Self Development Idea (31): Get Off the Roller Coaster of Life and be Free (31 Oct 1984) by Lester Levenson

Getting Off the Roller Coaster of life and Be Free

Video Record in 1984,

You may find the video from YouTube with the same title, the following is the transcripts.


Good morning,

I will take you on the major roller-coaster ride that we are on and have taken.  Interesting, your daily life are roller-coasting all the time.  But, we should know intellectually the whole complete picture, which when we do, I think it better help to place ourselves, better help us move in the direction of getting off the roller-coaster. 

We can imagine it, life should be straight-line, not even that, it should be a point, never move, never act, never do, and that is the ultimate state.  Your body move, the world move, and you do not do a thing; you just sit back and watch it off.  So, this concept of being still, being a point, or better than that, being every point, without moving, does not take away from you, your dear-dear world that you hold on to for life, which is unimous.

So, I know some of you seen it before, probably more than once.  For anything I do, it say the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…  I wonder, “Why don’t you hear me?”  Or, if you do, “Why don’t you just do it?”  And the doing is really undoing of the doing, so that you can remain still and just be and be and be and be. 

What I am really doing, I see is introducing Mantra.  Anyone here doing Mantra or have some Mantra?  O.k. I give you some, “If I could be, and be and be and be.” “I Am in Heaven all by myself.” “I got to be free, I got to be free…”  

There is a lot more, but the whole concept of Mantra is to get your mind in the direction, and try to quiet it by holding it on that one direction, so that the other direction will drop away.  But, Mantra is good if you have a very noisy mind, to get it quiet.  And the one I like best, I just heard: “I am I, I am I, I am I, I, I, I.”

We start of in being only Beingness, if you could imagine what that’s like.  The mind cannot think beyond the mind.  Mind is a come down from Beingness.  So when you try to imagine the Beingness, it is impossible.  But, how many of you have experience just being your Beingness?  I like to see a show of hand.

That’s almost all of us.  There isn’t a moment when you are not experience your Beingness, and this is what you are looking for!  In your every act in life, you are looking for your beingness, you call it your “Self”.  But, I am just my Self only, I am my beingness. And you can’t help but be your Self, you can’t help but be your beingness.

So, what do we do?  We take a sway ride, a roller coaster ride.  We start from a perfect, wonderful spot, and start moving out, take a downward ride, go to a bottom, and then ride back up again.

In this all perfect state of all beingness, in order to get into difficulty, we create what we call our mind.  So, right in the beginning here, we set up a Mind. It is only an instrument to separate, only an instrument to create differences, parts primary, after which the more parts we create, the more it hurt. 

So, after we created this mind, we do everything to get back to the beingness with the mind, but the mind cannot do it because it is slower than beingness, but what the mind can do is direct you towards letting go of the mind, so that you can just only be.

So what we started up, that is not enough — we set up a body.  The first body is a “Causal Body”, there every concept, every idea we have is instantaneously fulfilled.  

As in the Causal Body, every concept is instantaneously fulfilled, and there is not too much motivation to get out of that.  And it is relatively easy to do it, to go back up to the beingness state from here, but what we do is to make a denser body – call “Astral Body”.  And, still make an even denser body – Physical Body”, and here is where we really hang our Self!  (See the picture below) I am putting the neck right under the line.(Laughter from the students.)

In the realm of time, this process was started eons ago; it took hundreds of millions of years to get into this Physical.  See how stubborn we are.  And, theoretically, anytime anyone of these bodies, should choose to go right back up to the top.  But as you have noticed that you got so caught up in your toys, in your external that you just don’t want to let go! 

So, we developed all these external, more and more and more.  And, the more we developed, the heavier we feel, the slower we get, the slower we move, until we hit the bottom, the state we are in — the physical, it is the slowest, densest state possible onto being, everywhere in the universe.  We cannot go slower, lower, denser than we are right now.

