Is this a Conspiracy Theory or Fact? Lindsey Williams DVD - The Elite Speak

For sure, many people would not like to spend time to know about something that is called conspiracy. And yet, in the past, many conspiracies had became Facts.

Anyhow, Lindsey Williams did predict many big events that had happened, especially on the Crude Oil price movement.

I don't think everything that he said is correct as there are conflicting messages. But there is no harm in knowing some alternative views of how the world events will happen in his view point. Or just treat it like watching another fiction movie, like 2012 or Avatar. Just need to have an open mind... and think for yourself, as he say that he is just a messenger. Also to ignore any religion's prophecy that get to mix into the video... especially on the 2nd half of the 3rd DVD.

Anyway, his predictions are talking about things going happen in the next 12 months or so. So, we would know if this is a BS or fact in next year.

To continue to watch the whole series in order... Click Here -> Link to youtube.

Here are some of the key points:-

* Human already mastered the technology to influence/control the weather... Such as direct the route of a tornado or hurricane. Google for "HAARP" if you are interested.

* Oil is priced in USD, and USD is going to devalue from 30 to 50 % in 2010.
(If this come true, oil price must raise by equal amount, inflation would be serious).

* Financial Deficit Spending is a wash in paper.
(If this come true, investment instrument that promise in paper is going to be washed away... Such as T-Bill, any derivatives,etc.)

The rest is for those who interested to find out the story....

"Money is a symbol of our confidence in our product,
our service and ourselves! The more confidence
we have in ourselves and/or our product
or service, the more we will be able
to charge for it."
- Paul McKenna


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