Games that People Play(3):- Strategical Horse Racing by SunBin

Case 1:  Happened before 320BC:




Brief Translation:

Strategical Horse Racing by SunBin:
SunBin(孙膑; died 316 BC), grandson of SunTzu(孙子) who is famous for his "Art of War", was a military advisor who lived during the Warring States Period of China history.

During that time, there was a military general of Qi State(齐国) - TianJi (田忌).  TianJi often invited to have horse racing competitions by his king - King Wei (齐威王).  Everytime, they both put heavy bet on the competition.  The competition consisted of 3 races.  So, they used their first class horses for the first race, second class horses for the second race, and third class horses for the third race.   Because King Wei had faster horses in all the three categories than TianJi had,   TianJi had always lost.

Once, SunBin was a guest of the Tianji and invited to attend the race.  Again, Tianji lost all the three races again and felt very upset.  SunBin spoke to Tianji:"I noticed that the horses that King Wei has in each category is not much faster than yours.  Next time, you can smiply put heavier bet, and I have a strategy for you to win the competition."
Wait until the next race, SunBin asked TianJi to use his 3rd class horse to race with KingWei 1st class horse in the first round.  TianJi's horse lost by far distance in the first round.  In the second round, SunBin used TianJi 1st class horse to win KingWei 2nd class horse.  And, in the final round, SunBin used TianJi 2nd class horse to win KingWei 3rd class horse.  KingWei was shocked to see the result and TianJi won BIG TIME during that race.

Case 2: Happening Now:

Pictures from Smart Money Magazine.

It was an old conspiracy that USA would keep most of their crude oil reserve untounched while promote gas-guzzler vehicles to use up other countries crude oil first....  Then, when it come to a time that other countries oil reserve is about to finish, they would anounce they just discover that they have many new oil fields at home...

Now, lets look that this month issue, August 2012, Smart Money magazine feature storyThe Return of Fossil Fuels.  The headline says:
 "Enormous new oil and gas discoveries under American soil are having a game-changing impact on the entire economy - affecting everything from what we're putting in our portfolios to what we're parking in our driveways.  How to play the new energy boom."

So, is this news just a coincident?  Or, just another strategical game practised from The Art of War?

May be the above queations are not important.  What important is the implication?
So, US has surplus in their food supply, water supply, energy supply and strongest military advantage...  Why should they care about debt?   Therefore, print money and be happy.





kiki Raz said...

I am not certain that this kind of attitude is a 'policy' that can be upheld any longer. Too much is at stake worldwide and the US can not live in a void of world events as well as ignore the Natural patterns of our ecosystems. Printing money is putting a bandaid on an infected wound.

KH Tang said...

No game last for ever.

US is one of the world largest food producer. And, due to her population is far less than China and Inda, US is the largest food exporter.

With the current drought situation, US may not export certain commodity... It would show what is real money to the world.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.

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