Self Development Idea (27): Session 8: Having It All ( 4th July 1966 ) by Lester Levenson

Session 8: Having It All ( 4th July 1966 )

The path we're on is from here on until we meet the goal [ — Ultimate Freedom], that's the first point I'd like to make.  We're on this path until we are infinite!  Second, we can do this this lifetime!  

Now, generally it takes many, many, many, lifetimes for the great, great, majority of people to make it.  However, we can do it this time for two reasons.  First, we are an unusual group.  Second, we have the right direction to make it this lifetime.  So that if we ever come back in the future is by choice, it's not by necessity.  Usually, those of us who want to help others to that point will come back just to help others.  But that's a matter of individual choice. 

For What we do, the main thing is to achieve that [ultimate] state.  Now, becoming master over life is really a basic and necessary step, through which we learn that we are not we are not the victims in life but we are the masters.  After we master the ways and means of making our environment the way we want it, then we look beyond.  No matter how happy we make our life, if it's involved in livingness itself, it will never satisfy us.  Because our real state is that of being infinite, and being happy in life and living has limitations.

Are there any questions on that?  I've sort of brought us up to date.  Now I'll go into what I think should be our direction in the future.  We have to become more Universal.  We should let go of our own livingness to the point where we can live outwardly more for others.  If we are universal beings, we must be universal beings.  [For we must come to have the ‘attitude’ that if we are universal beings, we must ‘behave’ like universal beings.]

Every human being is “as me”.  That’s is the way we should feel, “You are Me” – is the attitude we should have toward all people.

Now, I use the word “attitude”.  We can't help the world by giving them things, there's just too much needed.  But we can give them that which is much more than things.  We can begin giving them the knowledge that we are getting.  And our attitude should be one of wanting to help everyone who wants help.  And never helping those who don't want it, that's imposing upon them. 

We should try to help just for those who cross our path.  We don't have to extend ourselves into directions.  Because people will just fall into our lives.  They'll ask us questions.  And, as we give them the answers, we find that certain people will feel that you are giving them the right answers, that you are helping them, and they'll ask more.  And, it's really an obligation to answer questions of people who come to you sincerely seeking the right direction.

As we begin to live outward and think less of our little-self [which is ego], and more of the other one, we are helping no one but ourselves.  The world sees it differently, they would probably interpret it as we helping the other one.  But there's no other one to help but ourselves.  And, actually, we get the greatest benefit, by helping others we help ourselves towards reaching our goal.  And we'll never make it unless we have this feeling of compassion of Oneness with everyone, with a wish that they too know what we know.

So to repeat, we have gotten to the point where where we have learned how to control life and make it happier.  Now we should try to make it happier for others who want it.  This does not mean stopping our own growth; that we never stop.  We keep working for our own further growth, but at the same time we help others.  We should feel that we would like to give away everything we have.  This is the way you feel, from here on, you will just want to give away everything, you have to control yourself. 

The point I try to make was that the world is in such a state of HAVINGNESS.  They think all they need is things.  And, if we try to provide that, we are not helping them, we are confirming that things are what they need.  It’s NOT THING, IT’S UNDERSTANDING!  Because you are living in the world of separation, there are you and people, and deal.  When you begin to live for others, that [separation] begins to diminish.

Every living soul wants peace.  They're all seeking of happiness.  Therefore, if you would expect it, they would come to you.  Well, it's only understood when you Love. 

Compassion is ‘understanding what the other one is going through.’  Compassion is ‘understanding what the other one is experiencing.’  But the emotional part sort of comes automatically if you live to see the other one happy.  Practicing that way of life would bring tremendous amounts of happiness.

The basic point I tried to get across was what to do now – that life has become happier, and the next step is to live more outwardly if you can,  live for others, live more for others.  This is another way of saying, “See God in everyone.”  See them as perfect, then you help them move.  Feel that everyone is you, because there is only you, there is only God.  And God is that which “I Am.”  

The basic absolute truth is – there is nothing but an absolute-perfect-Oneness, that is I. 

