

There is a saying... "You become what you think about all day long." As we also know that foods and drinks affect our health...

So, it is right to say that "You are what you eat and drink most of the time."


Picture added on 25 Aug 2012...


 --  Start to add news, pictures and links on Aspartamed Food and Drinks -- 2 Dec 2012 --
News:  The Aspartame-Cancer Link

List: List of Products Containing Aspartame (Briefly)

Pictures: Aspartamed products

Self Development Idea (11) - Why do we need to read lots of good books?

continue from Reading Good Books

I have once read an article about a corporation-coach, but do not remember his name. He claimed that he can accurately predict a person incomes and asset net worth for person in five years down the road if one just agrees to take a simple survey.

So, what kind of survey?

It is very simple…

1) Just list down the 5 best friends that one always gets together for leisure or work.

2) List down their individual income and asset net-worth then divide by 5.

And, that would be income and asset net-worth the one person will have in 5 years down the road.

Think about it, it makes sense! See...

* "Bird of a feather flock together"

* "Wise men think alike, and fools seldom differ"

* " 物以类聚"

I have also come across a story told by Steve Chen (陈安之) that once Jack Canfield (author of Chicken soup series) was having a motivation speech in the same event with Anthony Robbins. At the back stage, Jack was asking Anthony: “Well, we are both giving motivational speech to our audience. But, I am wondering, after so many years of working… I am still just a millionaire and you are a billionaire. What do you think I can get improve on that?”

Anthony then asking back with a question: “Who are you best friends, and what’s their average net worth?”

Jack: “Well, my best friends are mostly pretty successful businessmen or professionals in certain fields. They are all millionaires.”

Anthony: “See..., that’s the point. My friends are mostly billionaires.”

So, one may think that what’s the use of knowing these stories as he don’t think that he have a chance to get to know millionaire personally…

Well, here is the Point: When people get together, they share information, ideas, inspiration, etc. AND, one can get similar information, ideas, inspiration, etc. from Good Books which were written by successful people.

Similarly, our thoughts (which will become our action and bring us the results) could affect by other “Information” that feed into our brain, consciously or subconsciously. One must not only just pay attention on the books that he read, but also the audio/video from the environment.

back to Reading Good Books with a short list of good books.

"You cannot change your destination overnight,

but you can change your direction overnight."

- Jim Rohn

The Corporation: The Entity That Change The World

Few days ago… I was having lunch in a restaurant and overheard a conversation from the table next to mine. Two women were happily boasting and comparing how smart their kids are. They are speaking so loud that seems like they want to let everybody knows about it…

The theme of their conversation was about their kids are so smart that they know exactly what they want to buy when their kids go to the shopping centers. The products can range from toys, candies, etc. And if they refuse to buy, the kids know how to convince them why they should buy.
For the moment that I heard of these conversation, it triggered me to recall a documentary that I had watched about 3 years ago..."The Corporation." I think that if they have had watched the attached documentary clips (for about 5.5 minutes), they would understand why is that so… That is, the advertisement industry had spent billions of dollars, each year, in training the kids to nag more effectively for what they want.
If you don't see the "Video Clip" here due to browser compatibility, here is the URL Link.<-

If you think that the above video clip does give some insight of how the corporation work. You can follow this -> URL Link <- to watch the full movie part by part.

A Short Summary of this Documentary…
In the beginning, say a hundred and fifty years ago... Corporations are fictitious entities created by law to carry out business more effectively, with the aim of improve the quality of life for humanity. Over time, these entities have grown up to be so big and so strong. Now, they are sponsoring their favorite politicians to form the government, and influence them to create laws and policies that in the interest of the Corporation as priority, which is harmful to the quality of life for humanity.
If one were to think of it in certain way, doesn't sound like the story of the Blockbuster Movies "The Terminator". Which human being was building intelligent into robots to help out certain jobs. Later on, those intelligence robots get so intelligent that they try to rule the world.

Other Thoughts:
* From those movie clip, especially the video clip on the previous blog entry : "True Lies and True Crime"... Which shows a R&D VP lie about the toxicity of the Chemical "Corexit" that been spray heavily in the the Mexican Gulf... Some how, it shows that the "ethic" for those people had been totally gone.
* As the key driving forces for most corporations today are purely based on profits and growth. For any organization, making profit is a right thing to do, for it can be self-sustain, and growth with sustainable rate. BUT, profiteering is un-ethical; Profits from sacrificing or over exploiting of natural resources to satisfy greed is wrong. For what is right or wrong, think from the view point of your next generation rather than your current CEO or Corporation Goal!

* Yes. In the documentary, it has demonstrated many corporations had change the world nowadays, and they have changed the world in a very harmful way for the public interest. Such as creating pollution and cutting down trees in exponential speed! On the other hand, the Power of Corporation is just like Money. It is purely a tool which provide the Energy and get many things to be done faster. Also that corporation is formed by people... When more people are willing to take the right action... Corporations may be able to do good for the humanity eventually!

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help
the man with the wrong mental attitude."