So, in another perspective, we are in a great place to be, we are half-way through, and we have the release methods, we are actually in the position to move up and out of the physical state.  We have chosen a time to come for the incentive to get out is the physical are going the Greatest.  That’s Great!  Because, when there is so much trouble out there, in the external world, then we said enough, and we go back up — Home

So, you have chosen a wonderful time, you couldn’t choose a better time to come into this physical realm.  Because unconsciously we set it up, originally, consciously, so that we will not be forever caught up in this heaviness, in this misery, in this limitation.

And, when we set it up, we could see ahead of time, that you get so blinded you don’t know where you are going.  And so, we set up the automatic protective stop.  That is the physical set up, so that the physical can’t work anymore, then we have to go back up, there is only one way to go — Up.

I don’t know whether to mention it or not, but I will.  The leader of what consider the most spiritual country in the world died, assassinated, in this morning — Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, by whom?  Two of her personal guards. 

What I am saying is — there is no safety in this world.  But what you trying to do, you are trying to make it safe.  Even she gets to be one of the head of the most spiritual, one of the largest country, she still can’t be safe.

As long as personal safety is concern, until you identified with you beingness, and when you do, you have the absolute safety there is, you are untouchable-immortal-whole-perfect. 

So, try not hold on to this physical carcass with the intensity that you do.  Start looking to moving up, you move back up to Astral, when you get up there, it is different from the former-state of Astral.  Because, in the former-state of Astral, you were looking downwards all the time.  Now, here, you keep the direction up. 

Now, when you do it enough, you got to be a Christ, a Buddha, back in the Causal State, that is where they are.  And where there are is such a thin line from just beingness only.  Should they choose to go over the line they could do it.  But, they just caught up and wanting to help the world so that they want to start helping, since most had hanging around for thousands and thousands of years.  But, they do it in a very comfortable body — the Causal Body.

Q: What about you, master?  Are you in the Causal?
Lester: Were I in the Causal, I would not be talking to you.  When I say you, I mean the world.  I sat in there for years, and then came out to do my duty, to guard my country.  (Group Laugh out loud!)  
I volunteer for it. (Group LOL!)  
But, once you sit in that quiet state, it never leaves you, and it is extremely difficult to stay with the noise.  I still have to use radio, news, read the newspaper, to know what’s going on in the world and so on.  Because if I don’t, I just sort of automatically float up, and if you ask question, I just look at you and smile — because there are really no answer to the question you are asking. 

You are asking me, “Why should we be limited the way we are?” “Why should we have all these trouble?” “Why should we have this heavy body?” “Why should we suffer?” “Why should we…”  That is what every question you put to me sound like.

And, in the early days, I smiled to all these questions and not aware of it.  Until someone told me that I was very rude.  I got to ask her why is that so, she pointed out that I just smiled to her when she was asking question.  I then discovered that I didn’t answer majority of the questions people asked, but in a way, I did answered them with a smile — and that smile was that perfect being. 

Of course, when you project that to the other person, it tends to lift them, but of course I can’t lift them high enough to agree with me.  So, they want a nastier answer for they are down in the pit, and I have to learn how to talk “pit language” in order to give “pit answer” to you. (Group LOL!)

In 1968, I begin watching TV, hour in, hour out, one program after another, so I can get my first feeling.  And, when I got the first feeling, I got a little tear in the corner of my eye, I’d jump up and I applauded. (Laughter!)  

But, it me into 1968 before I could do that, from 1952 to 1968, back in 1952 I knew I would be doing what I Am doing, and the whole picture. 

When you are there, there is no time.  You can see — back a million years, forward a million years or tomorrow.  But, I saw the picture, and knew I needed to come back, it took me 18 years to get into the realm of thinkingness, but it took me 3 months to get out of it.

When you dream, and you see your body, that is your Astral Body, and that Astral Body is the Matrix for the Physical Body, so it looks exactly like it.

Q: Matrix means what?
Lester: Matrix means mother (or mold), mother of this body, it forms this body.

Now, in the Causal Body, we are in the thinkingness.  

In the Astral Body, it is more of Doingness.

