Self Development Idea (16): Individual Destiny Enrichment (IDE) Program

Few weeks ago, I had a Chinese New Year gathering session with some old colleagues and friends, and we were talking about the GOOD OLD TIME... of Motorola.

There were many programs and cultures that were great, and I particularly like the Individual Dignity Entitlement (IDE) Program. 

The frist time I saw the six questions (as shown in the following picture) on a notice board while I was a young engineer travelled to Boynton Beach Factory in Florida about 20 years ago.  I got a strange feeling after reading through these questione carefully.  I didn't know if the feeling was FEAR or EXCITEMENT for the heart beat raised while thinking about the answers! 

For the fear part, I thought: What if I were to answer "NO" to some of these questions, then why AM I here with the company?  Would I get fire for that?  And, If I were to answer "Yes" to all the questions, I must be fooling myself or not thinking hard enough.

For the excitement part, I felt that there must be something I can learn and benefit from it as these questions ask something that I'd never seriously thought about.

Yes!  Under the Ex-CEO, Chris Galvin, the IDE program was launched world-wide, including new factories in China down to the operator level.

Of course, this program did not exist in the company for long time already, but the profound impact to many individual still exsit.

Be still, and think.
Why would we need to have an immediate boss to has a dialogue with us every three months in order to discover our very own problems and opportunities for improvement?

Why Not change only a few word*, as shown in the below diagram, and make it a very personal IDE (Individual Destiny Enrichment) Program and do personal review?

The good culture should continue to stay with the individual regardless the company continue to exist or not.

"If you don't put in effort to control your own destiny,
someone else will most willingly do it for you."
- unknown

By the way...
I read about some articles long time ago, mainly from WSJ, commented Chris Galvin was not living in a realistic world and took this program as an example.
And, I don't think so.  It must had taken extremely great courage for him to launch and roll out this program world-wide.  For many companies which only main goal is profits, the management would be ashamed to read through the original questions.

And, only until the people are tired of all those scandals, from big financial scandals to the milk powder scandals, and recent horse meat, people will eventually realize the vision of such profound program.

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[From the Harvard's Famous Success Principle]
The difference between the success and failure of a person is based on how he uses his after working hours. And his destiny is decided by how he use the time between 8.00pm to 10.00pm.

Every night, take 2 hours to read, study, think or involve in meaningful discussion or debate. You will discover that your life starting to change. Continue to persist this for years..... And Success will wave it's hand to you.

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