Using "The Power of Consciousness" to Heal Gaia (Mother Earth)

The following blog entry shows a similar idea from two Great Men, Napoleon Hill and Bruce Lipton, in leading the way for building a better world using consciousness...

1. Napoleon Hill's Golden Rule

More than half a century ago, in his book Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules, after learning from a scientist on how the human cells function in the body, he wrote about his imagination on how the entire human race is working interactively like the cells in a human body.

8<-------------------------------------------excerpt -----------------------------------------

I saw, in my imagination, the entire human race, every living human being on earth, all gathered in one spot and standing in such a position as to form the perfect outline of a human being. At a distance, this seething mass of humanity would resemble one enormous human being. I could see health and success and prosperity for the whole mass as long as there was no discord or misunderstanding between the individuals who constituted the whole. I could see some of the human beings plowing the ground while others were sowing seed and getting ready to produce food. I could see some of the individuals of that enormous gathering working on clothing. I would see still others entertaining the mass with music and causing each individual to be happy and contented.

Perfect harmony prevailed in this imaginary picture. Every individual had plenty to eat and plenty to wear. All were happy and contented. Sorrow and grief were not to be found.

Then, with sudden switch of the imagination, I saw the picture from another angle, an angle which is comparable to the story of the human cells of which the scientist had been telling me. Away down toward the bottom of this great mass of human beings, at a point which would correspond to one of the imaginary giant’s feet, I saw two tiny little human beings get into an argument. They came to blows. Other human beings began to rush up and join in the argument. Pretty soon, one of the entire feet of the imaginary giant had discontinued its regular business, and the ‘‘human cells’’ of which the foot was composed were fighting among themselves. They no longer cooperated. They no longer functioned normally. Pretty soon, the entire body began to feel the loss of one of its feet. It was crippled. It tried to walk but could not move. Other parts of the body commenced to suffer. The body, as a whole, commenced to suffer with hunger because the loss of its foot prevented it from producing food.

Slowly, that enormous body began to wither and go into decay. I could not help comparing it to the individual human body which withers, goes into decay, and finally into death when any group of cells ceases to carry on its normal work.

There is a remedy which is often applied with successful results when the individual cells of the human body begin to ‘‘lie down on the job,’’ and that remedy is to re-establish harmony and cooperation among the cells to the end that they will again function normally.

That same remedy is the one, and probably the only one, which will save the human race and bring it back to normal, healthy, constructive living once more. The same principle which causes the tiny human body cells to function and cooperate in peace and harmony while the individual enjoys a healthy, happy human body applies with equal precision to the entire human race.

8<-------------------------end of excerpt ------------------------------

2. Bruce Lipton's "Spontaneous Evolution"

Video Link to You Tube:<-

And now, Bruce Lipton, a modern internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, has further illustrated the same idea with scientific data and examples in great extend!

In this 50 minutes video clip, it covers many topics which will propel individual onto the path of better consciousness, such as the difference between Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind, the effect of circumstance on people, how this world became a dog-eat-dog world, and what's the solution to co-create a better world in the very very near future (as the current world system cannot sustain this rate of exponential decay.)

必须躬自入局, 挺膺负责 乃有成事之可翼。"

"For whatever matter it may be, simply by complaining or shouting
outside the scene yet not participating in it will never help.
One must do his part in co-creating the event,
then it can be successful."
- GuoFan,Zeng (A Minister in Qing Dynasty)


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