Thomas Jefferson: Third U.S. president

Picture added on 20 Aug 2012 from:

True Lies and True Crime

The above video (URL Link) was an interview with Dr. David Horsup, the Vice-President for Research and Developmentof Nalco Energy Services (the ompany that manufactures the Corexit , and now continue to spray into the Mexican Gulf by BP) concerning about the public enquiry on the safety of Corexit. In the video clip, he claimed that the Corexit is many times safer than the dish soap that public use in their home.

Doesn't him not only telling true lies, but also committing true crime?

The below video (URL Link) by a citizen that volunteered to collect same sample of seawater for chemical analysis, and it is proven to be very toxic!

Besides, there are also many news that can be find in the web that the cleanup workers from the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil spill are still suffering health problems, 21 years later. And, they were using a variant of Corexit. (URL Link)


A lawyer who represented on such Exxon Valdez worker told CNN that One examination of health records of 11,000 Exxon Valdez cleanup workers found that 6,722 of them had gotten sick. The government and the company called those illnesses the “Exxon crud,” a flu or cold that Exxon was not required to report to federal health officials, CNN said.

One former Exxon Valdez cleanup worker interviewed by CNN said he was “slowly poisoned” by the toxins he was exposed to. Today, he continues to suffer from rashes, respiratory problems, and is going blind.


For oil and water don't mixed. But, as demonstrate from the 1st video clip, that when corexit is added to the oil, the oil will be dissolved and mixed with the water... Which would then pollute the whole sea rather than just the surface of the sea. So, no one can really know or figure out how much oil was leaked. Corexit help BP to hide the problem under the sea!

Just wonder how long does it takes this to be broadcast by the major public media...

On the other hand, as one can not count on the public media to report such critical issue, which will cost them lost of air time (profits), the next best thing to do is to get other inform through the net... as it is still available.

"There is no evil in the universe which is not the result of ignorance,

and which would not, if we were ready and willing to learn

its lesson, lead us to higher wisdom,

and then vanish away."

James Allen

Self Development Idea (10) - Reading Good Books

"It isn' what the book costs; it's what it will cost if you don't read it." - Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn been mentioned that most homes valued over USD500K in the US have a library. Does it tell us something? Do you think that these people read first and get the house later or the other way round?

"A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read." Mark Twain

Reading good books is just like finding giants who allow us to stand on their shoulders, to get more ideas, see further, think deeper and broader, etc... Which can eliminate lots of trail and error in life.

Take for example, in the book "Buffettology", it reveals that Warren Buffett had put education in priority and perosnally spent time to educate his grand-daugthers, at the age of 10, in investment. And that these children can select stocks that out-perform the wall street professionals.

Well, as most public are not so lucky to born into those billionaire home where they can have private education on certain subjects that lead them to easier success in certain aspect of life. Therefore, one good way to over come this challenge is to read lot of good books. As this is fully within his personal control.

For the question as which book is good and which is not... One could easily tell, after he read a couple of them...

Here are some classic that are surely good one(on the aspect of Personal Development):-
* The Power of Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy
* Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
* Master Key System - Charles Haanel
* The Secret of the Ages - Robert Collier
* Release Your Break! - James Newman
* Your First 100 Million - Daniel Peña
* Psycho-Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz
* Silva Method - José Silva
* You Were Born Rich - Bob Proctor
* The Magic of Believing - Claude M. Bristol
* The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz
* As a Man Thinketh - James Allen (Attached Below)
* The Art of Exceptinal Living - Jim Rohn
* 7 Strategies for WEALTH & HAPPINESS - Jim Rohn
* Mentored by a Millionaire - Steven K. Scott
* The Power of Intention - Wayne W. Dyer
* Mind Power - John Kehoe
* The Genie within - Your Subconscious Mind - How it works and how to use it. - Harry Carpenter
* Beyond Positive Thinking - Dr. Robert Anthony
* The Secret - Rhonda Byrne
* The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey

Due to some issue in browsers compatibility, if you can not see the picture book below, click on the link:->
As a Man Thinketh (Picture Book) (PDF version)

Continue: Why do we need to read lots of good books?

"People often say that motivation doesn't last.
Well, neither does bathing— that's why
we recommend it daily."
Zig Ziglar

Added on 14 Apr 2013.  Picture found on facebook

Make sure to install good software. :-)

Added on 18 Jan 2014.   Picture found on facebook

Something is Very Wrong - Spraying Massive Corexit 9500 (Highly Toxic) into the Gulf of Mexico

For any industrial chemical, by law, it always come with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Attached, below, is the MSDS for the Corexit 9500. Take a look at item 3. "Hazards Identification" and item 4. "First Aid Measures", then judge by your common sense whether this stuff is toxic or not.

URL Link:- < Corexit 9500 Material Safety Data Sheet (Why US Government allow BP to use More Poison to hide the problem?)

For those who care to find out more, just fire up your search engine for "BP Corexit 9500"... There are lots of articles and video been made and shouting for help. How come that the US government can send troops to other regions for made-up reason that are thousands of miles away, and do nothing in their own backyard?

"The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people
who are evil;but because of the people
who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein

"If you think you're too small to have an impact,
try going to bed with a mosquito in the room."
- Anita Roddick