The Corporation: The Entity That Change The World

Few days ago… I was having lunch in a restaurant and overheard a conversation from the table next to mine. Two women were happily boasting and comparing how smart their kids are. They are speaking so loud that seems like they want to let everybody knows about it…

The theme of their conversation was about their kids are so smart that they know exactly what they want to buy when their kids go to the shopping centers. The products can range from toys, candies, etc. And if they refuse to buy, the kids know how to convince them why they should buy.
For the moment that I heard of these conversation, it triggered me to recall a documentary that I had watched about 3 years ago..."The Corporation." I think that if they have had watched the attached documentary clips (for about 5.5 minutes), they would understand why is that so… That is, the advertisement industry had spent billions of dollars, each year, in training the kids to nag more effectively for what they want.
If you don't see the "Video Clip" here due to browser compatibility, here is the URL Link.<-

If you think that the above video clip does give some insight of how the corporation work. You can follow this -> URL Link <- to watch the full movie part by part.

A Short Summary of this Documentary…
In the beginning, say a hundred and fifty years ago... Corporations are fictitious entities created by law to carry out business more effectively, with the aim of improve the quality of life for humanity. Over time, these entities have grown up to be so big and so strong. Now, they are sponsoring their favorite politicians to form the government, and influence them to create laws and policies that in the interest of the Corporation as priority, which is harmful to the quality of life for humanity.
If one were to think of it in certain way, doesn't sound like the story of the Blockbuster Movies "The Terminator". Which human being was building intelligent into robots to help out certain jobs. Later on, those intelligence robots get so intelligent that they try to rule the world.

Other Thoughts:
* From those movie clip, especially the video clip on the previous blog entry : "True Lies and True Crime"... Which shows a R&D VP lie about the toxicity of the Chemical "Corexit" that been spray heavily in the the Mexican Gulf... Some how, it shows that the "ethic" for those people had been totally gone.
* As the key driving forces for most corporations today are purely based on profits and growth. For any organization, making profit is a right thing to do, for it can be self-sustain, and growth with sustainable rate. BUT, profiteering is un-ethical; Profits from sacrificing or over exploiting of natural resources to satisfy greed is wrong. For what is right or wrong, think from the view point of your next generation rather than your current CEO or Corporation Goal!

* Yes. In the documentary, it has demonstrated many corporations had change the world nowadays, and they have changed the world in a very harmful way for the public interest. Such as creating pollution and cutting down trees in exponential speed! On the other hand, the Power of Corporation is just like Money. It is purely a tool which provide the Energy and get many things to be done faster. Also that corporation is formed by people... When more people are willing to take the right action... Corporations may be able to do good for the humanity eventually!

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help
the man with the wrong mental attitude."

Thomas Jefferson: Third U.S. president

Picture added on 20 Aug 2012 from:

True Lies and True Crime

The above video (URL Link) was an interview with Dr. David Horsup, the Vice-President for Research and Developmentof Nalco Energy Services (the ompany that manufactures the Corexit , and now continue to spray into the Mexican Gulf by BP) concerning about the public enquiry on the safety of Corexit. In the video clip, he claimed that the Corexit is many times safer than the dish soap that public use in their home.

Doesn't him not only telling true lies, but also committing true crime?

The below video (URL Link) by a citizen that volunteered to collect same sample of seawater for chemical analysis, and it is proven to be very toxic!

Besides, there are also many news that can be find in the web that the cleanup workers from the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil spill are still suffering health problems, 21 years later. And, they were using a variant of Corexit. (URL Link)


A lawyer who represented on such Exxon Valdez worker told CNN that One examination of health records of 11,000 Exxon Valdez cleanup workers found that 6,722 of them had gotten sick. The government and the company called those illnesses the “Exxon crud,” a flu or cold that Exxon was not required to report to federal health officials, CNN said.

One former Exxon Valdez cleanup worker interviewed by CNN said he was “slowly poisoned” by the toxins he was exposed to. Today, he continues to suffer from rashes, respiratory problems, and is going blind.


For oil and water don't mixed. But, as demonstrate from the 1st video clip, that when corexit is added to the oil, the oil will be dissolved and mixed with the water... Which would then pollute the whole sea rather than just the surface of the sea. So, no one can really know or figure out how much oil was leaked. Corexit help BP to hide the problem under the sea!

Just wonder how long does it takes this to be broadcast by the major public media...

On the other hand, as one can not count on the public media to report such critical issue, which will cost them lost of air time (profits), the next best thing to do is to get other inform through the net... as it is still available.

"There is no evil in the universe which is not the result of ignorance,

and which would not, if we were ready and willing to learn

its lesson, lead us to higher wisdom,

and then vanish away."

James Allen