Games that People Play (4): Push "RESET" Button on World

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I came across this very strange news about few weeks ago...
It was talking about Pushing the Reset Button or World Economy!

And here are the sources:
1)  World Economic Forum website: IMF Director, Christine Lagarde, Publicly Talks About Global Financial Reset and Recovery

2)  USA Today


So, what does it mean by the term RESET when these people discussing about it?!

In the first link above, World Economic Forum Website:
In the video, 05:40min to 11:15min
Chirstine Lagarde, Managing Director of International Money Fund, was talking about the 3 Rs of global economy, which stands for  1) RISK,  2)RECOVERY & 3) RESET.
And, she further described there are three aspects of RESET:
A) Monetary Policy need to be reformulated
B) Financial Sector Reform 
C) Global Structure Reform 

In the second link above, USA Today Link:
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Klaus Schwab (Founder of World Economic Forum) said: "We need to push the reset button. The world is still much too much caught in a crisis-management mode. We should look at our future in a much more constructive and strategic way. That is what Davos is about."
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As usual, these people in the financial world always creates term that the meaning are so confusing to the public, such as Subprime Mortgage for substandard investment fund, and Quantitative Easing for "printing more fiat US Dollar", etc...

As I did more research... I found that these documentaries, "Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 1 to 5"  by Mike Maloney,  seem to bridge the gap and explain what the term RESET is...

Hidden Secret of Money Ep 1 - Currency vs Money

Here are the links for the 4 sub-sequence Episodes:

Hidden Secret of Money Ep2 - Seven Stages of Empire

Hidden Secrets of Money Ep3 - Death of the US Dollar

Hidden Secrets of Money Ep4 - The Biggest Scam In The History of Mankind

Hidden Secrets of Money Ep5 - When Money is Corrupted

Well, though these videos do contain some sale speech (you may ignore that), the contains of the video are very educational!


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In fact, there are some reset activities going on.

Venezuela sharply devalues its currency...  start with 50%.  and now... 88% as shown:

Relevant Info:

There is a interesting site,   GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET.NET  , that put these information together.


Code Red: How to Protect Your Savings From the Coming Crisis

The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame

The Money Bubble

The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

Well, it is 100% sure all currencies will be reset like the kingdoms and dynasties changes in the history... Just that NO ONE would be able to predict EXACTLY WHEN.  So, it give the Gurus a chance to continue to predict until it comes. :-)

Nevertheless, awareness is good.

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Some relevant books on this topic:

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Yet another perspective:



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