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We all can learn something from what we see and what we hear all day long. That's to say that we learn from what we are exposing to.


If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
- Abraham Maslow

For example, we may have learned that we get results by using anger. Others back down when we show anger, so we continue the practice. Anger has become the hammer.

So what happens when the problem is, for example, intimacy with a partner? Out comes the hammer - anger.

We all have a full tool box of interpersonal skills, which we can call upon whenever we take the time to take a deep breath and make conscious choices.

from Johnathan Lockwood Huie
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Look that the daily public media, it basically full of advertisements, political agenda, and entertainment news that kill the time. Those stuffs don't bring any wisdom to the viewers.

To have a better world, it should have more information as such:- No harm to take a look, otherwise, how would one know?



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