And, down in the Physical Body, it is mostly HavingnessWe think we have to have, started to accumulate more and more and more stuffs from the external world. 

Now, when we think that we have the world, like some of our leaders do, they want to take in the moon.  Last week, NASA was talking about Mars, they think the Russian will get there before them.  When we got the Mars, and we want the whole Solar System, after that we want the rest of it — when you are in the realm of Havingness.

So, when you are in Havingness and start to do, it move you up to the Astral.  Now there is a difference between the former Beingness State and the Returned-Beingness State.  When we were in former Top State (Beingness), we were up there in sort of a passive way.  And, when we gone through the trouble of going downward to bottom and get back up, we come back to it in a positive way. 

I think the best way I could explain that is like sickness.  If you were born healthy and healthy all your life, would you appreciate the Health?  Well, you will like it, it is nice, but you will not be aware of the value of the Health!  However, when you are sick for a decade or two or three, and then you become Healthy, you will always appreciate the state of Health.  That is a positive knowing of what is Health. 

Whereas, if you were born Healthy and remain Healthy all the time, it could passive knowing of what the state of Health is.  So, we gone through the process to get back up to the Beingness state, we go out no more!  Because, after you have learned, why live in the Hell?

Now, in the perspective of getting back up, because we are down here at the bottom, in physical real, we have a tremendous advantage.  When you are in Hell, the advantage is the incentive to get out of it, and we fight within, to get out of the state.  And because of that, from the bottom, we can go straight-up all the way back Home, when we so decide. (See the green path in the following picture.) 

However, when you try to get up from the nicer realm, you take eons to go all the way, for things are nice, everything fall into line.  Your conscious of the fact that you are going up without incentive to do it.  And so, the old programs hang-on and keep us in the nice state for eons, and yet we will never be fully comfortable in any of the intermediate states until we get back Home. 

We are always plotted by the memory of what it was at the beginning Home State.  So, to avoid the endless slow-nicer path.  You see, you are in these intermediate states you are highly sensitive, for the majority of the time everything are wonderful, but when things are not, you will feel it far more intensive than you can feel now.  Your feeling is totally concentrated on whatever the feeling is when you are in these intermediate states.  And comparing it to the harmony that you are living in, it’s extreme when you hit, and you will hit it, it’s extreme.  And, in the slow-nicer path, you will occasionally going into a terrible feeling.

How many of you have read the “Autobiography of a Yogi”?  I can use that book to correlate to this thing: 

Yogananda, he was free before he was born.  And, at one time he was going to visit to one of the saint way out in the midterm, and all of the sudden, he dropped down on the ground, he was crying and screaming, “Oh! Please get me an experience of GOD.” from the high state.  When you going through that non-Godly state, it is excruciatingly painful, he throw himself on the ground, with screaming, with agony, for not being one with God.

Those are the thing would go through on these higher state, in the nicer path.  So, what I am trying to say is that although this nicer path is tempting, and as you move up, you would still experience these troubles.  

My recommendation is take this straight path, get off the roller coaster, go right back home!

Being in this state we are in, anyone of us can do it.  Remember that the tremendous advantage of being here in the physical, you can go straight up and back home.  You can do it in a few months, a few years, within this life time.  

Or, you want to do it in many-many life time, it is up to you.  You make the choice, and the majority people on the earth, who don’t known the Sedona Method, are going to take million of years.

Through the trial and error, through the hard way, of smashing up everything to show us that it does not lay-in thing.  I think you could see that as the trouble today, we have materiality, we were never so unhappy.  

Back in these days, when I was a boy, hardly anyone had enough food, you could imagine that.  Things were expensive, things like car, TV, radio, airplane, boat etc, these are for very few people, say 1 percent.  But, today, everyone has more than the wealthiest man had back then.  And, we think material things will bring happiness, and we still do, we still go after them. 

Discover where the happiness is, it is not in the things,  it is the letting go of agony of not having it, desire as the agony of lack, is letting go of the desire for having it, that momentarily quiet our mind.  And, at that moment, we are just being.  Discover where in lay your happiness, you stop wasting your time, you stop pounding your head on brick wall, and you go direct for where it is, right where you are – is just you identifying with your beingness.