Someday, you reach a point where you just think and things happen.  Someday, you go beyond that you just know the perfection.  There's nothing to think about, everything is perfect.  Therefore, there's no thought required.  Everyone makes, everyone does, but in terms of time as we now know it, the great great majority will make it in over a million years from now.  And, we can do it this lifetime, and we should! 

We're all moving in that direction, the very greatest of the sages are still here, some embody, some not embody, leading us on, whether whether we're aware of it or not.  And, all we need to do is to open ourselves to their help.  Which is the most powerful help there is.  And, we will get full realization this lifetime. 

I try to follow them, if you follow me you're following them.  I take my guidance from them, through me to you.  So, we're all moving in that direction.  But this group is moving much-much-much faster than the great majority of people are.

Imperturbability is an indication of how far we have gotten.  Can I be disturb?  Can I be annoyed?  If I can, I must eliminate that.  We should get to the place where no one and no thing can annoy us.  But effortlessness does show how far we have gone on this path. 

But, I think a better indicator is peace.  How peaceful am I?  The greater your peace, the further you've gotten. 

Your attitude should be the same toward good and bad.  If it's good or if it's bad, where is it?  It's in the world of limitation!  We want to transcend limitation.   The good thing is the other side of the coin of a bad thing.  It's all in this dream world.  Loosely world of limitations good and bad.

So, after we learn how to make our life good, then we should look upon good and bad as the same thing just the other opposite side of the same coin.  It's all part of the illusory world, but our attitude for the world is expressed in the highest. 

And when I said about the body, when I said about accepting good and bad the same way.  What is it good for, what is it for this body?  Things that are good and bad are for this body, aren't they? [That means good and bad are merely the thoughts of the ego/mind concern about the body only.]   But, we are so much more than this body!  We are immortal.  We are perfect.  So, these things don't touch us. 

Our attitude should be the same toward good and bad.  Have a attitude of “It doesn't affect me.  I am eternal.  I am immortal.  Nothing can affect me.”  So, that attitude toward the flat tire should be applied all the way up to the body. 

We have been making life better.  Now that we can do that, we shouldn't care whether it's better or worse.  Because we are not it, we are not limited by it.  Our attitude toward good and bad should be the same, right?  Do not identify what's happening out there!  It's all in my own consciousness.  So, what's the difference whether I think a good dream or a bad dream?  It’s all my consciousness.

It's necessary that you apply what you learned.  You have to do it.  I can't do it for you.  I'm just pointing out the way you should go.  You have to go for it. 

Therefore, I have to step away, so that you can swim on your own.  I'm telling you how to swim in the right direction; you have to do it.  If I were to stay, you would develop a dependency relationship.  It would feel good while I'm around.  You would unconsciously attach that to me.  You would not do on your own nearly as much as when I leave you, and come back in and out.

I give you the theory; you get your lab course when I leave in the world.  I read you the world bumps you, every time it bumps you, it makes you think you think in this direction.  But what you read is also true, you do need the assist, the confirmation, the re-establishing of the basic truths and directions.  But you get that each time I come.  Someday, you'll be no need to listen to anyone. 

Also, there's only a certain amount that we absorb at a time or each time.  Now the reasons that time, that I don't give you the whole thing before I leave, many times, right? the whole thingBut, it takes time to digest; it takes time to work it out in practice.  So I say you're getting an excellent way of my coming and going.  There's no dependency relationship set up.  And this dependency relationship is a thing that happens when people are with a teacher all the time.  Which holds them back. 

Now, what I'm saying might not be hundred percent so.  If we have it set up where we all live together at one point, actually all lived together right in the same place.  This teaching could go on all the time.  You would get your practice working with each other, like you and Ken, sometimes would.  He would practice letting go of those feelings about position until there was none.  In other words, the world would be right with you in your friends. 

See, the way out of the world is through it.  Isolation isn't good until you have completely renounced the world, until you have gotten to the place where you see nothing in the world that you want anymore.  You know that your happiness does not lie in the world, then isolation is alright.  You have no more desires for the world then you may isolate. 

But until then growth is faster and better in the world.  Should you isolate before we reach that point, you are escaping.  You're running away from the world and that's very bad.  But what surprised me some day to see it's all living together in one place and this [queue?] going on all the time.

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