You see why I say it is simple?  It is the simplest thing in the universe to be, you are.  How simple it is.  Now, when I say it is easy…  What does it take for you to be you?  Nothing!  What effort does it take to be? None. 

Opposite to what you are choosing, a tremendous effort to be otherwise, to be limited, to be sick, to be chasing after specks in the world – when the whole universe it yours.  So, it is simple, it is you, your beingness, and it is easy because you are there now.

Effort got nothing to do with what I Am talking about.  Effort is all the emotions for your to go through what you are not – extremely limited physical body, spending almost all your time, trying to keep it surviving, even though it is so obvious that the body do not survive, everyone spending 99 percent of his time trying to keep the body surviving.  It is a no win proposition, and we still go after it, you see how brilliant our mind are?

Lose the mind(Ego), stop the thoughts by ridding yourself of the motivator of all the thoughts call feelings.  No feeling and you are there.  

See how simple it is.  When you so decide to let go of your feeling, it is easy.  It takes tremendous effort to hold on to it.  When you completely let them go, you become effortless right now and you become free. 

Let go of all your effort, every ounce of it.  It trying to be limited, trying to be what you are not.  It simple, you are it, and it is easy, it takes no effort, every ounce of effort you use is trying to be a limited body, trying to keep it surviving, as though you are not smart enough to know that it does not.  If you are, you just give it a just do, and you turn all your focus-attention on going free.  You would turn all your attention inwards take all your joy from you, which is the only place for where it is in the first place.  So, it is simple and it is easy, everyone fight me on that. 

I think that is my biggest danger point, I think more people want to kill me because I say it is simple and it is easier than anything else.  But, what is it that wants to kill me?  The Ego, the effort, the mind; they are all the same thing.  They so want to be limited, and when I suggest otherwise, you want to kill me. 

I don’t know why everyone chooses to hang on to the misery, and as long as you trying to get pleasure from the world, for each ounce of pleasure you take, you get pounds and pounds of pain.  Put it in another way, for each ounce of pleasure you take, you get pounded with pain.  And you are all experiencing this more or less.

Why not make a decision here and now, to go free.  And let it be in a matter of weeks, months.  And then should you want to have, you have everything without effort if you are free.  You want to do, you can do anything without effort, if you are free. 

So, there is No Giving Up, there is only a taking on more and more and more until you are infinite.  So many of you think you are going to give up, you give up your misery - that is what you give up.  But you have not convinced yourself yet, to what I am saying now, because once you do, it just in a matter of months, and you dump all the feelings, and just be your beingness

O.K.  I am taking you off the roller-coaster ride, the main one, because what we do on this ride is that we impose another roller-coaster (the brown color line in the following diagram), and really sharp down in the physical realm.

Student: So, on our way upward, are we have a choice to go into Astral and the Causal?
Lester: You should see it now.  You don’t think you have a choice.

Student: Well, I mean I don’t know anything about the Astral or Causal.
Lester:  It is all in the mind, you are experiencing both of them right now.  When you have an idea, and you see it through to completion, the moment you have it, that is done by the Causal part of you.  When thing happen immediately, that is done in the Astral part of you, like in the night-dream, whatever you think is, immediate.  And, when it takes time and years, you are in the Physical.

-----------------------  End of Transcription   --------------------------

       The reason for having a transcript in black and white is explained by one of the Lester Levenson audio clip as follows:...

“Momentum is very important in getting realizations.  You stay with something, it becomes clearer and clearer as you stay with it.  But if it starts getting clear and you move off, when you come back on to it, it's more difficult to get into it again.

And so, I am anti-talks, tapes, because of that.  I can see it doing harm in that it doesn't let you stay with something, because the conversation goes on and on and you move off one thing onto another — to another without getting a realization of any one of them.  I believe you got much more good out of reading the book…” —  Lester Levenson. 

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